• I Like Turtles


  • Picard_

    #33 Chive on Inca Style.

    • dre

      Ive emailed my chive on from Quito middle of the world city Ecuador like a million times… πŸ™

      • ble

        Then you must be an ugly fucker.

  • Tar_Heel_Gil

    #68 NICE!

    • I Like Turtles

      #68 Once more.

      VERY NICE!

      • wrangler 86

        i dont think she'll have any problems making new friends…

        • hotel bar creep

          wanna be friends? #68

          • ñññ

            my penis wants to befriend her…
            no, seriously

        • Chris

          None whatsoever

    • chrisjc2012

      Who is she? Is there another picture of her showing her face?

      • I Like Turtles

        Hey, have you guys seen #68? Amazing! πŸ™‚

  • cwmuse

    #5 Moar!

    • Jimmy

      She looks cold. Glad she's by the fire.

    • Marcelo

      Lionel Messi's brother?!?!

  • cincychiver

    #5 Nice Rack, ribs look good too!!!!

  • Josh

    #54…Cute. And nice cameltoe!

    • Raliegh

      i noticed that too….lol.. very nice

  • Josh

    #11…Lucky bastard!

  • Ferret

    #68 can continue to find friends with no pants.. will work out well for all. Happy Holidays fellow Chivers

  • http://twitter.com/hellhunterx @hellhunterx

    #57 Like to see Chivers from my world! We need to have a chive meetup down here…badly

    • crackerjack

      Yea rep MD

    • Noah

      Yes we really do. There is a general lack of chivers in MD.

      • Kim83MD

        Lack of chivers, yes. I still have yet to receive a "chive on" out in public.

        • patov40

          Will keep an eye out for you in AA Co. Kim. Chive on! B-)

          • Kim83MD

            πŸ™‚ will keep an eye out in Charles Co. Chive On.

  • Jeff

    #68, can I be one of your new friends?

  • oridotan

    #68 Quick tell us which hotel ?

  • Kyle

    Any Chivers in NJ wanna get together for a holiday drink? Since moving back I haven't met one and have no clue if they exist….

    • daveh873

      Oh, we exist.

    • bong

      yea woodbridge

    • Another Kyle in NJ

      Hoboken Chive pub crawl!

  • chris

    #68 Where is this somewhere you speak of? I shall quest until I find yon booty!

  • untamedride

    #54 love the shirt, but, can we see what's underneath?

  • etcrr

    too many to list by themselves but for the militrary chivers and chivettes Merry Christmas thank you for your service Chive On!

  • Jason

    #44, good ole "rocket city" spent 6 months there before moving to Kandahar. Loved Salerno. Chive on SGT!!

  • etcrr

    #54 great legs #68 nice ass

  • T_Bag

    #68 #54 – MOAR!!


    #35 ey ahahah ery funni u dwift

  • R2GFan

    #8 #12 These arouse me

    #54 #68 I want to marry both of you.

    • bisonbade

      couldn't agree more

  • supersporttdi

    #65 Good Ol' Mind-Rot North Dakota
    Chive ON!

  • Gryphon

    #38 Dubai? Are you sure?

  • Liam

    #5 Nice Norks πŸ˜‰
    #68 just nice πŸ˜‰

  • The J

    Not sure if anyone noticed, but some of them girls are pretty damn attractive.

    • The K

      HAHAHAHA…You're a heterosexual.

  • Heather

    To ALL our service men & women, here at home and abroad….THANK YOU and Merry Christmas!!! KCCO

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