This relationship didn’t end well (5 HQ Photos)

  • dbolusaf


    • nate

      #2…. did anyone else notice the cheek shot through the gap??? OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we get a post, or at least come up with a name for this stunning photographic break through?? Instead of "Tounge in Cheek", maybe "Cheek Through Gap"….I mean jesus….jesus christ. I need to leave work now

      • dirtysteve99

        cheeky peek?

    • Fuck YOu


    • truth

      no matter how hot a girl is, somebody somewhere is sick of her shit

  • Nathan Woodard

    Worth it.

    • timmy

      doesn't matter, had sex

    • horio

      i'd kill that bitch, like i did the last one.

  • that_dude_b

    sexy girl, but looks like another crazy chick to me. you did the right thing sending these pictures in

    • camolife


    • luckyguess

      Absolutely did the right thing. Women are crazy, the least we can do is share pictures of our ex's with each other.

    • drew

      ahahaha this was ME and thats not my dorm, and this is 6 months old, chive is slow. and yes very crazy, going thru emails, gchats, and txts…

      • nate

        send more pics bro…we'll take care of the chive

      • TheAutomaticMan

        so apparently John is slackin….. or you are full of it. I'm leaning towards the second

        • The Chive

          Suck that dick, suck that dick. Suck that LEAFY GREEN DICK! Aaahhh….

      • jondrethagiant

        >So, Chive added the dorm pic? Or they added the false fact that the picture of the trashed room was your dorm room and is in fact some other room?? Explain!

      • Evan

        Why is she wearing a wedding ring in one of the pics?

    • Biggus Diccus

      For every hot girl there is a guy that's tired of her shit

    • j22

      well, she was angry. There's two sides to each story…. just sayin.

      • A Gentleman

        not if you kill 'em first. just saying.

  • camolife

    damn dude what did you do?? she fine!!

    • Derpin

      Because attractive girls never get crazy or have problems, right? Come up out of the basement sometimes.

      • camolife

        fuck off. no need to be a douche

      • Ckris King

        95% of Attactive girls are crazy … 40% of them are psychotic..

        • camolife

          some serious truth in that

          • Jack_LeMac

            some serious math in that

        • scientist

          I'd like you to site your source.

          • dirtysteve99


            • Scientistbad@spellin

              touche dirty steve, touche. REGARDLESS!! I WANT SOURCES.
              Ckris King have you ever even been to college? Do you even know what statistics means??

              • Procrastibator

                Yeah, maybe hold off on the condescending remarks about education until you've got your spelling under control.

              • Jeremy Fisher

                Dude… this is The Chive. "keep calm" is in the catchphrase. You're just not in the spirit of it man, and that makes me sad :

                • Not whipped

                  it's not even their damn catchphrase. not really.

          • ssstoopid

            His source is probably his own personal experience. The general population as far as I've heard from friends would probably agree that those numbers are not far off. Yes, the people I would consider input from DO include women. A lot of them are smart enough to KNOW that they themselves are bat shit crazy.

            • SCIENCE WINS

              okay did you do a controlled study? With surveys? What statistical model did you use to test significance. Also, everyone is crazy. To be so bigoted and think that not every person you meet is not somehow emotionally unstable is literally being a fucking moron who doesn't want to take any kind of responsibility for themselves. Just blame it on the hotties that don't want to have anything to do with your sorry dumb asses they are all crazy. No, really it's being around dumb asses that think they actually know things – that is what makes me crazy.

              • ssstoopid

                If what you are saying is true, then a controlled study is impossible. The source being from the personal experience of a crazy person (as you say he, and we all, must be) will be a crazy environment.

                What he is saying, is that he thinks that 40% of the crazy chicks whithin his realm of experience, have reached what can be scientifically described as the 9th level of fucking insane.

                Does it sound like I did a controlled study? I specifically qualified my statement as being derived from conversations with friends, both male and female. I don't blame hotties for the world's problems.

                You're not crazy because you think dumb asses actually believe that they know things they don't. You're crazy because you think you're not a dumb ass, and you can't recognize when somebody doesn't take a subject as seriously you do.

                • Justin Hall

                  Hark! A troll, on the horizon! Only those of base intelligence would succumb to its obvious machinations!

        • Handy

          85.2% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

          • ssstoopid

            Yep, I read that Hooters wet nap package also.

        • Pop Tart

          What happened to the other -35%?

          • Uhh...

            Did it not occur to anyone that it is possible to be crazy and psychotic, and that they are not exclusive of eachother?

            • BPD exFiles

              Actually, crazy and psychotic ARE the same thing. Psychotics are not held responsible for their action becasue the don't know the difference between right and wrong (voices in head, for example). Psychopaths ARE held responsible for their actions because they DO know the difference between right and wrong, they just don't give a fuck (i.e. serial killers, narcissists, BPD's <— same thing, really)

    • Doofenshmirtz

      Sure she looks hot, but you can't always see crazy in a picture…

      • woody

        Sure you can see crazy in a picture, didn't you see the last one?

        • Tyler Durden

          You don't know that she did it. He could have done it to justify sending in the pictures.

          • qwert

            or she couldve done it so her hot pics got posted… who knows

          • jonathan

            what do you know, you're not even real!

          • JHL1

            How do you know that the last picture isn't after she popped in cleaned his room for him?
            You should have seen it before she tidied up.

  • cashmoney


    • tizsm

      ouch is right

  • theKev

    After posting these pics of her you are guaranteed that she will remain your ex!

    • Craigery

      Why would he want her back?

    • EstebanDeBebe

      I bet the opposite happens. She probs callin him right meow and asking for the meat stick

  • It Was Me

    #5 but she and I had fun doing it in your dorm room

    • Cameron

      ahahah I laughed my ass off after reading your comment, nicely played!

    • MacNCheesePro


  • TheDude

    What's her number?

    • Darkside

      So how sure are we that she's attractive….body is just ok due to the costume. Cant see the face.

    • Ellen


      • Beldar

        Hey no fair. That's Paula's number.

  • CodeName

    This might have more impact if I had some idea of what the dorm room looked like before. For all I know, you are a slob and she just dropped off some of your laundry that you left at her place.

    • thedude325

      Yea if the room looked like that before…no wonder the relationship ended

    • drew

      this was me, and this was 6 months ago, chive finally catching up i guess, and the room was completely clean, also this is an apt room not a dorm room.

      • Craigery

        "A couple days after we broke up, I came back to my DORM room…" Your words, or misquoted?

    • mattythegooch

      His bed consists of a box spring on the floor and a shoddy mattress….go figure.

      • Jessica Condrey

        They can misquote :/ My halo energy sword pic was just me saying I like em' because they're neat…they captioned it "My Energy Sword just arrived"…I've had that shit for years lol

    • Maytrix

      The room is probably cleaner

  • Jisper

    She a little jealous of the chivettes?

  • Jeremiah

    No girl is worth that. Send that bitch packing

    • Craigery

      Look like she already left.

    • drew

      yeeah for real, i sent these in about 6 months ago, took chive a while. crazy girls going through emails, gchats, txts….fuckin shit up

      • the other OTHER Jen

        im pretty sure this is a dick move. so if any of you fuckers have a break up, that justifies sending in half naked pics of your ex? fucked up.

        • Allljensarewhores

          Yes it does.

  • pjsupremex

    Thank god she left the easter backet grass! wheeeeew

    • Commando00

      LMAO!! I can't think of anything to go along with that at the moment but that's some funny shit!

    • EllenD

      and the kitty

    • pjsupremex

      (and you all scrolled back up to find it)

  • All methed up

    Cool story bro

  • pooper



    Carolina Pampita Ardohain….oh gusta culo ulala le bibleotech

  • Underbaker

    #3 Now that is a nice Hump and Gap #4

    • nate

      #2….hump thru the gap….impeccable

      • nate

        hump gap??

  • Matt

    meh, her body is good not great so without a picture of her face I can't judge if she's hot.

    • James

      Not great huh… wait till you're 40. You'll pine for something that even resembles something like that.

      • Matt

        I'm not saying i'd kick her out of bed, but there's a big difference between I'd bang her and she's "internet" hot. Being skinny doesn't make you hot.

        • James

          To us losers it does….

        • laugher

          I sure hope someone posts her face so you can judge her for us…

  • Nobody

    Not to be that guy but dosn't his "girlfriend" have a wedding band on in #4? She may truly be crazy machine haha.

    • 'laskan

      I was just going to post that. It's not just an engagement ring, it's a huge rock!

    • tara

      defiantly engagement ring or wanna be engagement ring which means crazy

    • drew

      haha shes 19, not an engagement ring, and i sent these in…

  • r356

    after hours of observance

    a muffin appears!

    • guest

      Come on dude that's a cupcake.

      • Dorkfish

        I didnt notice it until I read your comment

  • jrey81

    I do appreciate the view, especially that keyhole gap in #4… but I'd like to scroll up on #1 to verify if she indeed had crazy eye.

  • Bang

    Doesn't matter…had sex

    • walkingtheriver


  • DemonIAm

    Oh sweet, sprinkles!

  • disappointed

    Is theChive really going to turn into an ex-gf site? Thats sad, kinda disgusted by this

    • HandersonCooper

      I am disappointed, too.

      Really, stick to getting trolled by people sending in pics gleamed off the internet that they MSpaint on captions and try to pass off as authentic Chivettes.

      • disappointed

        Actually am an authentic Chivette (though I do suck at computers and need to use paint some times :P) and love theChive, just think you guys have such better stuff to put up than pics of women that haven't consented to it. Keeping Calm & Chiving On!

        • ttmab

          Photo rape!

    • luckyguess

      you're an idiot.

    • Craigery

      One post = "turning into"? Overreact much?

    • lonin

      I think they should stick to what they're good at, such as clown bukkake in water, like that other post.

    • Disappointed Lady

      I agree. This is just mean and disgusting. Chive why? Like seriously there are a ton of women willing to send you half naked pics, but instead you post pics without the woman's consent? You know dude who sent these pics you could get sued and chive as well if she finds out and you don't take them down. There was just recently a case like this and the woman won the lawsuit even though the site was based out of south america. L2Rthenews.

      • ImpressMe

        Sued for what? You are dreaming…. and the guy did not say one bad thing about her….just that "sadly, the relationship ended"….hardly a burn comment. The pics are actually pretty hot….and she obviously consented to them…

        You….need to calm the hell down.

        • CanIimpressuwmycock?

          I don't think she consented to having them posted on the internet. Or did she email you personally and say, please post this online? If she did then that's fine.

          As far as the case goes, my bad the company wasn't out of south america and it was for a prostitution company.
          However this case is more similar to what is going on here:

          Also we live in America we can sue ANYONE for ANYTHING.

          • truth

            before you attempt to pull some twisted legal presendent out of your ass, this is actually covered under freedom of speech. The person that sent in the pics didn't identify himself, her name, nor any other personal information that could be used to identify her. As far as the pictures are concerned, they do not include her face. Without any of the above mentioned details, any legal recourse would be thrown out for lack of merit.

      • the other OTHER Jen

        i agree. dick move.

        • Lowe Jet

          seriously, thechive has so many willing participants, so many pretty women, but they creep on strangers without their permission..why? Just because she trashed a freaking dorm room doesn't mean everyone has the right to see her ass. Its a huge violation of privacy, not just as an ex, but as a 'reputable website' even if you cant be sued (which you can be, but won't lose). It comes off fucking sleazy. Because its the internet you think people aren't negatively affected, but they certainly can be.

    • Buck Jones

      Are you really that self righteous!!! This skank sent these pics to her at the time boyfriend/fiance whatever. She knew she had the possibilty that these would go "viral" whether he did it or not. Unless she can prove that, that is indeed her ass up there, there is no proof who she is. So she can NOT sue anyone. Furthermore, I highly doubt she would attempt it becuase then everyone would know the face that went with that muff…ass. If you dont like the chive postin pics like this then quit visiting it, no one is going to lose any sleep about losing ONE viewer who stopped going. And finally..some advice… how about you just KEEP CALM AND CHIVE ON, and visit a different chive post 🙂 F#ck you and have a nice day! 🙂

      • HavinANiceDayThnx

        It's just plane depressing how many men think this is okay. That is the fucking point all the ladies are trying to make. It's sleazy and then everyone is all like YEAH AWESOME EXPLOIT THIS WOMAN FUCK THAT SKANK. You guys don't even know what happened, but automatically you praise this guy for being a douche-bag.

        • Jacob

          I agree with the ladies on this one. Dick move by the guy and the Chive (who have been disappointing me more and more lately).

          • the other OTHER Jen

            agreed. on both counts.

        • chivesalot

          I love how you wrote "plane" instead of "plain" in your idiotic rant. Did you write this comment before or after you jerked off to these pics? Perv.

          • truth

            you know you don't have a real point when all you do is correct someone's spelling.

    • truthserum

      The Chive already has pathetic fanboys who worship average girls, "chivers" who buy shitty tshirts so they can feel like they're part of a club, and girls with low self-esteem (yes, I am referring to you gals who feel the dire need to show every male what you have under your tight little clothes) and a bunch of other shit – and NOW you're complaining? Ha!

      • Tuh Duh


        • Jessica Condrey

          The fact that they guy sent them in to the Chive with "Oh Hey Look at my Hot Ex" is one thing…
          I think its lame when girls send slutty pics of labeled "He dumped me, this is what he's missing tee hee" o.0

      • cha

        THANK YOU! I've been thinking the same since I began looking up theChive every day but couldn't find the words for it.

  • Fun with Colors

    Its a shame, looks like she got engaged soon after. G-friend my ass.

    • YO MAMMA

      Good eye.

    • Dorkfish

      nice catch

      • teh dude

        dude nice fucking catch…

  • barney

    she was obviously on the wrong side of the hot-crazy scale

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