• John

    #33, #23, #29

    Putting this gallery together last night ranked up there as one of the coolest things I've ever done on this site.

    • anony

      get it john!

    • Potato

      Seriously, what was the deal about that kid with down syndrome in that other post? Don't they have their own website dedicated to stuff like that?

      • frankus

        take a long walk off a short cliff you asshat

      • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

        That was one of the best posts ever. Yes, seriously as in: seriously.

        No hug,
        – the one you love to hate

      • AKBAR

        sorry but that was kind of funny, now for this "country girl" sorry but she looks 11, so John if i were you i'd get ready for this……"Hi I'm Chris Hanson, please have a seat"……

        • not all that

          seriously!…lol good point. definitely not the hottest one ever… but i guess im going against like a thousand commenting chivers! SO WHAT DO I KNOW! LOLi dont see what the big deal is… but maybe its because i think she will be 300+pounds before she is 40.

    • techno_viking

      #15 is my fav….

      • JDB

        Me too. She is gorgeous and seems really cool.

      • Harvey

        I can't find her ass -_-

        • Kyle429

          I found it in pic #24

    • Spencer_on_Fire

      John, thank you for continuing to putting this together. This girl stands at the top favorites I've seen here on the chive and I believe it's great to get something a little different every now and then, like she said.

      Amanda, stay awesome and beautiful. You bring a smile to thousands and definitely break the mold.

      #2 is still one of my favorites

    • asdf

      All I got to say is, "HOT DAMN!!"

    • Jason

      John, hate to say this, but I'm not seeing the obsession. She's a bit on the 15-year-old side, dude. Not woman material here. You can do better. WAY better. Like. . . succulent natural boobs on an ass-tastic natural redhead that doesn't need make-up and lives in a real country town from somewhere like Texas or something.

      • Anakin

        What's a real country town? Upstate New York is pretty country. You do realize that New York is an entire state, and not a city, right? What you are describing sounds more like trailer trash to me. Huge difference. This girl is beautiful.

        • Jason

          The country part was a little stereotypical, I know. And the girl's not ugly, not by any means. But I feel like she's not quite woman-enough for me. A little under-developed. Almost feels wrong to look at all of these pictures. I guess that's the anti-littlegirl fetish in me. And it's a bit much to send in so many to theChive, wanting so many people to look at you. The girl isn't modest, not that confidence is bad. But what kind of classy woman likes hundreds of creepy Chive eyes on her all day long? The ones needing a little too much attention if you ask me. And I wouldn't say that's trailer trash at all. Curvy women are beautiful and real women, way more so than what we have right up there.

          • Anakin

            This girl is no less woman than a girl that fits your taste. There's something attractive about a woman who cares about herself and her health enough to keep all the fat off of her body. you may prefer a girl that stocks a little more fat, but that has no bearing on how much of a woman this young lady is. Again, healthy is not synonymous with under-developed.

            And I'm sorry but succulent boobs and ass-tastic is nothing but trailer trash.

            • Jason

              A curvier woman doesn't have to pack on more fat. You can be curvier and have very little fat on your body, just depends on the body type. This girl has a smaller body type which, no, doesn't fit my taste. I understand that people have different tastes. And if so many of you can drool all over her in your comments then I also have every right no to in my comments. And you take my succulent breast and ass-tastic image to literally.

              If we can agree on one thing, maybe it's that this girl gives all the plain girls out there a fighting chance to feel more attractive than they really are (even though for rarely wearing makeup, she has eyeliner on in every single photo; can't even "hunt" without it). This one just had to look to the Chive for men like all of you to feel better about herself, which isn't the way to do that.

              I am simply unimpressed and feel that there are way more worthy, more natural girls out there that don't even NEED the Chive to put a million pictures of them up in a post. I am voicing my opinion as these comments were meant to do. I respect that you have yours.

              • Tyler

                I don't think you understand that putting your pictures up on the Chive for thousands to see is the whole point. Otherwise, there would be no hump day; you wouldn't want that, would you? You don't have to like the girl, no one is forcing you to. However, keep your negative comments to yourself. If you don't like the way a girl looks then GTFO. There are plenty of posts put up every day, they aren't all meant to please you and only you. That is all.

                • Jason

                  I figured in my last post I kind of made clear exactly what you're saying. I guess not. Negative thoughts should have just as much of a right to be posted as positive ones. Why else would this be the intense debate section? Not every guy has to or does like every girl put up on here, simple as that. I'm not trying to force anyone to like her less, by any means. To each there own. But I can express my own too. And I did. That's it.

              • their dumb anyway

                AGREED! well stated Jason… whether you get thumbs down'd or not…

          • James

            If thinking this girl is beautiful means I have a "little girl fetish", as you put it, then just call me pedobear.

          • Dyon

            Bada-Boom, Bada-Bing!
            Well said……………..NEXT!
            Time to move on here, seen it, over it.

      • Shes not all that

        AGREED! what is with the obsession with this girl? Im chalking it up to all the non-americans wanting a piece! LOL

    • crash0520

      Last night??? why didn't we get this early this morning then? LOL

      • Ziplab

        #23 that is all

      • https://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Recovery time. We love him, so we let him.

        – the one you love to hate

    • Nz_guy

      John… u in love dude…haha !!

    • Ricardo

      love this post

    • meh

      Really?? Meh…lame

    • DaddyD

      I would like to apply for the job of being her photographer.


      Aren't you a little old to be that excited about a 19 year old? CREEPER!!!!! just kidding, kinda.

    • Dano

      Tell her that her photographer friend has some talent too.



    • Dano

      Props to you John…drink a cold beer and sit back and admire your work. I do every single day!

    • FARMER

      This is why I love this site

    • John Rauch

      How did I get in touch with this lovely lady? I would love to ask her to accompany me to the Naval Academy's Ring Dance!!!

      • lowtiercomputer

        Go Army, Beat Navy!

    • SenorRock

      This girl should be famous.

      • Artoxx

        I am scared to death that famous might ruin her. She is perfect now, fame might well make her one of those FAKE chicks. Not that FAKE chicks aren't hot as hell and fun to look at, but I would be saddened beyond belief if this girl turned into one.

    • Rob1964

      I'm a 47 year old who lurks, never comments, but I had to sign up to say "well done sir".
      This girl's photos are incredibly beautiful. Just amazing. Thanks John.

    • Ferdinand

      I've spent a lot of time in the woods of Upstate NY and Maine. I've never seen anything like this before. Wow! I don't believe I would have ever left if I did.

    • Chiefer77

      I"m from Upstate New York as well. I hunt the Adirondacks and fish the St. Lawrence River. Rock on Country Girl. It's nice to see someone from my neck of the woods. Want a good hunt? Check out Banded Obsession Outfitters. They are great at what they do!

    • cuntry girl hader

      She looks like a slucking flut to me. She fits right in here.

    • Plut Corr

      She needs a shave or a good pluckin'

    • Country Girl

      Just wanted to thank John and all you guys, It was a ton of fun putting this together!

      Chive on,
      Your Country Girl

      • TheFountain

        Country Girl, you are my favourite Chivette. Keep doing what you're doing.

      • Dunny_

        Ma'am, you are gorgeous, but I do have 1 tiny criticism. Do you see that big, completely gorgeous, wide smile in #6? That is a fantastically beautiful smile and you need to take more pics with those incredible dimples showing!
        Thanks for all you do keeping us enchanted by you.

    • penis

      i hope you made her a fucking sandwich as well. bitch needs to eat.

    • BloodScrubber

      You did good John. Real good. Huge thanks to Amanda. Chive on my friends. B)

    • Milt Kabonne

      #27 someone should give her a bone…a Milk Bone. Seriously, dogface w/milk bones out of her reach WOOF!

      • gwar

        Really. I bet your a douchbag duckface.

    • dubbel Biat-chez

      still looked like one bitches to me, no wait double that.

    • neonjngl

      Tell her to wear glasses when she shoots. And…tell her to take a deep breath and listen. Thats the sound she hears just before her live changes.

    • Charlie_Cheen

      I'd like to see the extras that were deemed "NSF thechive" :-/

    • MrMan13

      Thanks! and Moar!

    • Sir Boobsalsot

      My "like" just clocked up 666.



    • Clippy

      Umm…i think we should all chip in some $ and send a Pro Photographer round to country girl!

    • gwar

      Early January and already a contestant for Chivette of the year?

    • Artoxx

      Dude, I am a misplaced county boy who has spent the last 25+ years living in the city. You just brought back the FINE memories of what a true country girl is like, I have not been this homesick in over 20 years. Thanks.
      This girl is hotter than any supermodel will ever hope to be, because this is REALLY HER.
      No B.S. plastic surgery, starvation diets, or photshop. I am in love. A hot NATURAL girl in a turkey blind with a shotgun is just about the most awesome thing you can imagine. Except maybe cuddling up with her in a nice warm bed after the turkey is down. lol
      Thanks again.

  • Senpai

    I need this.. Oh god i need this!

    • phillip

      Who takes these pictures of her? Does her father?

    • Dirty Dingus

      Hard time deciding which is gong to be my new desktop. Wanted #33 but it left out the beautiful face.

      I too wonder who is taking the photos, hopefully a cute sister.

    • black power

      ew gross no

  • Esteban

    Whoa… She's doing it right.

    • andfukyamoms

      feel like this is a little on the childporn side of things. she looks prepubescent in a lot of these.

      • sadman

        Seconded. But I am getting older and 18 year-olds are staying the same age. I would like to see her in about 10-20 lbs.

  • SushiMutilator

    oh lord, yeah

    • fignewton

      She's from FUCKING New York. I'm from Alabama and her ass is just as redneck as I am a yankee….BUUUUUUUULL SHITTTTTTT

  • DMAC

    No words

    • burnsy

      Two words… nipple ring

  • roberto

    #28 Oh holy crap!

    • Dude

      Is her left nipple pierced?

      Kinda looks like it…………

      • The_Dood

        I was thinking that on #6 and #27 but #33 it doesn't look like it. We probably need more photos for…research, yeah research.

    • Not First

      Yeah, I said the same thing when I saw this one.

      • HHH

        Yes and a very nice toe!

    • goglas

      That one gave me a semi

    • Jimmy Clinton

      Yeah, I stalled out on this one too. Great Day!

    • Biggus Diccus

      This is my favorite pic. Two nips and some toe!

      • The_Dood

        I saw you in a movie last night. How's your wife Incontinentia Buttocks?

    • http://twitter.com/MrBungle1975 @MrBungle1975

      Agreed. Nice bra burn and camel toe.

    • isawoj

      I can see her heart beat through those panties.

    • jaydub


    • Am I That bad

      cocksucker she is. nice pic

    • Paul

      and who doesn't love a pierced nip once in a while to go with a perfect body???

    • Raliegh

      camel toe, and nipples, what more can a guy ask for?

  • Kyle

    eff yeah!!!

  • SadVlad

    Perfect! nuff said

  • Thomas

    One of the best Chivettes yet. It is great to see a girl who isn't afraid to be herself. One word: BEAUTIFUL!

  • MOAR

    That is one cool girl. Chive on you sexy Chivette.

    • Anut Scavitty


  • ElD

    Good Lord, I love country girls!

  • YourMom

    Such a true NATURAL beauty! Please continue to submit!!

  • bryan8181

    I bet she is a virgin hahaaaa

    • DMAC

      Naw, her brother took that years ago

      • Someone


      • P.J.

        bahaha! sorry that shit made me laugh!

    • Someone

      I bet she is a whore. Just look at the number of skimpy photos.

      • AmBush_Steve

        You're an idiot or a troll either way STFU. She's got a boyfriend who's taking these shots of her and submitting them to prove to her that she's desirable. Thankfully, most of us can appreciate what they're doing and in the words of Jack Nicholson, just say "thank you".

        • fignewton

          Guarantee her BF is a TOOOOL fucking bag

          • http://420chan.org jesus

            envy is a detected

        • Durrr

          In the words of Aaron Sorkin douche bag. Respect the genius.

          • AmBush_Steve

            Point taken but very "few" would get the reference.

    • FACT

      Like there's anything wrong with that??

    • Dano

      Who cares if she is or isn't? That's her business, not anyone else's…

  • justin

    OMFG you are SOOO sexy..:)

  • http://www.kongregate.com/ Gee 2

    Wow! That was a delightful afternoon treat after lunch! Thank you Country Girl! <3

  • I Am Ginger

    #28…burn your bra, toe action, nipple ring, nice stomach, mind the gap, and tatty. I think we have a finalist for pic of the year! B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!

    • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

      indeed, this pic has it all

    • Steve Buffington

      Fit, firm and freakin' fine… Ain't nothin' better than an awesome country girl!

    • AmBush_Steve

      No disagreement from me about the perfection of this young lady but I only wish that the photographer had captured her face in this one. Then it would get my vote.

    • 2pumpdump

      I second that

  • Ridd

    #2 I don't comment often, but when I do, it's because she's Gorgeous!

  • etcrr

    A beautiful young woman, wow. Thank you very much for submitting and sharing

  • Chad

    Thank you 🙂

  • Balargon

    #25 #33 #21 Love her !

    • Remy

      Subtle lip bite FOR THE WIN!

    • Danieal

      She looks like a cross between selena gomez and justin bieber. I guess what I'm saying is if they had a daughter this is what she would look like.

  • myself


  • JEFF

    WOW you are amazingly sexy THANKS for sharing 🙂

  • mark

    #30, #29

    Put that girl on a plane and fly her First Class, preferably at warp speed, out to the Chive offices


    • insaneyoda


    • Blumpkin

      From what it sounds like John would be all for it

    • inspector32

      agreed 100%

    • the frenchman


  • Jam

    Wonder where in Upstate NY

    • Balargon

      I bet you do XD

    • AmandaFan


      • Redynz

        …says "AmandaFan". Shit, my irony meter just broke.

    • Ian.

      i wonder if her "upstate new york" is the same as what i consider "upstate new york"

      • Remy

        Anything outside "The City" is basically Canada right?

        • AmBush_Steve

          Speaking from a Canadian, I sure hope so.

      • Eric

        LOL me too, I am in the Albany area, and hunt in the Saratoga Spring and Greenwich area. Hope to bump into her some day 🙂

        I need to get my divorce paperwork in order prior to bumping into her.

    • AMPduppp

      I'm wondering the same thing, I'm from Central/Upstate NY and I'm dyin to know now

      • lowtiercomputer@gmai

        Same here!
        Alright, so I say she posts a picture saying where she is, we all meet there and have a fight to the death.
        Winner gets one date.

        • the voyager

          im from the lake george area, always considered that upstate, hoping thats the area, if so a battle it is

        • https://thechive.com/ quique0238

          The challenge is accepted, i propose a gentleman's duel to the death

      • Ckusse

        Wonder if its the Rochester area.. hmmm. but yes i do agree. a list of gentlemen's challenges

    • Chester

      there are no words that can describe this "Country" girl – mother nature at her best

  • https://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

    That there is the marryin' kind I tell ya.

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