Redheads are my greatest muse (35 Photos & Video)

Let me just leave this foreign commercial here. I have no idea what they’re saying, all I do know is that this redhead is hot in an unholy sort of way. Enjoy.

  • daaaaaav d

    #23, oh my God, what is her name?

    • snarf

      looks a lot like pornstar Ariel AKA Faith Lightspeed.

    • Adam

      She is porn star from Czech Republic. Ariel or Piper Fawn 😀

  • daaaaaav d

    #23 is just so unrealistically hot. I don’t care if it’s a fake ginger…she’s freaking hot as Hell. Does anybody know who she is???

    • zen

      Vica Kerekes

      • zen

        is the girl in the video, sorry for confusion

  • Khous655

    First is for assholes and douche bags

    • homer

      You are what you eat.

      • Idiot

        Homer is a dick.

  • Anonymous

    18# we all need MOAR!!!! Sexy

  • StupidFresh84

    #35 – Sweet Jesus

    • Bubba

      Gawd! Doing laundry never looked so appealing!

    • Elcastino

      I hate to sound sexist, but women doing housework in next to no clothing is possibly the sexiest thing in the world.

      • Marine Dad

        No kidding. Makes you want to drop socks all over the house to see them pick them up!

      • herb

        Noir Crime writer Raymond Chandler's secret to overcome writer's block was to watch his wife do housework in the nude. It gets the juices flowing.

    • Joe Byrd

      We need more Chive. Do what you do best!

    • John

      That is way hotter than if she was wearing some Victoria's Secret getup.

      • ssstoopid

        After reading what you just said, I had the hottest runway show running through my imagination… It smelled like clean laundry and food cooking. I cried a little because the image was so beautiful.

    • Misfit7734

      But i don't even believe in jebus

    • Desertsteel

      Perfect….absolutely perfect.

    • Jeff

      Best view ever……..

    • gary todt

      way awesome

  • Bat Man

    red heads for the win

    • that_dude_b

      i think you mean #16

  • Baron of Gray Matter

    You are all wondeful! But I'll take #17 please.

    • etcrr

      can you imagine how beautiful she'd be if she smiled?

      • Troll_the_World

        OR had my cock in her mouth?

        • etcrr

          I'll take you cock in my mouth…after you cram it up my ass.

    • Dorkfish

      I stared for two min's thinking/hoping it was a gif

    • daniel

      i completely agree

  • Rollout25

    #35 Great way to end this post

  • Phil123

    The redhead in the trailer is Vica Kerekes.

  • Shevyridenhigh


    ahhhh what a cutie

    id take her out to lunch ANY DAY =)

  • James

    really wanna know what is said in the advert! any chivers speak that language?!

    • Shane Heisser

      I don't speak the language but redhead is Vica Kerekes and that scene is from a czech movie called Muži v naději which is like Men in Hope or Men With Hope. Something like that.

    • pajula

      as was said, it's not an advert, it's a movie trailer. she said she can't play any good – she can't see good because of her hair. then she ties her hair and comments it "much better, right?" – and the gentleman agree 🙂
      the dialogue is very stupid and so is the film, but i must admit that she's really hot. her parents are hungarians, in this shot she speaks slovak, but the movie is czech 🙂

      • Ass_Face_Fart

        For the win .. Thank you for explination.

    • Ede
  • AsciiAdam

    #9 great smile!

  • chetvik



    • etcrr

      Susan Coffey, if I'm not mistaken

    • george

      id take long walks on the beach with her!

      • Mr.Party

        you know….she does have nudes out now – *you're welcome

  • ICUP

    #28. I love me some Hattie Watson.

    • boobman

      One hell of a hottie but I just confirmed that the carpet does not match the drapes. Not a real redhead.

    • ssstoopid

      google just made me a happy camper.

  • Alf

    #28 dear lord

  • Doctor_What

    One of these was once a guy, and I find this so ironic, considering the amount of negative comments toward a particular post a few days ago… So good luck figuring out which.

    • Beldar

      I'm thinking #28 used to be a guy.

      • Doctor_What

        🙂 Nah. That's Hattie Watson, as someone else mentioned, and she's frackin' amazing.

    • AnonyMoose

      My guess is #4 or #24.

      • vmx12

        Please don't be #4…..

    • Sarahw24

      Way to tell em! Just made my day.

    • friendo


      • person

        No, #32 is Jayme Langford. Plenty of pictures of her out there to rule her out. My guess is #24, but that could just be the wig.

  • Natureboy

    #6 makes my big toe shoot up in my boot and there's a major photobomb too

  • MigraineBoy

    #3 Those eyes, the freckles…. Oh God, yes!

    • Posted this

      …..that infected piercing…..

      • Wait, What?!

        …..and blackened eye……

        • Ass_Face_Fart

          Needs to stop talking about to her husband!

  • chivebasti

    nice grab! #25

    hello #31 🙂

  • J

    they have no souls!

  • Bababenni

    Not going to lie. I didn’t like red heads/gingers. Thanks to Chive I Love them now!

  • WD-40

    At first glance I thought it was one girl standing next to a mirror. and then…Grab! #25

  • Bubba

    The video promotes busty redheads taking off their undies in public. True story!

  • Robotron

    I like very much to fuck.

  • big red

    #3 please, please, please #15 #17 #22 is dreamy #34 Domai – dominique and many other names, she is improving her modeling, a lot NSFW.

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