F#*@k yeah, it’s Friday! (37 photos)

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  • Kaars

    #18 (and #28) are awesome…. She really nails her role.

    • Guest

      What is this from?

      • jack

        step brothers

    • V4Vendetta14

      Old enough to be my mother…but she does it for me…

  • Philip J. Fry

    #27 is awesome.

    • douche

      *used to be awesome

      • Philip J. Fry

        It isn't what it once was, but it still has good moments.

        • ale

          Homer is timeless classic.

  • Tuff Guy

    #14 Erm….. Still would.

    • SWa


    • tboner

      I've seen women in old folks homes more attractive.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000535958119 Radu Răducu

      you sick fuck

    • Tuff Guy

      2 words – Doggy Style… Sure the bodies' still fine.

      • indifference

        …If you like skeletons/skeletal things/emaciated uggos. Delete as appropriate.

    • Master_Rahl

      that's not right, man. not right at all! she was a'ight BEFORE the deformation. can't believe she did that on purpose.

    • Patricio

      She looks like Russell Brand. I absolutely would not.

    • Harry Carry

      what the fuck is wrong with you?

    • Karl

      Meth,Not even once.

    • ROK247

      i do believe meth is what happened to her face. sit tight, it gets much worse.

    • Bear Grylls

      Yeah…you have no standards.

      • truth

        average Chiver.

    • The_Dood

      I wouldn't have before. Look at those cheek bones! They're bigger than her tits.

  • Jay

    # 21… Patrick Stickles from Titus Andronicus

    • drunk people


  • 5..

    What the fuck is this?

  • Iam_Dave

    I remember doing this in high school.
    I got some right.

    • Dennis

      no you didn't

    • The_Dood

      I love the story about the kid that answered D on every question thinking he had a 25% shot at being right, when there were only 3 choices on all of the questions.

      • Iam_Dave

        Thats funny.
        Suck my dick Dennis, like your mom does.

        • Dennis

          How clever Dave

        • JPV310

          Dave calm the fuck down bro,
          he's only saying he remembered/enjoyed the story; no where did he say anything negative towards you dumb fuck

          • Iam_Dave

            I replied to the dood and agreed it was a funny story. I also replied to dennis and now u , u and him can suck my dick like your moms do. Bitches.

  • KenRayJen

    #12 not pictured: Bruce Cambell Slaying his Man Card

  • SWa

    #14 #15 LOL

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Sounds like a plan!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606371253 Shannon Coverdale

      I agree

      • ...

        You're a cunt.

      • 09ik

        shut up, you creepy old fuck.

    • tralfaz

      Must be an elementary school teacher.

  • Demon_Cleaner

    #20 Absolfuckinglutely.

    • Hunter X

      I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

      • Patricio

        I agree. However, in the event of an emergency, and you have a severe iron deficiency…do you?

        Still wouldn't.

        • Ted Barns

          A man has to earn his red wings

          • The_Dood

            Maybe around his dick, on my face however? Fuck all that.

    • MAX_POW

      you got to be fucking kidding me. It's like eating rotten fucking meat!…fuck!, i am hungry now!

  • firstyfirst


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=606371253 Shannon Coverdale

      Nice try asshat

  • AssClown

    #20 That's some nasty shit! He prolly just drank it, cause the sun was going down…or rather he was going down…

    • KCJake

      Doesn't matter had sex.

  • Zedhere

    #33 He passed!

  • iambigd42

    #14 She wasn't that hot to begin with

    • Thror

      But she clearly isn't moving in the right direction…

  • Truth

    So you really think you're taking the high road by saying "F@%k" in the title, but dropping F bombs like mad in the content of the post? Sad. Just sad.

    • Brian

      Get the fuck out

    • drunk people

      fuck you

      • Truth

        way to stay classy. worthless trolls

        • Skip

          dude its supposed to be funny, get over yourself

          • drunk people

            I laughed……

            • QuestionMark

              a whiny fuck you are

          • Guesty

            you mean get the FUCK over yourself?

        • https://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

          fuck you, you fucking fuck – seriously, the Truth………..

    • you pick, f@%kface


    • sukabagodix

      Shut the fuck up and GTFO!!!!

  • MikeK

    Thank you Chive. This pretty much sums up my sentiment for today…

  • Carlos

    I want the shirt from #17. Anyone know where I can get it. Searching the googlewebz is not helping.

    • Nefarious

      Im having trouble finding someone who sells it also… but i found out that Urban Outfitters makes them, if that helps.

      • Nefarious

        Ok. now i found out that the shirt is named "Deter I just want to" T shirt… so search that…. and most places are sold out.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=710981393 Rosie Fay

      It looks like something from http://www.wordboner.com – I'm pretty sure they make T-Shirts 🙂

  • seriously?!!?

    FUCK you lost a fucking chiver today because of your loud as hell super anoying video ads. I can go to any other site and find the same shit without getting yelled at by my boss you fucking assholes. Selling out is fine but you have to draw the line somewhere you fuck tard. ahhh i hate you right now, i fucking hate you. never coming back to this site, fuck you all

    • Green

      Turn your sound off. Dumb ass.

    • Big_Curt

      mute button sir

    • Tuff Guy

      We'll miss ya.

    • Dave

      Turn off your fucking speakers at work. What the hell are you thinking?

    • Grow Up

      Dude really?? when surfing the net at work, most people are smart enough to keep the volume muted on the computer. I didn't know that the chive site ever had sound……

    • Boooger

      See you in an hour. 😉

    • Chuck

      Good fucking riddence dumb fuck.

    • Bill Fuckin Murray

      Don't forget your purse … Fuck

    • SWa

      got owned by own idiocy
      blame site

    • regen

      I agree with seriously about the ads being annoying as fuck and complete crap. They don't stop playing and you have to scour the page to find it, and you can't stop it most the time when you do find it. I shouldn't have to mute my volume, I like to listen to music as I surf. Get rid of the ads with sound, theChive is making so much money in the first place.

      • J_Dub

        headphone bro. they'll solve all your noise pollution problems and as soon as the gay ad had gone away it's back to the music!

        Or use Google chrome and the ads don't turn on automatically…

        • regen

          No, the ad keeps playing even if you stop it. It's not just "over" when it's done. It's impossible to turn my music louder than the ad, and headphones won't stop me from hearing the ad… There are a million other ads they can choose to play, they just probably don't get as much money from them.

          • thepoopsmith

            get adblock plus or whatever its called.

            • regen

              Yeah you're right cause the problem is ME not the ad or this site. I forgot I'm the slave to the corporations and I'm the only one who should change. Thanks for the reminder.

              • Sovem

                Your the one complaining about something everybody else is fine with. So, yeah.

                • Truth

                  Don't confuse the lack of complaint (known to you at least) as consent

                  • ShakeyTheMoyle

                    Truth, regen and seriously must be part of the 99%people protesting…..they don't do personal responsibility well either.

                    • regen

                      And you have no clue why those people are protesting or what the hell is going on with our country. Go back under your rock like the sheeple you are.

                • everybody else

                  no, we're not fine with it actually.

            • http://www.facebook.com/tinampayne Tina-Marie Payne

              This guys name made me lol

              • Average Chiver

                hey babe, want a little prick?

          • The_Dood

            If you're using windows 7 you can click start, then type adjust system volume in the search box. Click and drag the link to your desktop if you want, that way you can mess with it whenever. When you open it, you are given options to turn down the volume on your browser, system sounds, and any other open programs. That way if you listen to music with a media player you can leave it up and turn your browser volume down. If you use the browser to listen to tunes you can try surfing with firefox and listening with chrome, or vice versa. That being said, I've never had to do this because I've never heard anything on the chive without turning the volume on the video up. Maybe it's just my adblock plus.

      • The_Dood

        Adblock plus for firefox. I think it's also on chrome.

      • THIS IS MADNESS!!!

        Support Steve Jobs' memory; Buy an iPod!

    • TDub66

      U mad bro?

    • )()j3


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=623886367 Michael Alen Pugh

      Does anyone else realize this guy is bitching about the hard time he is having about not doing his job? I have a job where I can chive all day, and some days I do… and I have NEVER had a problem with ANY ad's having sound… so WTF is this fool talking about?

      • seriously?!!?

        Fuck you all. Never been much of a comments guy but now I realize how stupid this chive "community" is. I work a job of where i need to listen to stuff all day on my speakers, and its nice to look at something while listening endlessly all day. Fuck you all for being stupid, fuck you all for even caring enough to comment on that post, and o yea, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

        • greg

          im listening to music and do while i listen to the chive and have never heard an ad on this site, whatever your doin so wrong its your dumbass fault

    • Zach D.

      I personally hope you never come back to the site! Sounds to me like your not suppose to be surfing the web at work, so there for common sense dictates that you should turn your sound off so you don't get caught. So good reddens you fucking jackass. And if you do come back i hope your boss catches you again and fires you, you fucking fucktard.

  • Craigery

    #16 I don't get it.

    • Craigery

      Oh, shit, now I do! LOL! Somehow, seeing the thumbnail version made it more clear!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=623886367 Michael Alen Pugh

      that wasn't obvious?? the FUCK at the top gave it away i thought. lol 😛

  • Nick25

    #27 HOMER, FUCK Yeah

    • Master_Rahl

      we need an unedited Simpsons where Homer tells everyone how he REALLY feels.

  • jrey81

    #29, FUCK YEA!!!! TGI F'ING F!

    • OhSomeEvil


      • jrey81


        • Jen

          where in the city?

    • Whiskyb

      new desktop!

    • Ling

      you can get that shirt at toothpaste for dinner. since i'm quite happy it's friday and don't give a fuck, i'll link it for you. http://www.sharingmachine.com/allmerch.php

  • Brian


    Ah, the Bukowski clock. Been lookin' for one.

  • Stan_Dalone

    #27 Homer – fuck this I'm outta here

  • Tor

    So, what's the theme?

  • Mathias_

    I'll tell you whats wrong with #14, she fell down the plastic surgery tree face first and hit every branch

    • NebraskaGuy

      She was beaten with an ugly stick … and broke the stick!

      • The_Dood

        She is the ugly stick.

    • Bears

      I thought she just spent a holiday in columbia.

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