User submit: Marine Combat Engineers clearing IEDs (21 HQ Photos)

  • a 71

    who is that ugly bastard to the left of the kneeling Marine in 21? oh wait…thats me!

    • lebernum

      Thank you for your work there. Thank you for keeping schmos like me happy and free.

  • etcrr

    a 71 Thank you for your service, I am humbled by your bravery and courage. God Bless you for all that you do. You and your brothers in arms keep us safe from terrorists. I have no fear of going anywhere because you guys bring the fight to them. Come home safe. Keep Calm and Chive On!
    P.S Thank you for sharing your life in photos with us. it is also appreciated

  • bodeman1329

    #17 is just awesome

  • Franklin1138

    So A 71, I'm interested to know. Those IEDs, are they set up to only take out vehicles, or would a human set it off if they accidentally stepped on the pressure plate?

    Thanks for being a Marine, man! When I was in the Army we (of course) used to enjoy a joke at the Marines' expense, but then I got a platoon sergeant who had been a Marine Scout Sniper during the first Gulf War. After a few beers sometimes he'd tell us some stories, and let me tell you, we started respecting Marines real quick. Oo-rah!

    • A 71

      It depends Franklin. Some are made to be more sensitive than others. For example, you could make one that a human could jump on and not blow up but a vehicle can still trigger it.

  • Foi2


  • sarge g

    i hung out with 1CEB and 2CEB in Helmand last year. Awesome group of Marines, and an honor to work with them. love always, a LB3 ssg

  • Uriftadeline

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  • Chuck Shahan

    Semper Fi brothers! I served in 1st CEB from 1989 till 1993.

  • Dani

    How Dangerous is the job? and is it bomb clearing that you do or is their more involved? my new boyfriend is a combat engineer and he wont tell me much about it, i think he thinks i will freak, i worry more because i dont understand it and just want to know more.

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