As real as it gets, meet Bryan Escamilla's family and team (46 Photos)

"The youngest, Caitie is a ham, I call her the Special Forces of Pain in the Ass Kids. The pic with the 50 was taken in Colorado one day up in the hills shooting with some friends. I'm not a crazy gun nut that buries shit in the yard, waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse, but I do like shooting and hunting. Right now my fam is in Wasilla, Alaska staying with the in-laws cause I am in Af-FUN-istan." Thank you Bryan for sending these in. Be safe out there and thank you for showing the side of soldiers that few see…family.

  • Franklin1138

    You're a blessed man, Bryan. Hot wife (and I'm guessing she's a lot of fun to be around), beautiful children, and a sweet fucking gun collection if I do say so myself! Chive on, brother, and I hope you come home safe and sound!

  • Stan_Dalone

    Cool kids great wife = nice family thanks for sharing the home life as well as the military life. God Speed in Af-FUN-istan come home safe and thank you and your family for your service

  • Na kitu mi cici

    Try introducing some toys in your children's lives instead of guns, that way there's a possibility they wont grow up to be a mindless drones protecting the US oil interests in hard to pronounce foreign countries or skanky tattooed strippers.

    • @pezatsea

      Bryan, I got this one…

      F-off Na

      Have a nice day.

    • fuck yourself

      fuck off and go occupy wall street with your friends

    • Smitty

      Wow, just wow.

      I don't know if you are a bleeding heart lefty or just stupid.
      You can get away with most shit on the interwebs, but BS like that just might attract Anonymous just for being a douchebag.

      I'd watch your back.

      • hobo with a shotgun

        Easy with the lefty shit. I have no problem saying I'm a liberal and believe in people over corporations, but I also own weapons and have nothing but admiration and gratitude for those that serve and fight for my country. Not everyone on the left is a fucking dirty hippy, the same way, i hope, not every conservative on the right is a tea party ass wipe. That being said NA needs to get ass raped with a fist full of barbwire.

    • Josh Fischer

      You're welcome for the freedom of speech that us mindless drones protect for you. Just be careful who you exercise those rights around because the right to bear arms is my personal favorite………

      • angrymuslim

        How do you protect the freedom of speech in USA by invading a foreign country, please elaborate. Btw, you found those weapons of mass destruction in Irak, yet? Lol

    • Lameass

      Na kitu mi cici what the hell does that name mean stupid moron of a foreign land? Who are you to preach to us what you believe. Keep your beliefs to yourself. We don't need to hear them. You don't like our country then move to a communist country if you are not already in one and preach to them

    • KyleGoldstein


      need i say more?

  • bryan Escamilla

    thanks for the advice Na kitum….what ever in the fuck your name is, I will be sure to not fucking listen to it.

    • Lameass

      Bryan Escamilla ,Thank you for your Service and your sacrifice of time away from your beloved family. Obviously all but one admire your courage bravery and honor for your country. We salute your family for their courage and bravery also. Not allof the 99 percenters are assholes and idiots. I am in the 99% bracket but think like a 1%er. I believe in the U.S. and Capitolism I worked hard for what I have as you do.
      Congrats and thank you for sharing your life and love with us

  • @pezatsea

    Awesome family and life Bryan. Make it home safe brother.

  • etcrr

    Bryan, It is an honor and privalage to see the pictures you have shared with us of your family friends and armed forces buddy's Thank you for your service

  • Slowdotna

    AK-49 All the way! Kick some ass 907!

    • bryan escamilla

      ha ha, I remember when you had to go all the way to Slowdotna to go to Dariyqueen, ha ha

  • Mikey

    Rock on Brother….. proves there is more to the average Army guy than just guns…FAMILY lets not forget why we are therein FUNISTAN… 🙂



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