• http://twitter.com/Elpapitan Michael Thomas (@Elpapitan)

    54…..nuff said

    • Cashboxxer

      54 looks like a tranny…….

  • jrehot41

    10 and 54 definite winners but 21 would win in a leg post. Moar 21 please

  • http://twitter.com/thielio20 Colten Thiel (@thielio20)

    Pretty much made up my mind that I’m gonna start using weekly backgrounds from the hump day posts. They get better and better every time

  • Christopher


    I love you babe πŸ™‚ blew my mind

    • Mike

      Rockin' a DaVinci tat, she's a keeper

    • Clever banter

      I love you babe πŸ™‚ Blew my…..wait a minute.

  • eff the name

    Chive should do a hump day with pic of girls before jeans, with jeans, and in yoga pants.

  • morte et dabo

    #42 is AMAZING!

  • Ish888

    # 28 wow!!! Nice pillows

  • JoannaSurferGrl

    #53, #55, #14 are hotness…..nice selection of asses Chive!!

  • fanonok

    Favorite humps today #10, #16, #38….great post!

  • Afroholic

    #15 is where its at

  • http://what james

    Number 20, WTF are those two horrible dimple looking things on your lower back??!!!!! What the FLOCK!!!!!!!!!!

    • SteezyG

      Those are the thumb-grip holes for when you're back there handling bizz you dumbARSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roger

    #3,#10,#28 please find them

    • http://twitter.com/Cenobitic @Cenobitic

      Yes, these are the correct picks. + #44

    • Dee

      Number 3 is sophie turner.

  • Mike


  • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

    #6 #49: Not sure what's going on there, but… brb, getting my largest bullwhip!



      Paula, Do you have a picture in this post today ? i am guessing 26

    • BGO

      Eenie, meenie, miney, splooge.

  • Truth

    #51 & #53. skinny girls rule!

    • Truth

      #42 is also amazing

      • jared

        Kayden Kenzie

      • marco

        um…no. she needs a burger or two. with cheese. #10 is amazing. not that.

      • its_forge

        She's a very pretty girl but that is a famine-level bottom. She definitely needs to put on a little weight.

    • qwert

      skinny girls with a hump are awesome..er

  • Todd_A

    #15 WHY?!?! WHY CHIVE, WHY????

    • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Because Chivers need to see stuff they can relate to too.

      – fuck you that's why

      • Spencer_on_Fire

        Paula…..What did I tell you about making sense?

        • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

          That…. I make none?

          – the one only making sense to sensible Chivers

          • Spencer_on_Fire

            Lets keep it that way.

    • Tyrone Shulaces

      Because fat chicks need lovin' too.

      • this guy

        "they just gotta pay"

    • https://thechive.com cubicman

      Find her and moar please !!!!!!!!

    • Jake

      I totally overlooked that picture haha

  • ATC

    Best Hump Day Evar!!!!

    • TreeHugR

      I have to disagree on this one. Seems to be an abundance of skinny white girls without back, unfortunately.

      • asdf

        yup, need more fat chicks

  • George

    I can feel the magic happening!!

  • mja1485

    #2 #4 #10 #29 Hump day is awesome

    • Truth

      which one isn't like the other ones? why 10 for sure

    • Birdhaus32

      #10 is the new Hump Day champion!! That's just fantastic

      • Lt. Nick Bradshaw

        If #10 and #44 were to ever touch, the power of their awesomeness would destroy the world as we know it!

      • Darkside

        sweet jesus.

  • 'laskan

    Got my Chive shirt yesterday! WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT! Fits like panty hose and you can see through it it's so thin! NOT worth what you charge Chive!

    • 'laskan

      By the way…. #44 is smokin'!

    • really?

      you ordered the wrong size, and most "vintage" tees are thin. but im sure its their fault.

      • 'laskan

        No, I'm pretty sure I know what size I wear. And "vintage" shouldn't mean "cheap". "I know, we'll buy piece of shit shirts for 2 bucks each, call them "vintage" and charge 20!" – "BRILLIANT!"

    • Chive or die

      The chive does rock however I agree about the quality of the shirts… see through and very thin… come on chive!

    • rikooprate

      Be a punk and sell it online for more than you paid…

    • paula

      Hi I’m a fuckin bitch with a sarcastic attitude and sense of humor that I only get which makes me a sad individual.

      • BiChivette

        Hey Paula are you hot chivette? Cause I have same attitude! Xoxo

    • Cherie

      Mine fits like a dream πŸ™‚

      • Colleen

        Mine does too! best shirt ever!

        • Colleen

          Keep calm and shut the fuck up 'laskan

    • Kaptain Kha0s

      No way dude… I have ordered 2 of them and they are not that thin and worth the $20. If you expected to get something like a Ed Hardy type shirt then your expectations are too high.

      The shirts are good, dont listen to this dude.

    • HatBomb

      Meh. They aren't cheap or thin, they a comfortable. No, its not a wal mart beefy-t that feels like canvas, sorry bro. And the sizes are pretty much right. The only thing that fits better then my KCCO is my Bill Fucking Murray. As the wise man above said, sell it online for more then you paid. You'll be just fine.

    • Mikeiwy

      Thats what you get for being a dumb cunt and actually buying a shitty t-shirt


      i feel the same about the calendar, total letdown

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #44 still awesome! Humpity Dumpity!

    • jjj

      Dylan's ass is in a category of its own

      • Dax

        Not Dylan

        • datsass


    • Mike

      That is undoubtedly the best hump-gap I have ever seen.

  • Truth

    #10 #15 #32 #33 #54 lay off the all-you-can-eat please

    • Truth

      looks like I've offended the legions of chiver chubby chasers again, or the C3 crew as they are known. oh well.

      • TheAutomaticMan

        yeah dude, #10 and #54 are awesome, the rest are meh…..

      • BillyBob

        Just because you like bony anorexic type chicks, don't take it out on everyone else, the more round and plump the better #10 is the hottest thing ever…

        • Truth

          In truth BillyBob, I don't like anorexic chicks, but I do like the more thin look to be sure. Not into huge boobs or asses. That's just my taste, as you like those you describe as plump.

          Plump to me always reads fat and giggly. While this girl doesn't appear fat elsewhere, she does seem to have a very large ass. That to me seems disproportionate.

          My standards may just be a bit higher than some, as I prefer the model type. Clearly there are many here that think as you do. I get that, but I'm really trying to understand.

          I like a woman firm, taught and athletic. That typically rules out the plumpness and enormous tits. That is truth to me.

          • Bud

            Dude, I hear ya on the athletic chicks but look at #10 again. That chick has triceps. She is tight as hell!

          • llama

            If you don't like asses and boobs you clearly shouldn't be looking at these pictures

          • guest

            Maybe you should just fuck a dude or you have a small dick and cant get into pounding hard. Fat asses provide cushion.

    • meh

      srsly? so you like chicks built like 12 year old boys? #15 is fat…. looks at #54's ass to waist ratio, RIDICULOUS! That is what happiness is made of. CHubby, and having booty are different, i am guessing you have poor taste in women

      • Truth

        then guess again, sir

        • sadman

          Go join Pancake Asses Anonymous. It's OK to ask for help sometimes.

      • Truth sucks dong

        Yeah Truth needs to go hang out with Sandusky…

    • <3 #32

      Sweetheart I may have a big ass but I'm damn sure not fat!! Some of us are blessed with a nice ass πŸ™‚ Don't be jealous

      • chiver

        just out of curiosity, what the difference between a large, giggly ass and being fat? I really don't understand either

        • <3 #32

          The difference is I have a big ass but i dont by any means have a gut or rolls or anything like that. I have a nice toned body….God just blessed me with a wonderful hump. If they post the pics of my front side you would see what I mean. Do you call someone fat that only has a large ass, but you can't pinch any fat on her what so ever?? Didn't think so πŸ™‚

          • Mike

            32's ass looks like a bag of milk, just sagging at the bottom

            • PrinceVince

              Poor Mike hasn't seen an ass since those girls mooned him in the 7th grade. You are unworthy of gazing upon such a fine specimen as #32. You and TRUTH can play with each other's asses.

              • SteezyG

                HAHAHA!!!! Poooor Mikey….

      • http://drumusicloudsounds.tumblr.com/ drummer113

        The only thing I am jelly of is the guy that gets to see your hump up close.

        Now that's the truth.

    • Truth

      How you can tell the 'real' Truth from this one- #10 and #54 are works of art. Get a better handle, like "ManorexicLuver" or "FlatAssFancier"

      • meh

        qwert, are you #10? if so, will you marry me?

      • poobuggy

        umm #54 is a blatant 'shop job.

        • Si1entStatic

          I know right… that kitchen backdrop is so totally shopped in. should have kept the original bedroom background.

    • Ass Appreciator!

      are you sure you're not gay and the reason you're saying is this is because they are lacking hair and are of pictures of a man's ass? – im not judging you, just saying ………… #10 is damn near perfection and #54 i would spend all day doing all sorts of crazy things to!! Even #32 has a smackable ass – id go for a nibble too!!

      • Joe Q?

        Guys that like skinny girls balically lack the confidence to handle a real woman.

    • Hooka

      SHUT YER FACE!!!!! Too many damn skinny girls on here. Glad to see some girls with curves

    • bisonbade

      my god you are an idiot

    • Maytrix

      Perhaps you don't understand hips? Some girls have em and some don't. 15 is just wrong though.

    • meh

      Truth….. You say you like the model type? Let me ask you this… who pics models? Fashion industry people.. And who are fashion industry people? Predominately women and gay men. Think about that. If it were straight men picking models, all the women would have ass and tits. A woman without either is just a girl.

      • Truth

        Interesting take mr. meh. Actually most models are selected not because they are perfect but because the are both thin/athletic and have an interesting look to distinguish them from the norm. As I said before, I'm not supporting anorexia. I just like my chicks lean and mean. I do seem to be in the minority on this site, but I'm not into massive tits, as that typically indicates either a boob job or massive ass. Big ass = bad

        • meh

          Truth – Thats fine that you like skinny girls, I mean crap, I like em too. I like them all for that matter. But I definitely prefer a round ass, that I can grab onto. She can't be round all over, must have a thin waist and be fairly fit. I think everyone is arguing with you because you call chicks with am ass FAT. They aren't fat at all. If she has rolls, then she is fat.
          I am not trying to convert you, but I have slept with both skinny and big booty chicks, and let me tell you the big booty is unbelievable from a totally aesthetic point of view, and just the overall general enjoyment. Its soft man, give it a try and thank me later.

    • Cashboxxer

      You sure got all the Chubby Chasers upset. I like great tight asses too. Not fat asses.

    • SteezyG

      Truth, YOU LIE! If they are more than you can handle, just say that and get it over with. The real men will GLADLY take them off your feeble, little hands…

  • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

    #48 RIGHT! Where's my Buzz Lightyear toy again?

    – oh and lube, I don't want to seem cruel

    • SimonPhoenix

      … to inifinity and beyond ..!

      • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

        …and behind!

        – Fan testimonial: "Paula my days are incomplete until i read something snotty you wrote… "

    • BlLL
  • kapper

    #44 so good

  • Arktik_Arkitekt

    "And God said, Let there be hump! and there was hump, and God saw that the hump was good, and he separated the hump from the flatness." #10

    • greg

      lmao, i like that right there.. couldn't of said it better myself!

    • ckret

      Best ass ever? very close

      • Darkside

        Among the best the chive has posted. They love that pancake but in here…

    • marco

      fuck damn, wee need to see more of this girl. NOW!!

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