• pingthis


    • hMMMM

      best part is that these all seem like pics she recently took for the Chive, no real camera/attention whorish pics.

      this Erin FTMFW, nice to finally see a classier girl just sending in some regular photos

    • flow1

      just boobs please!

    • Crazy

      That better not be your bf in #7 =)

      • Guesty

        Yeah, cause you certainly have a shot with her….

        • Holy Hell

          Hey asswipe.
          Your only shot is with a tackling dummy.

          • Guesty

            Now you're just embarrassing yourself. Go play in the other room while the adults talk kiddo

            • Holy Hell

              It never has bothered you to embarrass yourself.
              Besides, you're the "kiddo" in here bitch.

              • Guesty

                stellar retort. I especially love the bitch. you are oh so street, retard

                • Dillon Crow

                  Actually, I'm her boyfriend. Working on 14 months together here in a few weeks, and no, that's not me.

                • Dillon Crow

                  Well, I jizz in her face. That makes me her boyfriend, right?

                  • Guesty

                    Wait a minute. You jizzed in my face too! You didn't say anything about us being exclusive. I can't be tied down right now. You know how many guys are lined up to jizz in my face?!

    • Weiner

      No one mentioning her unbelieveable FLBP

  • ladel

    #8, #11, #25, #26

    I know she was just chivette of the week but… will you make her the chivette of the week again next week?

    • AssClown

      *chivette of the month imo.<3

      • SweetAwesomeness

        someone has to say it because i know I am not the only one who thought it…….but damn those cookies look good!!!! #8

        • DoomsDayDub

          Those cookies do look tasty, but where are the gratuitous tush shots?

      • dixy

        Erin, meet my penis…

      • https://www.facebook.com/csmith0203 Clint Smith

        Agreed. A new picture a day for (at least) 30 days.

      • marco

        ill put in my vote for chivette of the year. this woman is freaking gorgeous!

      • Stan_Dalone

        Chivette of the YEAR! Few words can express how beauriful you are taht you haven't heard before. Certainly one of the hottest I have seen of any chivette and there have been some great ones. thank you so much for submitting to our requests. we all appricate it very much

        • LG is ugly as hell

          LG is just crying right now, ahahahah

      • Logan

        year maybe?

    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B


      thanks also Erin for sharing with us your beautiful everything πŸ™‚ <3

    • Biggus Diccus

      You guys at chive need to start talking to Playboy to get a Girls of theChive spread going. I'm sure a lot of these girls could use some extra money for taking off 1 more layer of clothes.

    • Moo5152

      and the week after that!

    • http://www.facebook.com/doug.zimmerman Doug Zimmerman

      Heck yes

    • mouchette

      here, here say I

    • Dunny_

      I almost hesitate to post this…but she is so hot, she kinda resembles Olivia Wilde…

      • https://www.facebook.com/lopez.jugant.julien Julien Lopez

        Or Olivia Wilde looks like her?:D

  • mark d.


    "We're gonna need a bigger boat"

    Fly her out to the chive offices, guys

    • please?

      yea really. the ellen girl was cute… but this girl. like whoa. fly her ass out.

    • funkyf

      Yup, cuz Erin just broke the internets….

      Hubba, hubba….

      • Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit

        hahahaha…….."hubba, hubba"

  • E Tex

    damn she is sexy

    • float

      Damn she's got a snoz on her…

      • its_forge

        What're you looking for, one of those ridiculous tiny blemishes in the middle of the face that just SCREAMS nose job? She's got a nice face, get over whatever objection you're imagining.

    • Jbass

      you misspelled BEAUTIFUL.

    • TinMan83c

      Thats an understatement my friend… i'm not sure there is a word for this awesomeness..

  • wyfair

    #11 you are very beautiful with and without it!

    • RAS

      Yes she is.

      • erin my wife

        i wANA LICK HER ASSHOE TASTE HER SHIT, SUCK HER PUSSY AND THEN SLIP MY DICK IN HER PUSSY MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM I wanna wet that shit real good and then fuck her asshole.. she does a nice ATM = ass to mouth, and then i let her taste her shit crumbs until she fucking licks my asshole. shes so cute it will taste better then anything i have ever fucked…. i fuck dogs, pandas, and mayb her, but its fckin aMAZINNNNNN CUZ HER ASS SO TIGHT IT IS FUCKING SHIT AND HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wanna taste her with whip cream and sperm cum until my mouth numb… no homo but herass is better then bromos. fashobro, fuck u niggas thumbs downin, i like her ass better then rowbert downey…… UH…. her pussy is flowers and i like to fuck em times a million.. to the 560TH POWER!!!!!!!!! ragh ragh mhuas..

        • MooseMoose

          what in the holy fucking hell just happened, this looks like an asian kid had tourettes all over the page… have fun being a virgin in your moms basement

    • L.G.

      You look slightly retarded here, with a smile only the joker could love. NO MOAR!

      • nelly

        aaaand the first troll arrives.. πŸ™‚

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=623886367 Michael Alen Pugh

        you know how i know you are gay?…

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      Fucking knockout hot. Midwest girls…

    • dustin

      Complain about makeup, she takes off makeup… Dammit someone make a smart ass remark about every article of clothing she owns!

      • its_forge

        Yes! The panties are awful! Lose the panties!

        • obviousman

          Damn …the creepy old pedobear is back !

    • https://www.facebook.com/csmith0203 Clint Smith


    • Lou

      u shouldnt be that confident1 average looking and kinda stuck up!! not to mention that shes an attention whore

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=623886367 Michael Alen Pugh

        average looking? you're being a troll…. stuck up? i say she seems down to earth…. attention whore? false… she is just cool.

        you shouldn't be such an ignorant douche, not to mention on theChive.

        • The Chivery

          No. The Chive is the #1 hub for Ignorant Douches(it's written on the back of The Chive logo).

          Chive on!

          • Malkintosh22

            Trolls don't count as Chivers.

            • Flip Face

              funny. the first thing any of the chivers say to anyone who insults them or the chive is that "you're on here, so you MUST be a chiver".

              • lonin

                Everyone here is a Chiver. If you don't want to be a Chiver, then don't come to the Chive.

      • dude

        Technically you are correct dear sir
        Definition = attention whore

        females on message boards. they will post pictures and links to pictures of themselves scantily clad so the guys will tell them how hot they are. and they will.

        Yes i would say any girl posting on chive qualifies.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=682265258 Lindsey Bergeron

          How that is any different from a "dude" posting his rude thoughts, hoping others will read his mindless babble, must only make sense to you Attention whoring works in many ways.

          • zingman

            Thanks for the insight whore.

          • duB

            so? just because he is one, DOESN'T mean girls posting on the chive AREN'T. nice try, but you fail.

        • Ha.Ha.

          so what? You come back and check the reaction to your comments, don't you?

    • dude

      I was one of those being an asshole about the makeup.
      Well, like you said you feel confident, because the fact is… a pretty girl without makeup is far sexier than a pretty girl with makeup.

      Well in fact any girl with makeup immediately puts me off. Have you tasted what that crap tasted like? Its horrible. Really.

      Anyway. I have found new respect for you.

  • http://www.thechive.com ChronicUser

    Okay…you are allowed to come over and bake cookies for me. #26

    • Erin go uhhhh

      Ill eat your cookies….whiIe I wear you like a feedbag. Id eat that pussy so long you'll think its a career.

      • CJizzle


    • http://www.tube8.com Simon Phoenix

      True.. in this CASE ONLY!

      You can make me cookies, instead of a sam-mich!

  • Seven


  • newscot

    Love to see this girl smile. Just a natural beauty. Thanks for submitting Erin!

    • Big_Curt

      Agreed best chivette of the week in awhile

  • Buster Nutt

    #5 Lucky horse

    • ch1ve

      this is my horse, my horse is amazing..

      • jamal

        she should fuck that horse.

        • Nate

          hahahahaha….stupid, ignorant, chauvinistic? very much so…. Funny – absolutely. Super kick ass chick tho. Thanks Erin. You're ridiculously hot and i'd wake up to you every morning if my girlfriend would let me πŸ™‚

          • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

            A wild douchebag appeared!
            Wild Douchebag used douche!
            Its super…..fuck you.

        • Guesty

          That'll cost ya 15 more minutes of fame, please

    • horsewhisperer

      Erin and Dylan riding together ! Hot lesbian porn !

  • Arktik_Arkitekt

    #11 Don't suppose I could challenge you to make a hump day contribution?

    • steve

      and a burn

    • Ogre

      Yes please.! Hump day in yoga pants!

    • Tuff Guy

      Exactly what I was thinking…. This bitch is too classy.

      • fgg

        dont call her a bitch

    • Doofenshmirtz

      Yes please! The only shot with some hump in it is #7, and from that it looks fantastic…:D

      A hump day contribution is necessary. And while you're at it…a burn it contribution as well, and a yoga pants contribution, and a things that bounce contribution, and a FLBP contribution…etc.

      • Its420somewhere

        Don't forget a gap contribution as well. Oh how I'd love to mind that gap.

        • Patches

          Finally a chivette who gets by on actual beauty and doesn't need to submit trashy mostly naked photos, and all everyone is asking for is trashy mostly naked photos. *sigh*

          • Stan_Dalone

            no offence to anyone here. Why can't people be happy with what she has given already? ok so if she did something like send in almost naked pics then what? Of course you want more.
            Shit man just be happy with what she sent in after all she didn't have to send any.

            • brad_and

              god you're gay, she's a 10. all around. let's be real, you should always want more.

    • Matt_tatt


  • http://twitter.com/TwistedTool @TwistedTool

    #18 Epic eyes are epic..

    • http://www.tube8.com SimonPhoenix

      Epic smile … is sexy and epic!

  • Jak


    More more more.

  • racerx

    holy shit Im in love !!! lol

    • racerx

      holy shit i dont have a life !!!

  • _nando_

    #19 So damn pretty

    • correction_nando


  • wyfair

    #21 #22 #23 #24 #25 very nifty little photo series!

    • BloodScrubber

      Amazingly stunning and artistic. Impressive. If you would allow, your painting should be auctioned off at the Chive offices! With the proceeds going to a worthy Chiver charity of course.
      Now lets listen to Sinatra singin Fly Me To the Moon………..

      • Winston Churchill

        what. a. faggot.

  • J_Henry

    What amazing green eyes!

  • nelly

    #5 Woot!! she's good friend with Sarah Jessica Parker. very nice πŸ™‚

    • shaunvw

      I see what you did there.

    • newscot

      I just knew somebody would make the obvious joke…

      • Your Name Here

        The MOST obvious joke! Find a new dead horse to beat. πŸ˜‰

        • https://www.facebook.com/csmith0203 Clint Smith

          Don't you mean "find a new Sarah Jessica Parker to beat."?

        • Guest

          What – like Tori Spelling?

    • Logan

      nah. that's her getting together with Dylan for a Chivette photo-shoot.

  • Stern281

    Well done Chive! #26 and thank you Erin!

  • crust


  • Libtooth


  • Max


  • http://twitter.com/BrandonScottB @BrandonScottB


    She's cause for creating a Chivette of the Month!

  • doorknob

    why are clothes necessary?

  • jason


    Bragging Time: I have a boner

    • brentley

      she needs to get some posters for that room

    • Coldzilla

      So I guess when theyre rare you brag about em?


      • MonkeyMadness


  • JonnyC

    #11 a true beauty! You rock Erin :p

    • Polonuts

      Agree. I prefer my women without makeup. Otherwise you are just banging a clown.

      • cheekies

        yeah but the truth is MOST woman need a bit of makeup. even if it's lipstick, some blush or mascara. who wants to date plain jane?

        • cheekies

          it's about being tasteful with it.

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