• KyleGoldstein


    • 80's Baby

      I bet you didn't even look at the pics before you made a comment. Just raced to the bottom and said something universally accepted…

      • Woody

        Don't be a baby, 80's baby

        #3 is jaw-dropping.

        • KyleGoldstein

          yes i had to stop for a sec on that one

    • KyleGoldstein

      80's baby i wish i could punch you in your throat…no one likes you go take your sad a irrelevant life

      • 80's Baby

        Shut up jew-boy

    • Lover of Liberty

      #33 for president! If she's not available, VOTE RON PAUL!

      • anon

        right side (her left side) looks weird. shopped?

  • betthecubssuck

    FDAU that's the way we like to ….

    • da2conan

      lay in bed and take photos?

    • JROC


    • AssClown
      • guest speaker


      • hMMMM

        even if she wasn't aware of this particular camera on her, she seems like one of those chicks who thinks an imaginary camera is ALWAYS on her. Look at her bending over in the Mac store, of all places. AWESOME – I LOVE SLUTS!

        • manamana

          me too. I'm a big fan of their work.

      • Wha--?

        Because you work for the Chive & you decided to up your points instead of posting it in for the 15th time?

    • scottydyne

      Look up FDAU on urban dictionary. They reference LG

      • JHL1


  • a_schoenoprasum


    challenge accepted.

    • ROK247

      wears a shirt saying it's ok to stare, goes fucking batshit crazy and gets you banned from the gym after she catches you staring.

      • Smitty

        Yup. I believe that we had a similar discussion on another thread. Fuck that crazy chick shit.

    • jordan

      i really wanted to give it the thumbs up but i couldn't be the one to move it from +69

  • dagleja3

    #1 – Invitation Accepted

    • a_schoenoprasum

      i win.

      • dagleja3

        LOL, I wasted time looking at the rest of the pics instead of scrolling right to the bottom and posting … Great minds think alike and I tip my hap to you for the win

        • Ha.Ha.

          woww. fags.

  • Dude

    My favorite post of the week!!

  • Dingle

    #46 Mom?

    • Mrs. Dingle

      Son, how many times do I have to tell you not to take pics of me during yoga? How the fuck are you so perverted????

  • John

    #3 #9.#22 oh my lord

  • Carl in PA

    Wow #3 , #16 , #17 , #22 , #29 , #34 , #46


    • Zatoichi

      Sir you have good taste these where all the ones I was going to post

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=505737141 AJ Rantz

      my tongue is salivating…

  • iambigd42

    #29 B&W owns it again

  • Carl in PA


    • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

      #40 omm nom nom nom

    • thedude325

      #49 doing yoga the right way

    • SweetBabyJesus

      I think that #49 is Jessica Canizales

      • Or may be

        Looks like Priya Rai

        • Sharkman

          Looks like the camera man blew it. I see a better angle and I'm way over here!

  • Anonymous

    # 28 MOAR!!!!!!!!! Find her chive

  • laelow

    Jeeezzus !
    #16 #5 FTW.

    • Andrew Schroeder

      im pretty sure number 5 is my friends sister

      • Coolio

        Well you should probably bang her

    • thirsty4guinness

      I would follow (chase) #16 anywhere!

      • guest

        me too

  • No You

    #49 tower, requesting landing clearance I'll be coming in hard.

    • fed

      make sure your gear is properly functioning and you're good to go

    • Savage

      Negative Ghostrider, the pattern is Full.

    • Rick

      Priya Rai pornster

    • Tower Operator

      circle for a few hours and call back

    • http://www.facebook.com/epl.young Elan Young

      Funny comments, but pretty weak when we're including porn stars now…. they take up the other 99.98% of the web!

  • 80's Baby

    #44… MOAR!

  • bless1

    #29- yes please.

  • Koneman

    #15 Moar! #38 Major duckface….

    • Koneman

      #31 actually…fail

      • Anon

        Blurs face in photoshop.


        • Anon

          When will girls learn?

          Duckface doesn't pay.

  • Mikey

    Forever Alone 🙁

    • The Chivery

      All of us Chivers are.

      Chive on!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you chive!!! #3 no mattet how many times is posted, Im in love

  • rick ross


    Can't get u outta my brain

    • Johnny

      She's pretty famouus on MGF… hotter than shit too at 6'-1" tall

      • tdp

        can we get a name ?

  • Elcastino

    #31 Just Say No, to Duckbills!!!

    • andyg8180

      she was almost a winner till she quacked…. #sadpanda

    • Mmmm....Redheads

      Odd… Didn't notice the duckface…

      • Jen

        b/c you are oh so macho! the fuck outta here…

    • Matt

      Chive ought to know better, yeah.

  • Aaron

    #3 #16 #17 #25 just so many good asses on here….i love you yoga pants and fine, fine asses!

  • whoa


  • Carl

    In love with #46

    • hugh jackman

      you are high, that's a goddamned monster

    • R-Dub

      No Hot Carl

    • re24


  • Yoga Master

    #6 #49 – let's try these positions in the bedroom

    • etcrr

      agreed #49 would be a favorite that's for sure

  • Shawn

    #11…mmmm Olivia Wilde

    • docfester

      There is a God!!!!!!!

    • robsterling

      We've got TOE!

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