• Anonymous

    Still waiting for my shirts!!!

  • main man

    Now I got blind spots while brushing. Excellent

  • http://www.facebook.com/elpedopistolero Żach Vøse


  • gAVIN


    • SpacemanSpiff


  • Anonymous

    I’ll pass. That’s all I need is some hacker broadcasting my morning flexing all over the net. With that said I hope Mila Kunis gets one.

  • Anonymous

    Where the fuck are my shirts chive?!

  • Anonymous

    you could also just look out the window

  • jane doe

    Mirror mirror on the all who’s the lames of them all…

  • wat up sexy

    hm thats ight, i guess.

  • Jim

    Another expensive gadget made in China they’ll be pushing on us, it never ends. Aren’t most people in enough debt already

    • PJee

      don't blame coroporations, blame the people who buy things they can't afford

  • Pufffdragon

    Mirror mirror on the wall, this looks gay.

  • Joe brown

    If it don’t give me a morning bj then no thanks

  • Anonymous

    Alec is the only chive author who posts shit like this and he consistantly blows nuts. I guess he works some kind of in-between shift and his parents hate him or something. I know if he were my son, I would jump in front of highway traffic. Seriously, look back at what he’s posted. I’d rather just wait for the daily morning awesomeness than wade through his shit. FAIL!

  • Bustanut

    Of course this nerdy eggheaded gadget guy would want “content” interaction with his mirror in the morning to get served his multithreaded streaming media input for the day.

    I’m suprised we didn’t see the “alternative” hours when he was standing in his carebears Panda boxers, getting served up with pronz of men getting golden showers.

  • creeper

    I can picture him drunk & crying Friday night at 2am asking the mirror, “why the fuck do people laugh at me on the subway!” or “Mirror … Who’s the best looking guy you know?”

  • Gijs

    Cool, but try saying 'mirror' with a toothbrush in your mouth…

  • gus

    Mirror, initiate fleshlight program

  • The_Dood

    Isn't that what driods/iphones/televisions/computers are for?
    3 Steps to getting rich.
    1 – Find something simple that has been around for centuries.
    2 – Add a computer/touch screen.
    3 – ???
    4 – Profit.
    The thing I always liked about mirrors was their reflective capability.

    • SpacemanSpiff

      what nr. 3 you silly goose

      i like profit, but i need step 3

      • The_Dood

        You don't watch South Park do you?
        The underpants gnomes can tell you…

  • duche

    as a dude i prob spend 1 min at most in front of the mirror in the mornings. i dont wanna be stuck in my bathroom checking the weather. thats what smart phones are for. and for girls, put it in the kitchen then well talk

  • Gabe

    I do all this on my commute to work on my smart phone, when I have nothing else to do! I dont get up early enough to spend that much time in front of the mirror… However, this is still pretty sick!

  • Carnoculus

    I can’t wait for the steam from my shower to fry all the complex electronics in my new high-tech mirror!

  • conair24

    if thats how fit you are in the morning. wtf are you doin friday night. marathon?

  • kgizzonmyface

    your all fags

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