• El chive

    Yo mama seems taller since the last time I saw her. Oh wait, she was on her knees that time. :O

  • AssClown

    #1 That's a huge bitch!!!

  • mamma

    1st finaly

    • Karl

      Nope and Fail.

    • McG


      • whatwhatindabutt


  • burn the witches

    I just threw up everything, there goes FAP FAP FAPing 🙁

  • mase

    #25. Might have to find the short one

    • techno_viking


  • Unfkngblvbl

    #10 boobs as big as my head?…kinda intrigued…challenge accepted.

    • krypto092108

      They're both beautiful… Especially the shorter one…

    • Unfkngblvbl

      they changed the order of the photos, was supposed to be #11

  • Nate Woodard

    #2 is hot. Long board makes for a good teeter.

  • Carlos

    #33 find the one on the right

    • mase

      Find the short girl in #33

      • 2pumpdump

        That would be the one on the right.

  • 65massey

    Homeless Man: "I havent eaten in 3 days" Me: "Force yourself"

    • YourMum

      are you suggesting homeless men should eat really tall wimmen?

  • ishavedmyballs4dis

    #10.. that tall young man with the great biiig tits is smoking a cigar indoors.. so rude

  • londongirl

    And they're all standing next to the shortest person they could find…. surely the others are not average height?!

    • SEB

      Yea its hard to tell because most woman are short and some even shorter..But hey if all i had to do was stand behind and … i could deal with that

  • Talon

    Hulk SMASH!

    • Talon


      Now, Hulk SMASH….

  • Doda

    #13 OMGWTF!
    I feel bad for her

    • Doda

      I meant #14, who scrambled the numbers?

  • whyme1973

    #11 looks shopped as all hell. Like a stack of mismatched Lego's or something.

    • More

      Shes real. Isis love i think. she does wrestling stuff too

      • whyme1973

        More just talking about the area of the picture around her midsection. Prolly just the lighting or something, just looks strange.

        • Falthor

          yeah she's not the thinnest woman out there, she's thick but not fat if you know what i mean. built like a brick s#$%house.

      • James Woods

        ^ gots a fetish

    • hahaha

      Perfect height of boobs to face ( :

      • SEB

        just think about Arse to …. if she was on all 4's..knees not burned..legs not cramping, sign me up!

    • isawoj

      it..it..its got a cigar in its hand.

    • Kevin

      I know her its real

    • Bob Dole

      she is also in #17

  • BigOkie

    #9 Not really sure what's going on here but feel compelled to get in the middle of it…

    • tralfaz

      I think the pictures have been mixed up, which makes the comments so much more entertaining.

    • GoForth


    • bryan

      #9 kill it.. kill it with fire

      • chill winston

        she looks like a member of the monstars team from space jam

        • Truth

          LOL upboat for the ref

  • Anonymous

    Im 6’4″ im im scare this is not cool!!!!

  • Joker

    8,10,& 14 are dudes…..and # 30 isn't that Kloehe Kardashian?

  • Buford_Justice

    #9 amazon woman

    • dude

      I think its Amazon Dude!

    • Matt

      'they have a cave troll'

  • The Milkman

    #4 Probably still can't dunk.

  • Travis

    When they were nose to nose, his toes were in it.
    When they were toes to toes, his nose was in it.

    • RCT

      well said…..well said.

    • Rhoethbeort

      … and when his hose was in it, he had no-one to talk to!

  • Indeed

    I wonder how many are just tall, and how many had tumors grow on their pituitary gland (which can cause Gigantism).

  • kelsey

    are they tall, or are their friends just reaaallly short? hmm…

  • LCArrrr

    Was taken at UTEP!

    • Redbush

      Holy fuck!!! UTEP?! How incredibly fucking awesome!!!

    • JOHN

      as a short guy I would be all over the white girl. I will breed larger damnit.

      • Ferret

        HA… your a chiwawa looking for a Great Dame … Dane

    • STEVE

      GO UTEP

  • Tillman

    Hmmmm. Some are really… But others are really…. I think I'll go look at "Mind the Gap Monday" again.

  • even nice guys have a douchey side

    #9 get that beast back to it’s cave!
    #11 … i would … 😐

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