Captions: Guaranteed to make you laugh or your money back (27 photos)

  • Wordtoyomotha

    Mmmm… Find that sexy little rebel down there in the corner in #20…

  • incognito.1975


    • ChRis

      only gay people are first.

  • Metallica

    "Cummmdrops keep fallin on my"

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #6 Do you think he knows the truth about Santa yet?

    • sdago25

      Ha! That made me giggle.

    • Craigery

      While we sit in our offices and make fun of the Beibs, he's in Cabo with Selena Gomez, enjoying his millions of dollars, and having the last laugh.

  • that_dude_b


    • Brand_n

      Yeah, I kinda want my money back.

      • TheAutomaticMan


  • jasgat66

    #29 Puts the movie into a whole new perspective…

  • etcrr

    #6 My cock, your mouth…please. We can do it in my truck

    • KorovaMilkbar

      Back away Nasty Nate, this heres my bitch. Anyone's gon' stab'em its gon' be me.

  • jjc

    #25 hahahahahaha

    • Armedand Dangerous

      Should be, eye brow…I only see one.

  • SpacemanSpiff

    #2 Kelly KaPOWski right in the kisser

    • Spencer_on_Fire

      Was so gorgeous

      • SpacemanSpiff

        correction my friend… "Is"

        • Spencer_on_Fire

          I stand corrected

  • SkyVader

    #25… mean "But when I do, eyebrow". Singular.

    • Spencer_on_Fire


    • r356

      I don't you got the joke

      it sounds like
      I browse

      • r356

        kinda funny the word I missed was think…

        I guess I wasn't using my while writing that

        • Spencer_on_Fire

          Trust me, was not in refernce to the joke itself. 😉

          And proof reading… saves a lot of trouble


          • Craigery

            "reference" not "refernce", and "proofreading" not "proof reading". Proofreading FTW. 😉

            • Spencer_on_Fire

              I stand corrected again. Thank you for pointing out the missing "E"

              • Jack_LeMac


  • Intensemasterdebater

    #4 You're lucky she has a twin sister…

    • ChipChiperson

      A slightly retarded twin sister…

      • Intensemasterdebater

        Much better grip though..

        • Wet_tosti

          It feels like cheating…

          • Undershooter30

            Doesn't matter. Had sex

            • Just some dude

              No, you haven't

  • robsterling

    Kelly Kapowski FTW!

  • Isa

    I want my money back….

  • KyleRetrato

    Couldn't stop laughing at #29

  • Edward

    #29 ha!

  • internet bitch

    zomg these were like totes stolen from some other undisclosed location.

    • Slappy

      the internets

    • Smitty

      Yeah, previous posts.

  • rick ross


    O you crazy parents

    • Mason420

      Kids today, with their hair and their clothes and their bum killings…..

    • mtpuckhead

      That's some funny shit.

    • Sean Brennan

      Anyone down for some SBBQ?

    • afewlittletrysts

      good to know theres a shorthand for when i get a craving for heroin. wouldnt want to waste time typing it out when I could just be shooting it up.

  • TWON925

    #8 God this guy is annoying

    • dirtysteve99

      didn't know who he was till I saw this.

  • TXJeepr

    Invisible golden shower

  • theAdventuresOfJim

    #7 Silent Bob?

    • Connor MacManus

      Yeah has to be, Jay should be around shortly. "Yo baby ever have your asshole licked by a fat man in an overcoat Yay"

      • theAdventuresOfJim

        Snooch to the Nooch!!!

    • Craigery

      Fat Neo.

    • Medium00Rare

      Yeah… Kevin Smith was my only guess…

  • misschris

    #26 'Let's kill a bum'?! Who are these kids, Alex & his droogs??

    • Spencer_on_Fire

      Oh silly parents……thinking they can be one step ahead of their kids 😛

    • jrey81

      Nice Clockwork reference 🙂

  • DNV

    #26 My hole is open Ha! That's funny

    • Firefighter23

      What the hell is a sex barbecue?

      • Tj Lojik

        Kinda like an Old Man Gangbang… but with food

  • Donger

    #25 FIND HER…and then priapism.

  • truth

    #20 Because Nov 27, 2006 was soo long ago and society has greatly declined since then. /sarcasm

    • Roney

      If you look closely, the calendar says 1940, The 2006 date is the magazine…..twat…..

    • JOHN

      Though you guys are right about the dates, truth has a point. There is a shitload of condescension in this photo. The New Yorker is definitely making a harsh statement about contemporary culture. I don't live like the people in the bottom photo but even if i did who the fuck do the New Yorker editors think they are bashing how people spend their family time?

      • NewYorker

        Uh John, it's a cartoon.

        • JOHN

          So is a swastika

          • PoohBear

            Wait, what? We went from 'don't tell me my lifestyle is bad' to swastikas? God Bless the Internet.

          • dirtysteve99

            and a Swastika isn't a cartoon, it's a religious symbol.

  • Craigery

    #2 I want my money back. Is there a joke in there somewhere? What am I missing?

    • Brutal Deluxe

      She's ordering hepatitis over the phone

    • GernBlansten

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