• Bob

    Cool stuff

  • Kevin

    let's all hop on a big buss and head out!

    • 94094

      so……which ones did the chive have their interns photoshop?

  • pjsupremex

    #25 FTW!

    • guest

      green chive shirt plus green screen background = messed up photo. Why do you think you never see news anchors wearing anything green.

      • 94094

        chivers are too stupid to figure that out.

      • guest2

        maybe Al Roker should have worn green instead of getting surgery

  • hi_steaks

    Good morning from New Zealand…..

    • AstroMikeDexter

      Good Morning, again, from New Zealand.

      • Kmac

        Good morning from Alabama. :0)

        • Dick Folgers

          Good morning from north Alabama.

  • EasternCanuck

    #60 keeps us all calm…

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      Fuckin' right. Good for you. Put one in there for me!!

      • guest


    • 000-l0-

      not really. i don't give a shit either way……

      • TiminPhx

        Of course you don't. That's reserved for people who actually care for something more than their own petty ass.

        • Jay Costanza

          Or you know, people who believe in going to war for a reason.

          • garrett


    • Jay Costanza

      Lmao "terrorists" this shouldve been in the 'merica post.

  • Slick_Nick

    The impossible has happened, theChive found someone that's actually cuter than koalas…#72 let's see some moar πŸ™‚

    • _maxPain_

      totally second that,,look closely that koala is drooling and about to lose his grip,,koala want to hump blondy's leg big time..Who wouldn't ??
      Cheers to blondy

  • Anonymous

    Jeremy clarkson for prime minister

  • Helmet4

    #2 maybe I should have been an x-ray tech.

  • loldicks69


    Subtract two girls and you got a couple of douchebags.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000220625150 BboyMonkey Marius

      I didnt mean to do that douchebag pose.. it was cold outside πŸ™‚ (sorry for my english)

      • https://thechive.com/ Turduckenn

        His English is better than half of the people who post here with English as their first language.

      • Frosty

        Look familiar … are you Arktik Arkitekt? I don't see any igloos.

      • SimonPhoenix

        no te preocupes … Eran estupidos y pinche mariposas. Estuvieron jelosos porque, tu y tu amigo tienen las mujeres bonitas en sus photos.

        caio caio

      • http://www.facebook.com/Wil.Pwr Will Harding

        Yet on the Berry they'd be happy with the pose, go figure.

  • Mark

    #1 Thanks The Chive1! we've been looking forward to see our pic here!!… Cheers from Mexico!

  • Dino

    Is that the guy from Hell on Wheels??

    #72 Beatiful smile πŸ™‚

    • Daith_Lee

      Yes….That would be the rapper, Common.

    • J.D.


    • Lisa

      you mean the rapper Common who has been around/famous for a hell of a lot longer than that show? dang, dude.

  • tha_guy

    #72 no Koala's needed to keep calm looking at her. Chive On!

  • etcrr

    #44 congrats lil chiver #52 beautiful

    • josejohnandrew

      MOAR #52 please

  • R2GFan

    #58 Please turn around
    #68 Hot chick on a Fat Boy (Lo) …I like it.

  • Danielle

    YEAH CFB GAGETOWN! #17 Keeping Calm and Chiving on from an Oromocto military wife!

    • AnnaMolly

      Hell Yeah Army Bucks! I want to see your 'Keep Calm and Chive On' out and about Freddy…I feel like a lonely Chiver in Freddyland.

      • Crammer

        I feel the same, like I'm the only chiver in Saint John lol

    • Cameron

      You're not alone, I live in fredericton, i've worn my KCCO shirt and had no responses, I thought I was alone as well!

      • AnnaMolly

        I guess I wasn't looking hard enough πŸ™‚ See you out and about, Chive On!

        • Cameron

          I can usually be found downtown, chive on!

    • http://www.facebook.com/Shylagr Shyla Gordon-Russell

      Keep Calm and Chive on from CFB Edmonton!

    • Real Army man

      KCCO from CFB Petawawa … !!!!!!!

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=517855709 Tim Gorveatt

      Heck yeah Gagetown! Not in the Army myself, but my sister was stationed in Gagetown for a while, and I lived in Fredericton for a while too, back home on the Island now though. KCCO!

    • Kadey

      Chive On from an Oromocto Military Girlfriend!!!

    • Danielle

      We'll be wearing our KCCO come Christmas, just got me and my hubby's shirts ordered on Monday! SUPER EXCITED! See ya around Freddy chivers!

    • StevieC

      Chive On CFB Gagetown from a Chiver in New Maryland!

    • Bzzliteyr

      This is my second time on TheChive!!!

      You've seen me on here in my KCCO shirt at iRock last month I think…

      • joshsturgess

        heck yes! I saw you downtown wearing my KCCO shirt the same night haha

  • Hans

    Love to see moar of the British Chivette, #52!

    • DaddyD


      No, caps lock is not stuck. I am yelling.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1436492509 Alrick Lengkong

        I second this!

  • McdundlePants

    while it may look like duct tape… its actually "speed tape". pretty much duct tape on steroids.

    • sowasred2012

      Just like those holes that appeared in the car in the episode of The Simpsons weren't bullet holes, they were "speed holes"?

    • PoopCannon

      Still tape.

  • AIRabbott

    #72 MOAR…..for the love of god

    • etcrr

      she's beautiful women

      • Adam_R

        I think….I think maybe she's just one. One woman. But I agree with you nonetheless.

        • hMMMM

          Give Stan a break. We all know he's retarded.

      • Sleep_Salone

        Fucking idiot.

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      She looks a whole lot like a local celebrity sportscaster, Heidi Watney. Uncanny.

      • Your Name Here

        Holy shit!

    • AKBAR

      the Koala's pretty hot also, and looking down her shirt! cheeky koala

    • jjjmc

      Smile like Emma Stone.

    • V4Vendetta14

      OK, the girl is beautiful and all, but is that Koala wearing a wrist watch?

      • isawoj

        Yes, a Seiko.

    • Dan

      MOAR por favor…..

    • BOB

      Anyone notice the optical illusion.
      If you stare at the picture for 20 minutes, a koala bear appears in the upper right hand corner.

      • Cali_Jangi

        hahaha nice

    • Ashan

      she's gorgeous!

  • cels0_o

    #53 Too bad they lost. Hook 'em Horns and remember to CHIVE ON!!

    • Jimmy

      And also the corps is ghey. So there.

      • Billy

        SEC ya 27 – 25.

    • RebelMatt

      Gig 'Em! Old Company E-2 Rebel here! Chive On!

  • BosnianChiver

    Shout out to B&H.
    Lot of CHIVE base is growing there πŸ™‚

    • CaptainNomad

      Did you jump?! I was there a couple of months ago – One of the most epic places on earth!

  • JenCsen

    the chive is taking the world over πŸ˜€

  • Greg

    #2 photobombed

  • Adrianna

    #62 Awesome pic. Also #72 beautiful girl. πŸ™‚

    • http://www.cooldudestuff.com HairyKnuckles

      #62 – Shopped

      • ADE

        No way shopped, just taken with a Nikon D3

  • Captn_Kazma

    #72. This girl is so beautiful…. its the 2nd picture i've seen of her and I'm still amazed by her beauty. I would take her out anytime! Chive on from Montreal!

  • Cywasi

    #50 and #70 why you no have sexy chivette on the beach!?

    • SpacemanSpiff

      cuz the one in Aruba is early morning and the one in the other rival island is late afternoon, the chivettes should be somewhere between those hours

      Chive on form Aruba

    • psully23

      My Chivette doesn't think she's chive worthy. I highly disagree. And yes I've tried to get her to post many atimes. Totally sucks.

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