theCHIVE will be going dark tomorrow to protest SOPA/PIPA

Tomorrow from 8am – 8pm EST theCHIVE will be joining the internet to protest SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). The proposed bill, which will be voted on next month, is censorship at its very worst and the passing of this bill has far reaching negative implications for yours truly here at theCHIVE as well as many other sites, big and small.

Just because theCHIVE is going dark tomorrow doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit theCHIVE. It’s never been more important, in fact.

Tomorrow, theCHIVE will transform itself into an online petition; you can easily email your local representatives to articulately express your outrage at this Draconian bill. There will be recap and open discussion of SOPA in the DAR when the blackout lifts.

For a fantastic explanation of this disturbing piece of legislative junk click here.

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  • Sancho


    • dorian

      you must be completely uninformed, very selfish, or worse – one of the many easily manipulated passive sheep out there in our great country.

      • Boo Chive

        Dorian, you must be completely uninformed. These bills protect jobs. I wish I had a job, except counterfeiters in China and India are stealing it. The bills don't even do what people are saying they do. I think you're the one being uninformed and manipulated. Or wait, that's the Chive.

        • Mr. Meanie Pants

          From everyone with a brain to you two moon units:

          Shut the fuck up.

          Thank you.

        • truth

          You do realize this only affects US websites, not foreign websites? It is easy for someone to simply add an additional letter to their url and they would be right back on the web. SOPA only would apply to US website hosted on US soil. It won't affect 'Chinese and Indian counterfeiters'. It is misguided, just like the people that support it.

          • stan

            did you also know that the bill's main problem is that it doesn't distinguish between US and Foreign websites properly at all. do your homework, kid.

            • truth

              I believe doing one's homework includes looking at other forms of information than that provided by Fox, CNN, MSNBC. If you honestly think US law will have the slightest impact on Chinese websites, you are the one that needs to do more homework. There is more to understanding legislation than just reciting excerpts and news junkets.

          • Fawx


            You do realize that industries like Hollywood are still 'Multi Billion dollar' and don't seem to be suffering in the slightest.

            Kind of like how VHS was going to cause everyone to lose jobs due to TV recording
            Kind of like how MP3 players were going to destroy the music industry
            Kind of like how counterfeit records were going to destroy music in the 60's
            Kind of like how counterfeit gramophone recordings were going to kill opera in the late 1800's
            etc. etc. etc.

            Oh right absolutely none of these industries dissipated….who would have guessed -.-

            Its ironic that this bill claims to protect the capitalist model, yet a necessary part of capitalism is natural selection within business. This Bill serves to protect out-dated business models that should have moved on to serve the modern environment or died. Instead the public is censored and punished for governments and businesses refusal to enter the 21st century.

            • Fawx

              Sorry Truth, this was directed toward 'Boo Chive'. The comment system auto filled your name.

              • truth

                no problem. I figure Boo Chive is uninformed like some of these other guys. They won't figure it out until some media outlet finally tells them what they should believe.

      • Stu

        "in our great country" This bill has worldwide implications, it's effects are not just limited to the US of A. A court ruling in britain has just allowed for the extradition of a 23 year old to face trial in the US for online piracy. This is before this bill has even passed, in 12 months I expect the Southpark guys to bring out a new movie: "Team America 2: internet Police"

        • stuf

          everyone shut the fuck up you fucking fuickity fuck fuck fucks

        • truth

          The US's jurisdiction does not include the entire world. The real risk is other countries adopting the same ignorant approach to stopping piracy.

        • Force King

          your great country …………… pffft

    • buzz killington

      fucking stupid spic

  • jackson

    Bravo, Chive

    Everybody be sure to email AND CALL your local representatives. This will be a detriment to the free and open internet for years to come if SOPA passes.

    Whoever wrote this bill does not speak for us.

    • KroD

      Agreed. SOPA isn't gonna make it though. The statements, letters and protests will help, but alas it will falter. However… a more refined bill will cast a shadow over the net in the coming year/s. A bill so powerful, it will plunge an arrow into… ((transmission intercepted))

    • chuck

      i too could not be more proud of you chive. i am currently washing my black TheChive shirt to wear in all your honor for my two classes tomorrow. as Jackson said "Bravo".

  • Michal

    good choice chive, i salute your decision

  • jetrome

    No Chive??? NO HUMP DAY!!! SOPA has gone too FAR!!!!

    • Dingo

      Well If your like me you've saved the "best of" for your screensaver and you won't notice a missing H-day. Whelp, Seeya later!

    • lazidude202

      NO HUMP DAY!?!?!?! SOPA, this is personal!!!! >:O

    • Stephen

      Hump Day also exists on other sites! http://www.Bromygod.com is one of them and if you look on tumblr other ones do as well be resourceful hopefully they're not all down!!

      • jetrome

        I know some other sites. but having one less still sucks for hump day. Me love hump long time

  • Keith

    DAMN THE MAN SAVE THE EMPIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that bill is crap and its once again the Feds trying to side step the bill of rights!!!!

    • Prangsta

      Oh Christ! Now I have to watch Empire Records.

  • Dominican

    sopa means soup in spanish…..just sayin…..

    • ride

      sopa means trash or loser in Swedish! .. just saying 😉

      • shoobydoo

        dominican nailed it haha

    • NirefS

      PIPA means blowjob in greek 😀

  • dr. james

    Chive, you done good. sometimes being a leader means making the tough call. my skin has crawled since i read the proposes legislation and I'm proud to see my favorite site taking a stand against it.

  • Still..

    I support you guys, but I'll still miss Thechive coffee break at work, even though is just one day..

  • someguy

    LOL if chive believes in free speech stop censoring comments.

    • parcel

      theCHIVE never advertised itself as a democracy, you're confusing it with reddit and digg, and they rarely delete comments, you've seen it a lot lately b/c of that thechiveisracist scumbag whose been spamming the shit out of the site.

    • Jaives

      Free speech isn't absolute. I'm not American and even I know this. Your basic rights end when they impede on others' rights. And you're an idiot.

      • Dan

        in what world does posting a comment impede on the rights of others in any way?

        • Yup

          So if a court says a website stealing content or counterfeiting goods is illegal, that's wrong, but the Chive (or other websites) doing it without the check of a federal court judge is right? Backwards logic.

  • William

    Glad you guys are joining in! Shame on Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.

    • wisemx

      Agree. The entire World is whack-> http://www.drudgereport.com/

    • http://twitter.com/ContraryMaryK @ContraryMaryK

      Google is participating

      • -censored by SOPA-

        I hope they come up with a wonderful Blackout Google.

  • Found it

    Good for you chive. good call. DAR better be fucking great on thursday.

    • sven

      A double long DAR!!

  • Ryan Hazen

    How will I ever survive without hump day?!?! SOPA must die!!! Whos in to join a n angry mob(:

  • Dana

    That's because Reddit is going dark and you will have nothing to repost.

    • max

      christ, get over the reddit thing, plz, it's annoying

      • Jesus

        So true. The Chive has zero original content.

        • andy

          i hate this particular comment whenever i see it (on whatever website i see it on). here's a simple two step solution if you ever find yourself on a website that you don't like: 1> leave the website. 2> don't come back.

        • wells11490

          Reddit fucking sucks first of all, and second of all I'm sure the girls with a "chivette" tattoo were definitely stolen from another website. good observation idiot

        • AlwaysQuinning

          two words; HUMP DAY

    • j22

      actually funny.

  • ADAM

    This bill needs to be stopped along with establishments being charged to play the radio and have live bands your freedom is being stripped everyday by the money machine

  • Bill

    You've been dark too much lately.

    • nina

      so true 🙁

  • Seannerz

    Let's do this.

  • brett

    Fuck SOPA and NDAA! Ron Paul FTW!

  • Socalest1977

    So the government wants to pass a law to shut down the internet and you decide to shut down voluntarily? Seems legit.

    • Bubba

      …did not grasp…*deep sigh*


    NOOOOOOOOOOO not on HUMP DAY!!! What will I do?… ohhhh yehhh work i guess.

  • MR C


  • Syrin23

    Tyranny. Getting closer every day. Well done Chive. Educate the masses.

  • J-bone

    Boo this bill!!!!!’

  • Kenneth M. Ruggiano


  • Billy

    I've never been happier to be a Chiver. My favorite website joining in against S.O.P.A. and P.I.P.A. Awesome!.
    Is the whole network "The Brigade, Berry, Throttle…" etc. Going dark as well or just The Chive?

  • Dammit Jim.

    Sure, I'll ride the Worm. May I have some more MELANGE?!

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