Ford Fusion does NASCAR (14 Photos)

  • Jmc

    Still not a Mustang.

    • Rick

      A Fusion is like a race car just like a Taurus is a race car…we're all not idiots, it's a form of entertainment meets advertising. As for the Mustang, that falls into the drag strip crowd and as such, the funny cars are labeled Mustang but they're obviously race cars for drag racing.

      • Rick

        Just for the record, I grew up in my LT1 Formula (T/A and Camaros vs Mustang) but what's my second favorite type of car: the bad guy, Mustangs

  • supersporttdi

    Still not a sport

    • Rick

      I think NASCAR is like hockey, on TV it doesn't translate but live it's really fun. If you ever get a chance, give it a go…maybe you'll still dislike it but you may find a new respect for it.

  • etcrr

    Very cool, Yes When it comes to NASCAR I am a ford man

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