First snow of the Midwest, time for some Suby love (Pictures)

  • etcrr

    #22 go anywhere anytime car, that's so cool

  • gdm426

    #13 you haven't lived till you've driven a STi through the snow like a mad man. i had one just like this, i miss her every day

  • Jon D.

    Love this post

  • dangerous dave

    #20 something HOT in the COLD

    • Tyrone Shulaces

      Careful honey, those bags of saline might freeze up out there and you'll have a couple of ice blocks on your chest.

  • @JDCampbe11

    God Damn i miss my WRX and SVX!

  • Scott

    Wow 8 inches of snow.Try 2 feet then lets talk! I see Subaru's stuck every winter due to some dumb a$$ kid in mommy, and daddy's rig joy riding. Keep it in parking lots with snow not the forest service roads please! Its $50 to each person needing to be winched out.

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