• Anonymous

    1st…, and I still have not got me T-shirts, WTF?

  • Mario Alejandro Lopez Flores


    • bob lee swagger

      ..yet you're the last to get pussy

  • Anonymous

    What an odd looking kitchen she is in….

  • jake

    get her to be a chivette NOW!

  • woody

    She is bad ass! And hot!

  • Anonymous

    Great….another one lost to the waistland

  • Me.


    • whoswho

      agreed, everybody thinks they can rap nowadays

      • Joshua D. Loomis

        Could you follow a beat that quickly (with the same or similar breaks she used)? Doubt it. I agree that too many people think they can rap, but she actually did quite well. But what do I know? I'm from Nebraska.

      • jacob

        shes pretty good but

  • Shan Haroon

    That is amazing!!!

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I hate female rappers but DAMN she kinda kills. word up girl, keep spittin…

  • Connor

    Wow. She's talented, beautiful, smart, creative, and funny. Make her a chivette. And I'd love to meet her.

  • PotatoPeeler

    Wow. A woman who can talk quickly. How novel.

  • Steve

    I wonder how many black dicks have been down that throat

    • DC22

      probably not as much as you! lmfao…jk

  • KO8E24

    Give her a record deal asap

  • Andy Drake

    I concur with “meh”

    • Anonymous

      This girl is a sick joke. She’s average in looks and talent at best.

  • Chris

    I think I seen her rap ” look at me now ” YouTube that shit !

    • bob lee swagger

      Thats not her you idiot

  • Anonymous

    Incredibly mediocre…if that

  • Anonymous

    I would live to see her spit a flow with my wiener balls deep down her throat

  • Anonymous

    Mom, dad…watch Lexington steel tear me up!

  • Anonymous

    Mom, dad I’m incredibly mediocre

  • Anonymous

    1:30 ill never get back

  • Anonymous

    She should freestyle me a sandwich in the kitchen…now

  • Anonymous

    I bet tons of blacks tell her she sounds dope, jus to fuk…sad

  • Andre Foxx Battrick

    She just needs a decent writer now. Her talent is wasted on this… give her a track about some real shit and watch her blow up like Watsky

  • Anonymous

    Wow white girl can rap,BUT CAN SHE FUCKING COOK!?!?!?!?

  • jEnsmo

    26th……. 😉

    Hot & pretty dang good!

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