20 facts you likely didn’t know about popular inventions (20 Photos)

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Michael Jackson didn’t invent the moonwalk
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwtutU2Wg0g&w=500&h=369%5D
It was actually created by a man named Bill Bailey. Starts at 0:50.


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  • gahh


    • Brian Brown

      That shit’s old

      • Brian Brown

        Im talking to you gahh

        • Brian Brown

          I'm old.

  • reality check

    Wait, so an effeminate white man stole something cool from a black man, suitably renamed for his time and era? That's racist!

    • 6655321

      Yes, he was always white and you're not retarded.

    • Jim

      Are you talking about Michael Jackson? If so, you're a tard.

    • pandadomokuun

      you idiot…

    • dirtysteve99

      way to spot the troll guys

    • Chiving fan

      it wasn't MJ who invented it, nor was it this Bill Bailey. it was Clint Eastwood, who was actually Marty McFly, who invented it back in 1885

      • Real American Ass

        this is why i read the comments
        troll comments
        idiots respond
        idiots respond
        voice of reason
        unrelated hillarious comment defining truth of the matter comment

  • Brian

    #3 Paul Winchell also did the voice of Tigger in Winnie the Poon

    • Heather

      T-I-Double-Grrrr! Love Tigger!!!

    • https://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

      Winnie the Poon?

      I think your Disney is different from my Disney…..

      • Kris

        And better!

        • mihaisuzuki

          You wish!

  • drewsmalley24

    Had a bowl of corn flakes. Still wanted to fap. Guess it really didn't work.

    • dashete

      Did you try without sugar?

      Because that's probably it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=571531786 Joe Bucci

    Mind blown :o, I need to know more!

  • Buzz Killington

    The blow up doll is a hoax

    • Benny

      Source or it didn't happen.

  • 6655321

    #17 At least we still have apple pie…oh wait.

    • milly

      At least you have the honour of the USA vs Canada being the first international cricket match.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Yeah, we call it 'Rounders' though. It's too dangerous for schoolgirls to play cricket so…..

      • Perkins Maxwell

        Yeah, it also wasn't "baseball" as we know it. Even the game in the mid-19th c didn't look much like today. Wasn't until after the Civil War that the game really started to become standardized. (because troops from different states met for the first time.) The standard version is primarily derived from the rules as it was played in New York before the Civil War.

      • jun

        Funny story about my first time playing Rounders. We were using a heavy rubber ball and the weight of it forced my hand forward which made the small bat fly out of my hand. It flew 20 feet and hit my ex-sister-in-law in the stomach, knocking her to the ground. I always hated that bitch. hahaha.

        • Blumpkin

          I read the first sentence and then skipped to the last to see how it ended. I gotta say, I was pretty interested in what you had to write.

    • Jahat

      Pretty sure the "baseball" being referred to is cricket

      • Chook

        Pretty sure it's rounders and not cricket.

  • Devlin745


    • Commando00

      job security at it's finest!

    • Underbaker

      What better way to drum up customers.

  • ORA

    i guess Nazis are all bad

    • bumble

      yeah…. I suppose they were

      • SiT

        would you rather get raped in the butthole by men who can't do anything with their desires ORA?!
        but ye, they were bad

  • Dantheloser

    #11 Well, that one failed. I can testify to the fact that it failed. From personal experience.

    • curiousj

      I'm sorry, but this needs back up. I have read and heard Dr. Kellogg's biography and have even read about it. Never had I even heard of it being created for the purpose of suppressing carnal desires. Everything else I read was of general knowledge of him though. Can you give me a link or a citation?

      • Dantheloser

        Can I give you a link?!

        • NJF

          Yeah a picture of you jerking it while eating corn flakes.

          • Dantheloser

            Do you really want to see that? Really?

      • Fatty

        There's a movie about it. It's got that Wormey dude from ferris Beullers day off. Matthew broody. Or Brody. I never claimed I could spell.

  • Brian Brown

    Best fucking topic i’ve seen… Besides all the tits and ass, keep that coming

  • LiquidMuff07

    #6 I invented the high five…no big deal

    • dashete

      "It seemed like the thing to do." Coolness can't be taught, just felt.

    • fignewton

      I call ABSOLUTE BULL SHIT! No single person invented the high five…..

      • paulhitchcock

        Well *somebody* had to be the first one (or two) to do it.

    • swells

      And to top it off… he was the first openly gay athlete. So the most used gesture by "men" was created by a gay guy. Think about the next time you give a high five.

      • bluuh

        Did he also create the fanny smack?

  • Cal1

    No2 I beleive is incorrect, bag pipes were Greek or more importantly Macedonian, of which the Persians during their invasion that hey lost adapted the idea. Greek ftw

  • SheriffPablo

    #12 If this guy thought graham crackers would stop carnal urges, he obviously never anticipated the invention of the S'more.

    • Tony

      I always heard Graham crackers were sold as a cure for alcoholism. Another fail.

  • yoadrian

    Only the Polish would invent something that you throw and it ends up coming back at you…

    • kater

      ssaj chuja glupa dziwko ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Kotlet

        And you must be here to prove that they are in fact a nation of intellectuals.

  • Elliott

    #8. FAIL!

  • Elliott

    Also, I LOVE all the topics you guys come up with.

  • mazurati

    #18 I knew James Naismith invented basketball, but I didn't realize he was Canadian.

    • Corey

      they used peach baskets for the net, with a hole in the bottom of them. when someone would get a goal they had to use a broom handle to poke the ball back out.

      • Anon

        you watched that heritage commercial too many times ๐Ÿ˜›

      • newscot

        "But I need those baskets back"

    • nona

      fuck canada

      • danharmonlives

        fuck nona

  • jayhawk

    Actually Dr. Naismith invented game of basketball in Lawrence, Kansas.

    • mazurati

      I'll give you one guess where he was born

      • Wiseguy

        Almonte Ontario baby!

    • Shinanigins

      Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

    • Springfield, Mass

      Dumbass, just because he later coached Kansas, doesn't mean that's where it was invented. I really hope for your sake and for kansas as an educational institution you were just trolling.

      • WSU

        Dude, we are still required to teach Creationism in Kansas. Who are you kidding?

    • Jon.

      Nope, Springfield, Mass.

    • johnny

      Actually, Dr. Naismith invented the game of basketball in Springfield, Massachusetts, where the Basketball Hall of Fame is located. Dumbass.

    • crunchyturds

      fucking idiot ass jayhawks. jesus.

  • http://twitter.com/DriftwoodProse @DriftwoodProse

    #9 is actually somewhat disappointing. I mean, he could have just had one "cat flap" for the larger cat, and the smaller one could have used it too. But hey, he's likely the genius, right?

    • had

      not really, he wasn't as smart as people portray him to be.

      • andy

        yeah, you're right. i reinvent calculus every few weeks or so. just to stay fresh.

  • flibble

    #17 I always thought there was a similarity to Rounders.

  • FionnR

    Sorry lads but Rounders, the game upon which Baseball is based is actually Irish…it's one of the five GAA sports: Gaelic Football, Hurling, Camogie, Handball and Rounders…so, not English…Irish ๐Ÿ™‚

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      To be accurate, the first 'national rules' were indeed drawn up by the GAA in 1884, but the game itself originated in Tudor England with 'informal rules' drawn up in 1828 where it was called, wait for it….'base-ball'!

      And we're back!


      • FionnR

        I did not know that…cool ๐Ÿ™‚

    • mike

      True. but the earliest reference to BASE BALL in the states was in Copperstown, New York. The first team was the New York Knickerbockers. The first "baseball" game was recorded taken place in Hoboken, New Jersey

  • Mathias

    #19 is not true.
    The blow up doll was invented in Germany, yes, but it wasn't invented until 1955, so it wasn't by Nazis.
    And please, do not ask me how I know this.

  • Yann

    Bayer also invented/[roduced Ziklon B…

    • asdf

      yep, and mustard gas. After WWII the company was broken up, because you know, they're evil. But through the decades since, they (Bayer) managed to piece themselves back together again and now the deathstar is fully operational again. So beware of Bayer. Which sucks, because they also make Flintstone vitamins.

  • wat


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