Gerard Butler should not surf Mavericks (26 Photos)

Butler was treated and released with minor injuries. Full story here.

  • Anonymous

    He is gay

  • El chiver

    I'm guessing #26 was taken right after #15 ??

    • The Big Machine

      I'll give Gerard mad kudos for trying though. You know the pro surfers have to at least respect the effort.

      • mihaisuzuki

        Come on….He's not doing it for pleasure!!! He's only doing it for money.You would too if you had his earnings.Nonetheless he's a fine actor but this one should be left with the pro's, IMHO

    • Solitaire

      #15 is ideal, soft landing in the water behind the wave, really, #6 is when you get hospitalized, after being pushed to the bottom by a few hundred thousand pounds of water, held under and dragged along the rocky bottom. then you get #26

    • lonin


  • shadowwight

    I can’t figure out why a sane person would take such a pointless risk to begin with. Looks cool, and but has no practical application…

    • asdf

      are you afraid of leaving your house too? ba ba ba bagack!

    • etcrr

      I suppose Base jumping has no practical application? It's called doing it for the thrill

    • Underbaker

      There is something to be said about a good adrenalin rush, that's why Roller Coasters are so popular. But you can get hooked on it just like any good drug.

      • yup

        how about adrenaline rush + drugs??

    • MSW

      If you have to ask you'll never know.

    • Sandi

      people jump out of airplanes and climb cliffs too – thrill sport. point is, a douche bag actor with little to no surfing experience has no business in the line up at Maverick's. i have years of experience surfing and would NEVER paddle out at Maverick's. he's lucky to be alive.

    • Active_hunter

      How Did You Die?

      Did you tackle that trouble that came your way
      With a resolute heart and cheerful?
      Or hide your face from the light of day
      With a craven soul and fearful?
      Oh, a trouble’s a ton, or a trouble’s an ounce,
      Or a trouble is what you make it.
      And it isn’t the fact that you’re hurt that counts,
      But only how did you take it?

      You are beaten to earth? Well, well, what’s that?
      Come up with a smiling face.
      It’s nothing against you to fall down flat,
      But to lie there – that’s disgrace.
      The harder you’re thrown, why the higher you bounce;
      Be proud of your blackened eye!
      It isn’t the fact that you’re licked that counts;
      It’s how did you fight and why?

      And though you be done to the death, what then?
      If you battled the best you could;
      If you played your part in the world of men,
      Why the Critic will call it good.
      Death comes with a crawl, or comes with a pounce,
      And whether he’s slow or spry,
      It isn’t that fact that you’re dead that counts,
      But only how did you die?

      -Edmund Vance Cooke

    • MattKL

      Because it's there.

  • Tadpole Merrygold

    12/18/2011 Never Forget. God speed Gerry, oh wait… never mind.

  • SWAG

    thumbs up for being a badass

    • Obrien

      I make bigger waves when my dick flops out into the urinal…

    • sandi

      thumbs down for being a dumbass

  • etcrr

    he did better than I could do and besides you sometimes you walk away with some small injurys for having some fun, that's life

  • 65massey

    Of all the surfing photos I've seen, these are the most recent.

    • wells11490

      #6 isn't mavs… sorry it's actually waimea bay, and the surfer died– eddie aikau

  • BreakLeft


  • clyde


    • texjosh

      You win for the first 300 reference! Seriously… how can the Chive go with "Gerry from PS I Love You" and completely ignore the elephant in the room that is "Leonidas from 300"!

  • Phil McKraken

    Well he gets paid fuckloads to do it, he likes surfing and other adventure sports and its likely that there were way more safety personnel in the area than usual so why the fuck not? I'm sure he's a relatively accomplished surfer, otherwise he wouldn't have done this. These things happen. Less hate dude.

    • Brian Austin

      I think it's disrespectful when an actor thinks that he can accomplish something in a few weeks what people devote their entire lives to, and him ending up in the hospital is a direct result. If they need shots of him out on the water, do it on a smaller day. That way, you're not putting everyone's lives in danger by being an inexperienced surfer in a sport notorious for killing the top pros. Also, gerard is not an accomplished surfer.

      • Phil McKraken

        "Relatively accomplished surfer". It's not like this was his first time surfing and just said "fuck it, I was in 300, I can surf this shit". I'm sure they had quite a few surfing experts involved in the shoot and throughout considering its a movie about surfing and one of the most (in)famous surfing locations in the world. I doubt they would put someones life at risk, along with the millions invested in the movie just so Gerard Butler could massage his ego, not matter how big and buff it is.

  • mike

    one of the best weeks of my life was flying out there from boston, to surf the mavs. big difference from the 5 footers we get during a january nor'easter……while it's snowing.

    • Zacha

      First of all its not called the mavs. Its Mavericks and you have never surfed there. That ocean has taken the life of multiple professional surfers guy. You aint gotta lie to kick it bro. I grew up there and locals and pros surf that shit.

      • Wacka Wacka

        Jeeze mike, you should know that only professionals and locals can surf the mavs (Sorry, Mavericks). How dare you! You big phoney. You can't handle the Pacific Ocean! Go back to Boston.

      • bob lee swagger

        EXACTLY! It's not called "The Mavs" and it never has been. This dude obviously hasn't surfed it, which makes it all the more pathetic and odd that he has to lie anonymously on the internet about it. Nobody cares, bro.

  • jmoe

    thats life…sometimes u get thrashed…just got to get back up and get thrashed again

  • swc

    Gerry from PS I Love you shouldn't be anywhere near it, but he's also King Leonidas from SPARTA!!! …of course he dies in that one…so maybe not best example…Get well soon!

  • TommyB

    Mavs is no joke. If you don’t know what you’re doin don’t go out. It’s killed even some of the worlds best.

  • dave

    One of the meanest waves on the planet, he's lucky to be alive and he's dancing on the fine line between bravery and stupidity.

    I have to applaud the balls it takes to paddle into that monster….good on him for trying.

    To get an idea about how nasty it is, think instead of Mark Foo from the movie "Riding Giants".

    • Sooner Magic

      Eddie would go….

  • Tuff Guy

    So does this mean we dodged another crappy Gerard Butler movie?

    • Huell

      There's only 1 true surfing movie…. And that title belongs to 'Point Break'.

  • MylesofStyles

    Being able to tell your grandchildren that you surfed Mavs as an amateur and lived to tell about it might just be worth a trip to the hospital.

  • Tangles_112

    I give my respect to that man. What an staunch thing to do. He must have massive brass balls.

  • josephanthony

    This. Is. SUUUUURRRRFIIIINNNNGGG!! (and, is that a nun, taking photos on a jetski?)

  • James699

    shoulda got this guy to stunt double for him HA!

    • Commando00

      HAHAHA!! Damn that video is the funniest thing I've seen in a while……

  • thetech2

    I have been there to LOOK at those monsters but my balls are nowhere near big enough to even get my feet wet out there its like getting run over by a walmart seriously those things are huge ,god on ya Gerard tuff enuf to try and tuff enuf to do it all over again

  • SolidusSnake420

    At least he's not a bitch and tried to do it himself, which i think is bad the fuck ass.

    • AdamBaldick

      I second that.. bad ass is right

  • hausmaus

    Check out the Doc Riding Giants. The Mavericks have killed DOZENS of people and they are some of the most brutal, cold and gnarly waves out there. He's going to end up Christopher Reeving himself if hes not careful.

    • thrillho

      +1 That is the best surfing movie. The part about Mark Foo is heartbreaking

    • bob lee swagger

      HAHAHAHAHA yet another person who doesn't know anything about surfing prattling on about this, giving out false info. Mavericks (Not "The Mavericks") has NOT killed dozens of people. Not even close. Less than 5 people have ever died there, and literally thousands more have surfed it repeatedly and lived to tell the tale. Everybody calm down.

  • All methed up

    You’d never catch me out there doing it that’s for sure but props to him for trying thats badass. Also kinda mad you made a p.s I love you reference cuz he was a complete badass in law abiding citizen and he was the fucking man in rocknrolla

  • Takingbackcider

    This is the most WTF comment I've seen in a while….

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