Daily Afternoon Randomness (36 Photos)

theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
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  • Monster

    Numero uno?

  • R2GFan

    #31 Looks like she's be a bunch of fun.

    #20 Yup, those make me hungry too.

  • TinMan

    #11 Camp Ali Al Salem Kuwait…

    • Smitty

      You sure? I don't remember Ronnie when I was there.

      • etcrr

        thank you for your service Smitty, it is appreciated

  • AlexLSU

    #32 FIND HER!

  • etcrr

    to all the men and women in the pics above thank you for your service and Chive On!

  • Eric

    Fuck everyone involved in supporting war

    • Melissa

      we're not all involved in supporting the war, but we are involved in supporting our freedoms which usually go hand in hand. so from a sailor, fuck you.

  • Just sayin

    your freedom, that you enjoy? you owe to the military, Your stupidity you owe to not knowing anything

    • Tom the amazing

      Lol just sayin is a douche how many wars have we had on our own soil ,were the fuck do you think our freedoms come from an oil field in Iraq ? I'm guessing your faggot response will be 9/11 and shortly followed by go mmmmerica

  • bodeman1329

    #21 is a picture of me once i see #20 happening in front of me

    • Rick

      it was my attempt at a 1-2 combo

  • $ilver!

    #1 makes me tired all that CC to be done lol

  • Lucas

    Great advice! And it does eaplxin why some blogs that are entirely based on photos are SO successful! Unfortunately, I was first attracted to blogging because I love words But I paint too, and have sometimes used my own paintings (they’re very figurative) To some effect, I must say, when I think back on it: I posted about the fact that parents seem to walk around in Arab Spring street demonstrations with their children on their shoulders, blithely unaware (or not caring) about the kiddies’ safety. Then, to illustrate, I used one of my paintings showing a father carrying his 5 year old son on his shoulders, with the child screaming slogans which I’m sure he didn’t begin to understand. Very effective and it got quite a lot of response from throughtful readers who had also noted that disturbing parental behaviour So I guess you’re absolutely right, one should focus on using more and better photos!

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