Found: Cosplayer Enji Night (24 Photos)

We've featured Enji Night more than a few times on the site in both her Superwoman and Firefox cosplay creations. Enji's from Budapest, Hungary and is considered to be one of the best cosplayers out there.

Enji's also very active on her Facebook Page and relies heavily on her followers to provide her with suggestions for her costumes. Enjoy...

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  • jgos929

    She's definitely cute but the cosplay thing kills it for me.

  • CalAb13

    Saw #1 and thought "what could be better than those eyes?"

    Then I saw #4

  • king_Leonidas26

    Her body…… is fucking amazing

  • Paul

    Good Job Chive… Well Done..

  • @chaoticbeauty6

    #4 #7 She is goregous all around, struit it girl! in love with the firefox outfit tho

  • Eli

    Please get into the porn business.

  • Alex Clarke

    #18 I have that sword!

  • bisonbade

    #24 ohh the things i would do to her…..

  • Shanks

    This is my hero….

  • Rick

    I want to see her eyes with no makeup.

  • JshWGrdn

    #15 JACKPOT

  • AssMan

    Bet she’s a freak in the bed

  • SDC

    I knew the eye's where a lie!!!!

    • SDC

      if chive is into real girls with no photo shopping….where does fake hair color and even more importantly fake eye color fit in?
      shame on you chive….

      • coulditbe

        photoshop and colouring your hair/contact lenses are 2 different things. and this girl is a cosplayer. its what she does. shame on you…

        • SDC

          No dude your wrong.
          She's from hungry which means sh'e European.
          What the fuck is a cosplayer….is that a job…or an out of work actor.

          • Dean

            You realize nothing in your argument is valid. I'm just guessing, but, I would be willing to bet that about 90% of white women dye there hair at least once a year. And there is nothing wrong with colored contacts, she looks beautiful without them anyways. Being European is irrelevant, and cosplay is usually a hobby, and it's just people wearing costumes and/or role playing a favorite game/movie/comic/etc. So maybe dressing up and dying her hair and wearing colored contacts is the REAL her and she's just extremely dedicated to it. Also, it's Hungary not hungry.

            • SDC

              So dean….your clearly european.
              and probably a cosplayer too….thanx for the spelling correction. lol

              90% huh? lmao You must be talking about the retirement home where your grand mother lives….Is that your connection to the real world?

              ps: put the video game controler down and grow up…welcome to reality dude.

              Plus: It's my opinion, deal with it!!!

              • Chris Armstrong

                looks to me like u got nothing and u just realized your an idiot SDC

              • Dean

                First of all, get your facts straight before you insult me! I fight to protect your right to your opinion! And while you can have any opinion you want, it pains me to know I also fight for your ignorance! You can say whatever you'd like, but realize this, no one takes a fools argument seriously.

              • Maytrix

                Dean isn't the one that needs to grow up.

        • Suprj

          HAHAHAHAH! you took the last few words of HIS last sentence, and used them in YOUR last sentence. PEOPLE WHO DO THAT ARE SOOOOO CLEVER!

      • evad

        SDC , why you so stupid ?

  • Jordan

    I want one.

  • misanthropetb

    I think those pictures just gave me a nerdgasm.

  • Anonymous

    Holy cow she’s gorgeous!

  • Anonymous

    This girl is amazing. Beautiful, great body and Hungarian! Hungarian girls are the kinkiest on the planet! MOAR!!!

  • steve

    #1and some others she looks like Juliette Lewis #15and#17 she looks like Tracy Lords

  • UR dumb & here's why

    I don't even know what the girl looks like anymore

  • Guest

    #25 For The Horde!

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #12 Stunning…#15 Death Note. Nice.

  • Rick

    #7 RAWR!!! Love this one, foxy lady.

  • Rick

    #4, #7 These are by far the best!!

  • Anonymous

    I like her as a blonde.. id also like to see her on a hump day post..from the look of those hips I’m sure its glorious!

  • rod


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