• lars

    That was nerve-racking.

  • chappy

    finally got my KCCO 😀

    • SlyCooper217

      Same here. Was shaking the whole time, still am.

    • Steff

      WOOHOOO!!! From all the way in NZ I finally ordered a KC&CO t-shirt!! I'll be waiting by the mailbox every day from now until I get it 😀

  • paul

    My kid can now celebrate christmas properly. And by 'my kid' I mean me. That little shit failed chemistry.

  • Nemesis Enforcer

    BFM is MINE!!

    • Jaives

      Wow, seriously Chive? 26 minutes in and I couldn't get a BFM shirt anymore? The hell… hope my Chive and KCCO shirts come through.

  • marcus

    oh thank god, finally.

  • John

    Finally got myself a Bill Murray

  • Anonymous

    Finally got mine ordered

  • thejeans

    finally got a Keep Calm and Chive On!!!!

  • Cassie

    Got one for me and my husband!! Thank you, Chive!! 🙂

    • Cassie

      My husband and I** LOL Sorry I got a little excited because I FINALLY got us some Chive shirts!!

      • Anon

        You had it right the first time.

  • thomas baker

    I own KC&CO after 4 months of trying. wow

    • http://twitter.com/AGAV13 @AGAV13

      Same here, also got a BFM

  • Ally

    Now I can die happy

  • OAHS

    Last night I put $1.46 in my bank account so I would have enough. I looked stupid but it was worth it.

  • jrey81

    got the Bill Murray in Blue! any chance you'll do the American Badass in other colors?

  • ctr

    Love that it was on the site before officially posted, got 2BFM and 1KC right away.

  • Wet_tosti

    BFM XL is gone!! Let me see i will order … And it's gone! Okay quick i'll take .. Gone! Gone! GONE!

    • billy

      no they aren't. try again.

    • Daniel

      There are tees at the store, try again

  • thom

    I wonder if they bought 10 semi truck loads of these t-shirts finally. I got 2 of each.

  • David

    4am in Australia but its worth it for kcco and Bfm 🙂 cheers

  • Emoney!!!!

    How do you have no larges?

  • MsiDev

    Finally got BFM!!!! Merry Christmas to me!

    • James

      *Murray Christmas

  • Shawn

    Was there one large kcco or something?

    • Diggler

      If so, I'm the one that got it. 🙂 I was able to buy at about 11:55am Eastern time.

  • Roehl

    got a bfm and thechive…finally! thanks and chive on!

  • Tony

    that was pretty intense!!!
    but finally got my chive logo tee & KCCO!!!

    • willow

      me toooooooo woo hooo

      • Tony


  • Ryan

    BFM!!! YES!!!

  • Me.

    Bring on the "Occupy the North Pole" shirts! lol

  • Fuck!!!

    Fuck this…The BW Bill Murray was sold out 2 seconds after 9am. WTF!!! Thanks assholes for only stocking 2 fucking shirts. FUCK!!!

    • papagorgio826

      Umm i just got 2 and that was right now. check again dummy

      • FUCK!!!

        I did fuckface and I doubt you just got two in BW/LG.

    • Grodon

      Not a Chive attitude. Go somewhere else.

      • 49890

        "chive attitude"? GHEY

      • FUCK!!!

        Not a Chive attitude? Is a Chive attitude lying about start times and only stocking a few shirts? Is that it? I've been trying to order a shirt for MONTHS and MONTHS now with no luck at all! Hell yes I'm pissed! Why is it so difficult to stock t-shirts?

        • The Chive

          Because "fuck you", that's why.

        • Balargon

          Stop crying like a baby and check the store !!

          • FUCK!!!

            Fuck you asswipe, I checked, they're out.

            • Grodon

              Still not worth ranting like a 13 year old in the comments. So you didn't get the shirts, big deal. It doesn't appear that you should qualify for the KC&CO anyway as keeping calm doesn't seem to be your strong suit.

    • ctr

      They went up at 8:53, that's why.

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