Chivette Calendar with free Keep Calm and Chive On mini poster – SALE $12.99

We are down to the last 300 Chivette Calendars and we will not be printing any more. Today only, we are reducing the price to $12.99 and we will be offering a free 8×12 Keep Calm and Chive On mini poster with every calendar purchase. Click HERE to get your calendar and FREE poster!

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  • Derek

    WTF… what about the loyal chivers who got the calendar early..

    • Tyler

      My sentiments exactly! We who purchased early and eagerly should also receive the poster.

    • Loyal Chiver

      I want my retroactive discount!

    • Suckers


  • doodles

    boo fucking hoo bitches

  • skinny

    I completely agree! I bought two early.

  • Get Real

    Someone got the supply and demand part of this wrong. I predict heads will roll.

  • Joe

    Ya i want my free poster since i pre ordered it!!!’n

  • AdamL

    $22 with shipping to Canada, I'll just google women on the internet

  • carl

    throw in some NSFW pic's of Shay for those who bought it early???… c'mon, you know you have some…


    I just want an oppurtunity to buy a damn KCCO T-shirt!!! Always sold out!!! Hook me up Chive!!!

  • john niana

    Love the calendar and the chive I just want a keep calm and chive in shirt don’t know how to get one

  • ryan

    No one can get a KCCO shirt because as we saw on the Christmas post some people buy 15 of everything the day their in stock because they sit and wait and ambush the new items. I gave up on the shirt. Its futile.

  • ivan

    yeah i want a kcco t and a girl one for my babes

  • http://www.facebook.com/larry.molano Larry Julian Molano

    WTF happened to those of us who bought early… Chive. tsk tsk tsk. another bad move

  • Anonymous

    OmFg thats it i’m goin knock off for chive gear u never gotz nuthin!!!

  • Jeremy

    Is this back on yet ??? I want my wifey to get me one for Xmas

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