• Daith_Lee

      Honestly, I don't know if it needs a WHOLE DEDICATED post. I would have been just as happy if they sprinkled a them in along with the other post. HOWEVER, I do appreciate them doing this. After Further review, I 'd say if anything was wrong, maybe the title cause I'm sure someone would have a problem with "black is beautiful." Nice though, Chive!

      • The_Stif

        I was wondering why they were singled out as well. Definitely some beauties in there, but they would have mixed in nicely in the great eyes, flbp, and hump day posts.

        • nb2012

          They were singled out, because if you hadnt noticed, when is the last time youve seen a post that had a black female in it?

          • The_Stif

            Well I do remember the yoga pants one with the bigger girl wearing the skin colored pants working at lowes. Just kidding. i understand why they did it, but it in inevitible that people would cause an uproar. I am not complaining because there was a lot of hotness, but if they want to get all races, why not just make a concious effort to get whites, asians, blacks, spanish, and whoever else in all of the posts. But yes, it is a very good thing to show love to women that arent blond haired blue eyed.

            • nb2012


          • Erik D

            Exactly. We have gingers every week. Asians like once a month, though sometimes they're traps. I see like one black girl pic on here a month, and now finally a whole gallery.

            Besides, I like an all black girl gallery because white girls are boring. To quote Childish Gambino, "Yeah I like the white girls, sometimes we get together. Need a thick chick though, so it's black and yellow, black and yellow."

      • Ckris King

        Yea spread em abong others !!!!!!!!

      • TheAndychrist

        You all are retarded. Just sit back and enjoy the hot women for God's sake.

        • Truth

          that would be nice if there were any hot women in this post

          • Panama99

            Quit giving yourself an approval vote……lame and pathetic.

            Just like you hater.

          • NotTheTruth

            Go back to your trailer…….

            Your sheets might be dry by now.

    • dasfadfs

      but having all asian or all red-head (pretty sure they're all white) posts is okay? same thing…

      • Lev

        Amen. It's about time.

      • Logan O

        i like this post but i think your argument about asians being white is a bit invalid…

        • McBeastie

          don't think that was his argument.

    • the truth

      #1 is NOT black. way to imply all brown people look alike, chive.

      • maboze1x

        She has black hair! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • nb2012

        judging by the length of their hair, and tone of most of their skin im betting the majority of them arent fully african american

        • MalcomObamaMartin X

          OK message to the idiots… they are all black weather they are mixed have long hair of whatever. If you have black blood in you then your black. We make all colors from damn near white to jet black and its all beautiful. I for one appreciate the post I was like FINALLY! a thread for the brothas and those that love black women. WELL DONE CHIVE!

          • XiiX

            "If you have black blood in you then your black."

            I'll be sure to tell that to my white mother next time I want to make her feel completely and totally irrelevant. That being said, that's not how it works. Sorry.

      • Randy

        I don't know man see looks like a light skinned black girl. It doesn't really matter though cause she looks good.

        • the truth

          chive featured her already(don't remember what post though). she's Puerto-Rican.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      it was about damn time

    • Brian King


      • Luke Ecton

        Can you imagine the comments made if there was a 'White is Beautiful' posting?!?!

        • nb2012

          hate to break it to ya but every post about woman prior to this one, on thechive is a "white is beautiful posting"

          • teh tat

            this. the chive is obviously super white.

            • Lev

              Let's not forget the whole "freedom of speech" deal. If you own the website, you can post whatever you want.

    • nerdchaser

      I should have been #36

      • wherebpaddy

        I fully endorse this comment. Your pic looks quite good.

        • nerdchaser

          Aww thanks! One day this chivette will be seen…and the picture will be bigger than a thumb print!

      • Tyrone

        BLACK POWER!!

    • Loe

      This Thread Sucks !!!!

  • http://www.DeathSquadsGame.com Mordheimer

    Nice to see some NICE looking Sisters FIRST thing in the morning!

    • S.H.

      I see what you did there.. too bad you weren't first

    • real talk

      i still dont get why negros call women they want to fuck…… sisters

      • MalcomObamaMartin X

        fuck you punk im black not a negro never have been never will be… oh and we call all black women SISTA because its a form of respect from her fellow BROTHA…U ASS HAT!

    • andfukyamoms

      Yea especially really light skinned ones with white people hair… Post seems kinda slanted.

    • phdonme

      I have been waiting for a ebony post for a while….. Need more booty….

      • http://www.gearlocal.com Paula's Vagina

        This is great this chick is beautiful. Don't understand why we have 35 pics of the same sister though

    • Scumbag 'Merica

      i've never banged a black chick. is it true that they stink? at least that's what i heard of

      • Tijeo

        nah. their tits are usually saggier though…..

      • Average Joe

        No worse than your sister. Dear God she need some meds for whatever she got. Sounds like you need to get out your trailer more. And bras were invented for white women, jackass. Only saggy titties around here are yours, you should try a gym at some point in your life. Just sayin.

    • Bruce LeeRoy

      Amen my brotha! Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colors; but now, the very definition of femininity has graced this website! CAN YOU DIG IT??

  • penis


    • JOHN

      Super agreed.

    • Kenai

      Next time, Latinas.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1064188593 Josh Gorter

      And it's not even February.

    • kermit

      for real

    • loso

      next post down all white cheerleaders

      The Chive? should be called "The Jim Crow"

    • Ptesla

      Yes, Finally….I have a dream and its a wet one.

  • pjsupremex

    #13 yes please, and damn chive this post took ya long enough

    • Michael G


    • Truth

      I could have waited a lot longer

      • NotTheTruth

        Come on Hater, keep waiting somewhere else.

    • http://gravatar.com/lagentile LG_

      A-fn-men. Nothing hotter than a black girl, in my opinion. They have gorgeous curves, juicy lips, and some of the most exotic features. Definitely hoping this (and the girl in #13) is a regular feature.

      • Big James

        Yeah #13 has the right muscle tone and everything very hot!!!

      • Nash

        Yes! Totally agreed! we need MOAR of her.

        AND way MOAR of YOU!!

      • JohnQ

        sorry LG, but these are not really black. they're brown. ๐Ÿ˜

    • Bstrong04

      So sexy…gimme some of that chocolate.

    • c. fett


    • Groggy

      Also agreed, I'm a fan of pretty much every ethnicity of female. I just wish they would have gotten some pictures with better poses and less clothes…..Hump Day-style pics with women of color. That would be WIN.

    • GJH


  • jaynecobb2


    • james


  • deleted5333724

    Would it be racist if you had a post called White is Beautiful? Just asking..

    • Daith_Lee

      Only if you make it racist…I see what you're saying but lets not make an issue out of this.

      • Chadilax

        you dont need a post like that cos its a given…

        • DoomsDayDub

          "Black is Beautiful" is a common saying. It's not saying other races aren't. It is a term started by blacks to give pride to their own race because for so long they were taught that they were lesser humans in our country. Every other post on Chive is full of every other race other than black, so STFU and enjoy the beauty that is black women as well.

          • Frank

            Exactly. Nothing wrong with beautiful black ladies, or being proud to be black.

            I wonder why "white pride" is so negatively looked at in this country. Apparently if you are proud to be white you are racist…..

            • DoomsDayDub

              Frank – There is nothing wrong with being proud to be white. I am white and proud of it, and my wife is black and proud of that. There is a problem with the term "white pride" and such things because there is such a long history of things like "white power" being yelled by white hate groups such as the KKK and skin heads who murdered thousands of blacks. "Black is beautiful" is an uplifting saying for a group of people to say amongst themselves and "white pride" "white power" is a historically oppressive saying. It is really as simple as that. White people pretty much always had and still do have the world at their fingertips, so not having a "white pride" saying isn't something white people need to press the issue for.

      • Daith_Lee

        Now that I think about it, there is a REDHEAD post and last I checked that can really be only whites and I don't hear no one complaining about it…there always has to be one that makes an issue.

        • etcrr

          they are all beautiful, even if it is just on the inside. Nameing the post Beautiful women would have been good enough. don't you think?

          • Daith_Lee

            Well here's how I see it. I see one douche more or less making an issue out of the title. He feels its unfair, gets positive rating. I say, quit complaining and enjoy cause no one is complaining about red heads, which is essence is the same thing. Negative ratings…Chive tries to add something else to it and the narrow minded people make it out to be something more than what it is. Not saying thats you, but there are 50+ that I can't wait to see fade away. I'm not sure what you mean with the" even if its just on the inside" so I'm not reading into it. Bottom Line, just enjoy it…every dude on here would sleep with ANY hot chick given the chance.

            • the_Dude

              We are on the same page, just looking at it from different angles. I agree with you lie I said we just see it from different perspectives.

              • Daith_Lee

                I hear you, man.

            • EastSidePaul

              You sir are a PC thug :).

              Listen Broooo I'm not making an issue out of it, you are. I'm just a casual observer who thought "oh look, more double standards". Thats all mister I promise, no foolin'.

              • etcrr

                the mere fact that you bring up "Double Standards" is to incite and aggravate the problem that is not anywhere near as bad as you think

                • menace

                  "not anywhere near as bad as yout hink"?!?!? Title a post "White Pride" and see what happens, regardless of the pictures you put in it

              • McBeastie

                Yeah, he was so thugish by saying what a non-issue this is.

                • EastSidePaul

                  If you don't recognizes a Simpsons quote when you see it… you obviously haven't watched enough Simpsons..

                  • Homer

                    It's alright Lisa, I've been called a greasy thug too…

                  • McBeastie

                    I only remember Ralph Wiggum quotes….my bad.

        • Applehater

          Rihanna had red hair. Just sayin.

          • BigHate

            Pretty sure that's not her true hair color dumbass. By that logic we should have a purple haired post.

            • sadman

              More than half the women in the "Red head" posts are dyed.

              • Dustin

                Yup and we SHOULD have a purple hair post

            • Jack Newcastle

              Rihanna is 1/4 Irish

            • its_forge

              Black people's hair has been known to go red sometimes. I used to work with a veteran pressman everyone called Red, because when he was younger before it went white, his hair was orange-red.

    • Keith

      GO find my comment you jackass.

      • EastSidePaul

        Oh no, Keith seems mad guys ๐Ÿ™

    • Dude!

      The guys who made the post are white, so…

      It's kinda like Brazil nuts. We call them Brazil nuts but people from Brazil just call them nuts…lol Not racism, just perspective.

      • dorkfish

        cool movie refference

      • The Dream Is Dead

        we call it canadian bacon, they call it HAM! Go figure.

        • Canada

          No we dont, we call it either back bacon or peameal bacon. Ham is different

          • olim

            Go home Canada!

            • Peter

              Well, the oppressed blacks and natives were mighty glad we were here.

    • Mea

      No it would not be, Just like its not racists when the great folks at theChive do beautiful Asian posts.

      Way too many people, like yourself, are too trigger happy on playing the racist card.

    • http://www.facebook.com/pranay.tigga Pranay Tigga

      ROTFL… I had the same thought

    • 23904u

      you mean like nearly every single post the chive has of women?

    • tara

      guys can't we just play nice these women are beautiful and everyone is just fighting about racism if you're getting frustrated just scroll up and get another look and the gorgeous women im not a lesbian but these women are sexy as hell guys no need to start the day arguing

      • Walter Sobchak

        Maaan! Fucking keep calm and chive on. The guy was just pointing out what a lot of people were thinking. We all know that black is beautiful. That's old news. This is 2011. Half of the reason the racism we hate so much still exists is because of this "cultural double standard" that people can't even mention. Remove the hateful context rooted in the past. You're looking too deep into it. We should all be able to joke about this shit……. like the Chappelle's Show did. That was the solution. The fact that anybody feels one way or another when they read any of this shit is the energy that racism thrives on.

        • Jason

          +1 for the Chappelle's Show reference. It's not racism when we make fun of everyone including laughing at ourselves!

    • Ted Stevens

      at this point I'm pretty sure just saying the word white is racist. We shouldn't be called white anymore, those who owe everyone an apology is probably more with the times.

    • A black guy

      It's a saying…stop using reverse racism.

      • Peter

        WTF is reverse racism?

        Oh wait, I get it. Only white people are racist?

  • Anonymous

    I think its a bit racist to have a thread that is named and is entirely black, if they put up “white is beautiful ppl would freak out about how racist it was

  • http://twitter.com/MugsyTheGr8 @MugsyTheGr8

    Damn, good stuff chive. We need some submissions from chocolate chivettes.

    • nerdchaser

      I featured a couple of pictures of me
      I have yet to be featured…I am starting to think I am the only chocolate chivette! But i ordered some chivettee tattoos…maybe ill get featured when i take some sexy pics with those ๐Ÿ™
      until then i will be sad

  • http://www.facebook.com/carlito8724 Carlos Roberto Aguirre Jr.

    #27 something about this one

    • etcrr

      large cheek bones? just wondering if that's it?

    • Mitch

      Chanel Iman is smoking hot.

    • real talk


      • ThatGuy

        We're all monkeys. Grow up.

    • Frank M

      She's half-chinese as well.

      • Winnie

        No, her mother is half Asian.

        • its_forge

          specifically, Korean.

    • CuriousGeorge

      …scares the shit out of me?

      • Tijeo

        you're a pussy.

  • Mugsy

    #14. Great Hump!

    • thejim

      Sweet Jesus, I'm in love.

    • zara

      funny you a person who puts up very beautiful black women, only to then get a response off "great hump". The irony.

  • Mr.Y

    More of this please!

    • http://twitter.com/mikeydangerous @mikeydangerous

      definitely need this girl on Hump Day!

    • JosephKerr

      Bria Myles

    • Underbaker

      Shook me all night long with them great American Thighs

    • Randy

      To quote Mos Def "Ass so fat that you [can] see it from the front"

    • thom

      Honestly, from the waist up she is gorgeous, but I find that ass to be repulsive. Totally out of proportion.

      • sadman

        As an assman, I must say that her form is perfect. Not everyone can handle this size, much like most people cannot break a wild mustang.

      • Mike

        Stay to your flat bodied women then.

      • MalcomObamaMartin X

        Thom u just gotta lil dick and cant hang with the full body voluptuousness of a sista keep… fuckin them anorexic white bitches

    • thelolux

      Gap to hip to waist ratio is ridonkulous! Sexy as hell!

    • KTB_hawks


    • love 'em

      Th-th-thunder Thighs!

  • $ฤ™MรฃJ

    About time CHIVE !! Good job. Keep em comin. Latinas r BEAUTIFUL TOO !!!

  • Anonymous

    Its about time.

  • Daith_Lee

    Kudos Chive…wait…do people still say "kudos"? Props maybe….yeah PROPS CHIVE!

    • KyleGamgee

      Kudos still works, I think.

    • Guest

      They don't say, "Deez Nuts."

      • Daith_Lee

        LOL….nah, I assume thats just me.

    • JHL1

      Five is right out!

  • http://walker john

    Most of these women are the palest black women I’ve ever seen, where’s the chocolate son!

    • Brooklyn rose

      Thats what i was thinking john

      • etcrr

        I believe #14 #20 #26 might be some examples of what you are talking about

    • Dr_StrangePants

      especially starting out, lots of mixed and light-skinned girls (which i still love)but you're neglecting African models

      <img src = <a href="http://usaradicalblack.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Screen-shot-2010-06-07-at-7.45.40-PM.png&gt;” target=”_blank”>http://usaradicalblack.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/Screen-shot-2010-06-07-at-7.45.40-PM.png&gt;

    • AbsoluteReality

      it's only the white in them that gives them a chance at hotness…

      • 23904u

        no shit. ever notice how the people on almost all black tv shows and media is almost always very light skinned? hell, THE go to chick in hollywood for a "hot black chick" is fucking Halle Berry, who isn't even black but bi-racial(has a white mom).

    • http://twitter.com/mikeydangerous @mikeydangerous

      The Chive has to dip slowly into the ladies of color. You can't expect them to go from all white to ebony in one post.

    • itsmeagain

      Scumbag Chive ,

      starts a thread about black women ,posts pics of women who look closest to white women.

      • Mac&cheese

        Scumbag chive responder,

        Posts a comment about black women not being black enough. Thats like racism from the inside of the race

  • Mac M


    • yessir

      Not s single dark black mama in there ,chive likes its black girls in White !

      • greatdiggler

        sounds like some of the chivers are over-compensating with their adulation (OMG OMG, I loooove black chicks; etc etc!!
        these chicks are hot and would fit into any post on Chive.
        just sayin'…..

        • jnufr

          No. Some of us just like our black to be black, not just "slightly darkish brownish".

          • jasmine

            hey im brown skinned. that doesnt make me any less black. we come in all colors or havent you heard?

    • JOHN

      Shut the fuck up. Go find some real problems

    • M.O.T.

      Not racist. There are naturally less black lasses than white ones in the Chive's posts, presumably because there's less submissions from them (not every country that Chives is as multi racial as others) so they decided to do a specific post of them. I think it's a quality post.

  • jonstotts

    Stop focusing on race and focus on their beauty u clowns…good call chive, you should of put black panthers just to really fuck with ppl ๐Ÿ˜€

    • DoomsDayDub

      There is a red head post every week, whats the difference. A lot of people have wanted this post, and it should be made a weekly as well because there are basically never any black women in any of the other posts.

      • Truth

        The difference is the red heads are hot. These women are far from it.

        • DoomsDayDub

          So #7, #13, #17, #19 & #23 aren't hot??? Yeah okay. Just don't view the post each week then.

  • http://blog.tomsforeign.com Edward

    #28 Moar of the rear!

    • http://www.lucasdelaporte.fr Lucas
    • Truth

      get the wide angle lens ready for that porch… gross man

      • the other Jen

        ass so phat that you can see it from the front!

        • http://www.allinbayarea.com TWON925

          nice Mos Def line

      • thrillho

        yeah right, that thing is EPIC. So nice!

  • Ink-man

    Black Women, always beautiful!

  • Mathias

    I <3 no. 2 and no. 3… Please post more :*

    • The_Stif

      #2 & #3*

  • Anonymous

    It is Friday where I am so this is Black Friday…………about time Chive! Have been waiting for this for a wong time…TQ ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Homicidal#9

    It is about time…

  • Bill

    #7 stacey dash my caramel dream candy

    • bbb

      The rest of that shoot (PB) was good too.

    • Mike

      Thank you, i couldn't remember her name. Soo happy i'm off to google!!!

    • Carlo

      I can't believe she's 45, she still looks like she's in her 20's. So hot!!

    • hMMMM
    • http://www.allinbayarea.com TWON925


      • Trainwreck92

        Stacy Dash's hump is just stupid good.

    • Will Smith

      she reminds me of the daughter in fresh prince..drawing a blank on her character name.

      • Miss Ma'am

        Tatyana Ali, unless you're talking about Hilary

  • Anonymous

    # 9 # 5 # 13 def top 5 in my book

  • Elbie

    Nothing sweetens my morning like some black beauties

    • Ted Stevens

      I work in Jamaica Queens and have never once had that thought strike me haha

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