• SARmedic

    Love this site so much!

    • Dirty Dingus

      They don't need make-up or Photoshop…but they could certainly use photography lessons. Enough with the blurry photos, come on ladies, I know you can do better.

    • SARmedic

      Coz this site provides us with endless supply of sluts to fap too ,chive on !!

  • thomas


    Thumbs up indeed ——->

    • real talk

      a trap?

    • floscar

      She's got the prettiest smile I'd ever want to cum across.

      • DeuceBrew

        What you did there, I see it.

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  • lando


    cute and sexy all wrapped up in one

    • soda pop

      Looks like the girl from American Beauty…..

      • http://www.tube8.com SimonPhoenix

        Yeah .. not NORMALLY into tatoos .. but they good on you .. hit .. I'd like to normally be into you TOO!

    • yowzaa


    • KJm

      Just wow.

      • sccoMarine

        simply gorgeous!!!!!

  • Intensemasterdebater

    #66 It's Friday, I'm in love

    • schmielllssson

      that's your choice of all these beautiful women?

    • getalife

      That desperate huh ?

    • MikeyTheFinger

      damn straight!

    • Logan

      come back when you get some taste.

  • Big_Curt

    I pick #73…beauty

    • Damon

      It's Kylie, isn't it?

      • http://www.tube8.com SimonPhoenix

        wow! She is a sexy little thing .. so who is Kylie? I didn't recognize her from prior posts. =(

    • Big_Curt

      gotta add #5 as well…wow

    • that guy

      Kylie….absolutely stunning. I still say she needs her own post

      • Texan

        Kylie or not, she deserves her own post. MOAR!

    • Bigger_Curt

      I see your 73 and raise you #26

    • marco

      definitely need more of her. #73 is amazing.

  • miles

    #81, #82, #83

    For all the people who downloaded the chive iPhone app b/c it was in the top 10 but haven't actually heard of the chive, welcome to the farmhouse.

    • The_Dood

      We've got cluster flies alas…

      • Mary

        and this time of year, it's bad

        • The_Dood

          We are so very sorry

    • soobvious

      Welcome to thechive ppl. If you are a nerd and worship internet hoes you`ll fit right in.

      • Jay

        #81: Woof!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=623886367 Michael Alen Pugh

      the chive app doesn't show the same comments as it does on the site tho… so they wont necessarily get your welcome. 😛

  • Jake

    I don't know what it is, but I have a lot more respect for the ladies who don't feel the need to get half naked in order to get attention.

    • Jake

      I Fail #27

    • Mary

      i have a lot of respect for women who like expressing themselves sexually. And we all have our own reasons for doing this. Mine isn't for the attention, you presumptuous ass.

      – A Chivette

      • The_Dood

        Very well said ma'am.

      • JDB

        Nice… Keep it up.

      • http://www.tube8.com SimonPhoenix

        Chive On, Mary. Chive ON!

      • ispkthetruth

        Admit it ,you`re a slut.

      • Patches

        lol what other reason could there be? To make your boyfriend happy? You can't do that in person or in private without showing your body to millions of random strangers?
        I'm sincerely curious… what is a legitimate reason for showing your mostly naked body to random strangers on the internet?

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=623886367 Michael Alen Pugh

          regardless of if that were the reason or not… what other reason do they need?? confidence is SEXY… and that shows confidence to post your half naked body on the internet… so therefore… you know how i know you are gay??

          • Logan

            because you think his dick tastes like shit??

        • Lotus

          I can tell you why: they crave attention.

          Everyone does to some degree, no need to get bent out of shape over it.

          • 4398

            2nded. ladies, cut all the "female empowerment through sex-appeal" bullshit. it's really just as simple as "it gives me confidence to know guys think i'm pretty and will jack-off to my picture".

    • ChaseTheWalker

      Uh except 23 IS half naked? And I like it!

      • I'm the Wiz!

        I don't think Jake was getting bent out of shape with his comment. Just pointing out to those beautiful chivettes out there who don't feel the need to give a free show to the world, that there are men out there who appreciate them as women who can look & feel sexy without showing their bits. (and no doubt the women posting their pics are very confident & feel sexy – they just choose a very very wide audience to express it to).

        To 4398 – Totally agreed.
        To Mary – There's nothing wrong with admitting that you post to get some attention. If you really do have another reason, I'd really like to hear it, as a new perspective is always welcome.

  • Mike

    Oh my….Boner alert!


    #8 Awesome smile and a Superman shirt? Me gusta…

  • lindsay

    #76, #81

    i think the chive just won the internet and Game 7 tonight.

    • The_Dood

      And here come the pearl necklace comments…

    • Average Chiver


  • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

    #26 #28 #32 #53 #65 Oh boi !

    • Lev

      Holy sheesh, #28 is some grade A tush. Would it be cliché if I mashed out the standard issue "MOAR"?

      • http://twitter.com/mikeydangerous @mikeydangerous

        Not cliche at all, actually very very necessary. We need lots more. This girl should become the headlining Chivette for Hump Day!

    • Vanilla Gorilla

      We need WAY more of #26, #32, #53 and dont forget #64!

  • Jim Morrison

    #21…..Hello, I love you. Won’t you tell me your name?

    • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

      looks like she's getting railed

      • Michael Scott

        Or she just saw a really tiny dick and isn't too happy.

        • The Chivery

          What did she expect? He was a Chiver.

          Chive on!

    • Xians=Hypocrites

      I love the cross necklace she's wearing while showing her breasts to random people on the internet. Very Christ-like of her, I'm sure Jesus would approve.

      • http://www.tube8.com SimonPhoenix

        I am sure he would. Given that she is making people happy and totally sharing in the love. Last time I checked .. God and Jesus Christ didn't have rules about posting on the internet or showing your "single" self off to others to brighten their day and make them happy.

        But if you find that in the bible.. let me know!

  • cjuncosa

    A thank you to all sexy chivers for making the start of my weekend fantastic.

    • whooosa

      Thank you whores.

      • cjuncosa

        You, sir, are a douche.

        • Silllsbie

          well he's right. they do come off pretty damn skanky……

          • hitter_69


            • Cattle Call

              Yes they do.

  • Pete

    #15 Can we get a little more of this lovely?!?

    • jkl;

      I believe it is spelled "moar"

    • http://www.tube8.com SimonPhoenix

      FUCKIN' A, RIGHT! She is posted on her twice I believe …
      #15 AND #64

      THIS BROAD .. seriously .. need her own post! FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY CHIVE .. PLEASE, PLEASE … MOAR of this Chivette ..

    • Nathan_Wind

      And by "a little," we mean TONS more.

    • VFR_Dude

      +1. This is definitely a case of "find her and give her her own post".

  • jkl;



    • sheeeesh

      Damn Ugly.

      • asdf

        Probably a good looking girl if not for the stupid duckface and writing on bill

    • flydenrict

      You all can keep hating on the duck face, I'll recognize a kiss when I see one. Plus some beautiful eyes!

  • misschris

    #32 Oh Dylan, is it bad that I want to bite your bum…? Cause I kinda do.

    • DoomsDayDub

      Pics or it didn't happen!

    • itsmeagain

      Aaaaah the biggest skank is back again ,nice ass horsey but hide the face from now on.

      • DeDav

        Thank you for your opinion, but we Chivers will choose to respectfully say, "fuck off, and never return," thank you.

    • MAX_POW

      Everyone want to bite it….included the stupid people that talk shit about her…(only envy)

      • Bill Murray

        I admit I do, but only because she so heavily resembles a horse, and I'm into beastiality…..

        • Wes

          What a sad sad person you must be in real life. Bill Murray would be disappointed. Get off the Chive with your holier than thou but still fat and pimply as shit attitude.

          • truthserum

            fags = wes and dedav

    • Gage

      Amazingly Sexy.

  • USER87

    Never took that long to scroll a post!! ALL OF THE ABOVE WIN

    • thissucks

      Fanboy alert.

  • pjsupremex

    #40 yes please and thank you.

    • Barrel in a Barrel

      hand grenades rock.. and so does this chivette!

    • luke_skywalker

      She might be one to keep in the kitchen/bedroom due to her spelling of "bourbon"…

      • Undershooter30

        She didn't send it in, a friend did it without telling her.

        • hitter_69

          Hot…I'll drink to that!

  • bill bill

    #26 i think im in love.

    • shitbrains


      • Doofenshmirtz

        Yes. Moar please. Oh, and is #26 also #24? There's a striking resemblance. Anyone?

        • http://www.tube8.com SimonPhoenix

          Yep .. I do believe you are correct, sir.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=623886367 Michael Alen Pugh

          oooo yeeaaahhh… smile i think is what makes me think so too.

    • Anon

      girl has a great body for sure.

  • Simba

    #32, #73, and #81 made me stop for about 5 minutes each…

  • Anonymous

    #40 the hell is Burbon st? Its bourbon dear

  • raptor515072

    #45 What airline is that? All I ever see are a bunch of old hags and gay guys. I want to fly your friendly skies.

    • jkl;

      yeah, I didn't think good looking stewardesses existed

      • http://www.tube8.com SimonPhoenix

        At least NOT in the good 'ol U.S. of A!

    • Michael Scott

      I'd prefer to ride her friendly thighs

    • JohnDark

      I'm changing frequent flyer cards today!!! 🙂

  • Eric

    #32 and #43 Find me!

  • Eric

    sexy chivers, y u no come make sweet love to me?

    • ufail

      Get a life chiver.

    • Jen

      *sigh* with sentences like the one Eric made, is it any wonder us women have stopped taking men seriously?

  • Smalls


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