theCHIVE will return full throttle tomorrow. In the meantime, Black is Beautiful (25 Photos)

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  • jay j


    • martygld

      its about time

      • This guy

        Yeah, nice of the chive to finally post pictures of black chicks, even if it's only because of MLK day. Way to go Chive.

        Chive on.

        • mbugaw

          Good of you to notice that only on this day are these pictures nice.

          • That guy

            You, sir, may be retarded if that's the underlying message you got from that post

    • That Guy


      Pink? More like chocolate!

    • sammy

      Funny thing with ths post is that most of these chicks have either fake or straight hair, light skinned possibly mixed and seeming to try to look white (beyonce and #13, #32). Is it me or are black girls trying to look white. They wonder why I married wihte.

      • Understandme

        That's the beauty of black people, we come in all shapes, SHADES, and sizes. ALL the women are black but we are diverse, something you'll never understand because of your robotic demeanor i YOU ALL LOOK THE SAME!!

  • Jmoney

    Cool post. Hopefully all the jerks who call this site racist arent here today because they just try toryin everything

  • Oderus

    #1 STUNNING! Find them both

    • rikooprate

      Who is that chick on the left?? Jebus. I've seen girlie on the right in movies and whatnot tho. Should be easy to locate…

    • naluukti

      Second! MOAR of the girls in #1!

      • Rob

        One on the right is Alysha Young, apparently.

      • Noname

        Holy shit I didn't expect that ass. Her upper body does not match the lower.

      • sdc

        Bria Myles and Alysha Young respectively.

    • Southern Gentlemen

      "Bria Myles" on the left.. dont know the other one

      • Guest

        The one on the right looks like Stacey Dash, although I can't tell for sure.

        • A Different Guest

          Definitely is not Stacey Dash.

    • Elcastino

      When MLK had a dream, I think this is what he had in mind. I know I do.

    • rush.pike

      Left is Bria Myles. Indosplace.com

    • tugnmapuda


  • Lawrence

    This makes up for it…. I love this post

    • YOU SUCK

      fuck off!

  • iambigd42

    #31 Stacy Dash I think and she is fine as all hell

    • thewiz

      the chick from clueless. she was like 30 when she did that movie playing a 17yo and yes, hot as hell. white guy approved.

      • iambigd42

        Chive should have a post dedicated to Stacy Dash

        • Ned Plimpton

          Or you can just google her with the filters off, which is way better.

    • yankeesji

      This is the best one by far…at least that's my opinion.

    • indesignkat

      I've had a crush on her since Richard Pryor's "Moving!"

  • Marc


    I am not a black lady fan…But god 22 is a hot lady

    • bill

      Look – she's not hot and she's not black.

      • EZEE

        What? Not hot? Dude….

      • Mike Hawk

        must be gay for men

    • DirDirDirty

      Meagan Good. She's Hank's new attraction on Californication this season.

    • f1junkie

      so plastic looking, so fake

  • Na

    The ad at the end is funny!

  • MarkInNC

    Who is #25?!?! We definitely need MOAR of her!

    • whyme1973

      Carolina Catalino.

    • newscot

      Carolina Catalino

    • whos.mike

      please tell me where I can get nudes….

      • Ned Plimpton

        Try the internet.

        • Homer

          I hear they have the "internet" on computers now.

    • Kyle429

      Carolina Catalino. Don't thank me, thank TinEye 😉

    • JESUS


      • Phil.in.tx

        thats not a very black sounding name FAKE!!..thought it would be like Laquisha Brown

  • csor1120

    #12 #22…mother of god

    • Chet458

      would rather they be mother of my future children

    • Tim

      On the left: Rihanna but thick…so HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • Kevin

    why yes, yes it is

  • Breezy

    Good Googaly Moogayly

  • ChuckNorrisisisisBeard

    Token black post… Wait, who is #25. Yowzer!

  • bud

    #26 dammit i need to buy a boat

    • r00s7a

      Don't waste your time. First of all, this picture is shopped. Everyone knows black people don't like water.

      • COllegato

        or skiing…

    • its_forge

      Two greatest days of your life: The day you buy a boat, the day you sell the boat.

    • passwordistaco

      Find the one on the right! If she wants a boat, she gets a boat.

      • Underbaker

        Heck, I'd give both of them a motor boat.

  • JackJones


  • Cruzjr

    🙂 i heard dark meats bad for you but o well

    • ChicO85T

      yes but its also delicious

      • James

        Once you go black you never go back also refers to white guys with black women

        • ...

          once you go back, nobody takes you back – Fixed, you are welcome

    • Bdaddy

      dark meat is juicier

    • Peter G.

      Shut up, Meg.

  • lulu

    #4 She's Beautiful

    • 1ns1ght

      kaylan stevens… at least i think

      • Cat

        Nope I believe that's Andrea from Andrea'sChoice on Youtube. She's stunning! Looks a lot like Rosario Dawson.

        • ...

          nope, you both wrong – its a duck

          • Bee

            She's black, those are natural. And gorgeous.

  • http://twitter.com/valorikx221 @valorikx221

    I'll take #14 #23 #24 yall can keep the rest

    • James


    • Honey

      I concur the girl i luv da most is in the Pink undies, as my boyz and I would say,wooooooooooozers!

  • slim

    #31. Can't get enough of Stacey Dash!!

  • Chavo


  • The Trickster

    #31 hottest black woman ever.

    • Dan

      Half hispanic.

      • its_forge

        Oh can we please have a precise diagram of her exact ancestry Mr. Himmler?

  • Sluttypanda

    find #3!!

    • Buddy

      You mean Ciara?

    • chrisdg74

      Ciara (the singer) – shouldn't be too hard.

    • Heyou

      Looks more like Nicole Sherzinger

    • ghostwriter066

      Her name is Ciara. She is an R&B singer.

    • grumpylocks

      That's Ciara

  • mikey

    No, it ain't…

    • nevermore

      i think you mean no it is not you ignorant hick.

      white,asian,black or hispanic,if you're hot,you're hot.

      • Kris

        Except black isn't hot. It's okay, you don't have to agree that it is just because it's MLK day.

        • George

          to whom? It's hot to some people and not others. Kind of like how white is hot to some and not others.

      • tonesinclair

        yea grow up

      • nevermore

        oh look 5 idiots gave me a thumbs down because they dont like black people,how sad.

  • rikooprate

    #1 I'll be the cream in the middle of that oreo please. See what I did there??

    • dumbass blonde

      NO I DONT

      • rikooprate


    • NotYourAvgBlkMan

      Now that's funny!

    • ghostwriter066

      The darker one is named Bria Myles

    • tonesinclair


  • http://www.thegamepost.net Jenna

    #22 Need your FLBP? http://www.thegamepost.net

  • rikooprate

    RACIST!!! Oh wait… hahah!!

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