Yesterday it was Jordan Carver doing yoga, today it’s Denise Milani’s Facebook page (46 Photos)

  • Pj Quealy


    • Dirty Dingus

      A real life barbie doll.

    • Bluto

      Someone needs to put up an obscene amount of money so this broad will finally get naked publically. Enough of the tease…

      • Bluto

        * publicly

    • maboze1x

      #34 She has skills! Basketball with three balls! 🙂

  • jon

    almost first!!!!

    • Darkside

      Of course the chive would feature two top heavy hussies who dont get nude….

  • david

    i know what i want for Christmas!!!

  • uberbrie

    mmmm Bewbs

    • amanda

      fake tits are gross. they make me think of surgery which, surprisingly, is not a turn on.

      • El_Hefe

        she is waaaayyy overrated!

        (and fake)

      • uberbrie

        well whatever floats your boat…in her case its boobs, boobs float her boat

  • Bobby Gosbee

    All hot except #5 Some of those fit girls are a little too fit sometimes.

    • Tuff Guy

      Still would without hesitation.

    • SpacemanSpiff

      well it does look like her front and her back are in perfect balance

      u know, the ying and the yanging

    • Dano

      Never too fit, unless by 'too fit' you mean 'her plastic tits are too big', then yes.



      • tom

        word. he definitely meant "too big"

    • hMMMM

      looks shopped, along with #3 and #4

  • laelow

    Sweet baby Jeeezzus!

    #18 FTW.

  • Underbaker

    #38 is just begging for a full scale Motor Boat and i am volunteering for the job.

    • da2conan

      Sadly, google as you might, you will never see these puppies unleashed…

    • AlbertaMan

      You'll need an ocean going vessel for those, a simple motor boat will get swamped.


    #3 Excellent

    • ddd

      that waist is absurd…in a bad way

      • DerJöe

        its perfect dude!!1

    • the duke

      there's nothing sexy about being Auschwitz thin

    • jaime

      Shopped Auschwitz thin. Kind of pathetic.

    • Mark Palm

      Offcourse I like girls with an 'above average' cupsize, and a nice ass. But she should never ever be as skinny that it makes you wonder where she keeps her internal organs.

    • Fucking Steve

      Next time you are in the kitchen making a sandwich, fucking eat it.

  • jackson

    she looks very unproportional….

    • reebus

      i agree, i was just about to post the very same thing!

  • cocales

    meh, I like her 5 years ago better…..

  • Unfkngblvbl


    • Mason420

      Probably because she has bad plastic surgery scars.

    • Adam_R

      ( o ) ( o )

      • Mason420

        Probably more like (0 )( o) judging from #14

        • Unfkngblvbl

          Haha, I've been thinking the same thing for years…weird nipples.

  • misschris

    Wow. It took me til #28 to notice her smile. But when I did, I realized what a lovely smile it is 🙂

    • Franklin1138

      Yeah, boobs aside, she's got one of the most beautiful faces out there. And I love that she's almost ALWAYS smiling in her pics. That matters.

  • gomer

    #3 FFS, get her a cheeseburger….hell, a whole meatloaf!

    • that_dude_b

      stop being a fat ass and you could appreciate the work she puts in

      • gomer

        Hold on a second while I appreciate excessive exercise, bulimia/anorexia, and cosmetic surgery.

        • that_dude_b

          who's to say what's excessive? i personally enjoy all of my gym time. and not every person who isn't fat like you has bulimia/anorexia. but i guess someone needs to bite the bullet and date fat chicks. Thanks for doing that for us. lol

          • missfitmodel

            @gomer: I totally agree with you (and I'm a thin, fit female). And that photo looks excessive. Bulimia and anorexia are real, and often go hand in hand with excessive exercise. While she's clearly flexing her muscles and sucking in, this photo is inarguably extreme and out of proportion and I doubt she herself would argue with how frightfully trim her figure looks.

            @that_dude_b: what makes you think gomer is fat first of all, and second of all, as a girl in the fitness modeling industry who personally knows those who've suffered from extreme exercise and anorexia, seeing a picture like this warrants that reaction. it's not to say she is actually suffering from these, it's simply saying it LOOKS like it. and gomer did not say that every person who isn't fat has anorexia or bulimia. you're overzealous defense is unnecessary and i'm glad you're so proud of your gym physique cuz it seems that your personality BLOWS. have fun in the gym.

            • gomer

              Appreciate the words 🙂 Thanks!

            • that_dude_b

              i actually never said anything about my gym physique. good thing you're a "thin, fit female" because your reading comprehension sucks. and who are you or him to jump to the conclusion that she has either one of those? she a gorgeous girl who is obviously confident in how she looks. (even if it took a little plastic surgery)

              you can go back to the kitchen now.

              • Tuh Duh

                What a douche.

  • Anonymous

    Kinda gross. Core is wayyyy too small. Hot face

  • Dapper_Dave

    #5 Wow….working out has made her even more amazing….

    • BoohYAh

      hottest woman ever … nothing i wouldn't do… u are correct sir… everyone hating should find a rope and a ceiling fan and do the world a favor…

      • Beldar

        a rope and a ceiling fan? I don't plan on knocking shit off my counter as I spin around dying. I want it to be as dignified as possible.

    • Jason

      … but fake tits made her incredible!

  • momo

    lucky dog……

    • Elcastino

      Agreed. The sad thing is Denis4e and the Yoga chick from yesterday would have been complete knockouts with what they had originally. They took perfection and ruined it in my opinion. That is why I appreciate the Chive because we celebrate the more natural beauty that women have.

  • T Bags

    So, let the thumbs down begin but… Am I the only one that thinks there is something called too big? For some reason this, and yesterdady's yoga post, is just not sexy to me.

    • bridgemaster

      agreed, i'd also guess that those are faker than canned cheese

      • gomer

        Those implants ARE in fact, canned cheese!

    • T Bags

      I am just gonna throw it out there, but instead of a FLBP post, what about a small chested post?

      • brett

        good god yes! i am totally with you on that…

      • Adam_R

        Or a 34-C cup post.

      • tan

        I agree!

      • maggiemay13

        Aw, I love this idea. The itty bitty titties never get any love. I'm proud to not have any FLBP in the future and it also makes not wearing a bra on a daily basis much easier.

    • ATXVince

      I completely agree, there can be too much…

    • McG

      Hey man, we're all entitled to our own opinion here at theChive. I'll give you a thumbs up for being honest…

    • Elcastino

      Agreed. The sad thing is Denise and the Yoga chick from yesterday would have been complete knockouts with what they had originally. They took perfection and ruined it in my opinion. That is why I appreciate the Chive because we celebrate the more natural beauty that women have.

      • ImpressMe

        Shes beautiful except for the way overdone boobs……of course I said that about the yoga post yesterday and was informed I am apparently gay…… LOL

        • Truth

          "I am apparently gay".

          typical dumbass Chivers that can't insult anyone above a 1st grade level. i agree with you. their tits are cartoonish.

          • truthHurts

            Stop being such a fag

    • Truth

      Oedipal complexes gone wild

    • Nicky Frisone

      big tits are the greatest thing in the whole wide world.. and she is known for her boobs being real… they arent fake google it.. small tits suck

    • Sean

      Thechive has a tiny tittie post, it is called hot girls in the middle of nowhere.

    • Booby Trap

      Beautiful girl. Horrendous boobs.

      What in the name of God would make someone this hot want such an out of proportion mess like that?

      I don't care that they are fake; they are ridiculous.

  • sucka

    …and barfs after every meal.

  • Cruzer117

    Now that is a beautiful women right there!

  • Do0zer

    #33 God I love big tits and tube tops!

    • wells11490

      shes gross

      • 6553

        i wouldn't say "gross", but there's certainly way better out there….

  • 80's Baby

    #34 Any girl who can play Basketball has my heart

    • TheAutomaticMan

      you can see where her butt cheeks come together between her legs….. i like it

    • AKBAR

      how can she see to dribble???

    • MacNCheesePro

      She is too perfect for words!

      • 49TIM

        if you like plastic in your women…..

  • Dan

    Thank Chive, meow I have to go home and smack my wife.

  • TWA

    Hope she has a good chiropractor, because shes in store for some FLBP

  • Diggler

    #3 Gross…

    • Colleen

      I second that . . . yuck!

      • Tuh Duh


  • Chris

    Boobs are actually too Big…(cant believe I just said that)

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