Who has made this trip (17 Pictures)

  • etcrr

    #11 with the girl friend and her kid, I cut the tree, put it in the car bring it home cut it to the right height so it fits the room the decorate it. Yuck, I was glad when christmas was over. Don't get me wrong I loved giving presents to her kid but the tree sucked oh btw I love the old porsche in #1

  • Sean

    #9 Like a boss.

  • gdm426

    #3 never been on this trip, but it's number one on my list

  • R2GFan

    #3 #12
    I want to take a long, long trip through those hills, curves, and valleys.

  • monocogger

    #13 nice photo chop

  • sbb5s4

    I had a 1959 356 Super 90 that I used to strap my 9' long surfboard to the top of. Never put an Xmas tree up there, though.

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