I’m kicking around an idea: WTF Wednesday (35 HQ Photos)

Let me know what you think and don’t be afraid to help add to the collection. Submit your Photos here

  • etcrr

    #2 is pretty funny actually and whats the deal with the odd pipes emanating from the back of the cars in #1 dumbest things I have ever seen

    • Nate

      It’s a fad in Japan. Look up “bososoku”

    • James

      #1: Google Bōsōzoku. Unsurprisingly it's Japanese.

  • Sloppyshifter

    #4 BADASS
    #12 dont tell me you wouldn't drive that
    #15 for me dream car is that 540i (or is it a M5?)
    BTW why no Volvo?

    • Rick

      I actually had a Volvo in the mix but decided to hold it back for a future WTF Wed. post. However, I think this would be the fun of the post b/c there may be cars that people like…as such a good bag of WTF cars with other cars that people can say "no, that's actually kind of cool" type things.

    • james

      The Lexus is seriously cool

  • JeanRob

    #27 is a tricky one. It's the car of 4 French movies that got stupider with each one. In the first one they had a 405 that was still realistic, but from the second one they switched to a 406 (that you can see here) and things got mad. It could fly for a short distance thanks to retractable wings under the chassis…

    • thehate

      they had 406 since part 1 and it wasn't realistic either, but would you expect reality from a french action movie? 😉

      • http://joestf1.skyrock.com Joest

        The first one had some descent car chases.

        The second one had a great opening, with the 306 Maxi. But after that, it was just horrible.

      • JeanRob

        My bad, I checked and you're right about the 406.
        The first one was really decent and believable but the last two were really bad (the snowcat transformation was just too much…).

  • PJee

    #34 wtf did they purposefully create lift on the front end 😡

    • etcrr

      that's the way it is tilted for sure, but I believe it is adjustable

    • adam

      some of the early models came with a front spoiler

    • Who wants to know

      Its to apply down-force to the front, just like the one on the rear.

  • wisemx

    Cool post.
    Guess what's going to happen to that powder metal trans. #18

    • Mark

      tell me bro… tell me

  • ghetto rat

    You sure wont find a white guy driving any of these,

  • Dave

    puh-lease do this. WTF Wednesday just rolls off the tongue real nice. Between that and Hump Day I'll be able to make it through the week so much easier.

    • Rick

      thanks for the feed back

      • etcrr

        Foolish Friday containing your ideas for the weekend would be cool trashy Tuesday wicked Wednesday or tuned Tuesday, Drags Monday as in drag racing Formula 1 Friday Indy Monday
        NASCAR Thursday

  • Bob

    Cool post – WTF is a good idea – please continue – as a car enthusiast it is fun to see what others have done, and sometimes scratch your head and say "WTF?". Thanks.

  • Stooby

    Keep the WTF rolling- but keep it WTF- not "this is kinda cool" Even the ugliest of things will have admirers- but if the masses say WTF- it's a keeper.

    • Rick

      yeah, I'm trying to keep it WTF in my mind but some times people like things that I don't but I think that would also add a variable of fun to the post. That's why I don't always go with just "super cars/exotic cars" in my "Dream Car" posts. I want there to also be an element of discussion in the posts. Thanks for the feed back though

      • etcrr

        If it works, don't fix it, this works just fine, maybe fine tune it here and there but it's one worth keeping

  • Maximiliaanvdv

    #33 Would tokio drift her!

  • Davis

    I say, do a FreeForAll Friday. Users submit the bad-ass to the lame-ass. I've have a few sweet cars in my day and, a few giant pieces of shit. The spectrum would be entertaining.

    • Rick

      Well, I've done "dirty Friday" for a while on Friday's but maybe a Tuesday thing, I'll kick it around. Thanks

  • Jay

    #15 #33
    I could drive these two.

    • Rick

      #15 I think that cars like this in the mix make for a more interesting on going post…some of the cars may actually be a little extreme, yet cool.

  • JPC217

    Well done. I like it!

  • FTC

    Love the idea, keep it coming.

  • Emil

    I like Davis' idea of weekly, FreeForAll, user submit, HQ-posts. Dedicating a HQ-post to these uglies isnt my cup of tea.

    • Rick

      it usually wont be in HQ, I'll save those post for other nicer cars. Thanks for the feed back

    • Vinoth

      Hey mate, for some reason ic an’t seem to email you at the moemnt, ur filter keeps blocking me! Anywho, the site is still sorting itself at the moment, but thats fine, no hurry. Managed to film my episode yesterday, and can’t say how I went, so you’ll just have to tune in. Will probably be 9th and 16th April, but not sure yet. Will keep u posted

  • Thumpor76

    I love the idea of WTF Wednesday sounds like a great idea

  • Billy S.

    I like this idea, a lot. Keep doing it!

  • Tom-E

    I’m in love with #15. it looks like they made a bosar hood.

  • cwhoa

    surely I'll get thumbed down for this, but the super low offset negative camber setups are re-tard-ed. #33 is the only interesting pic here. and I call bad shop job on #35.

    • Obliquitous

      That's not an STi, it's a WRX and it is in fact, that low pretty much 24-7.

    • m.i.p.

      Hahaha bad shop job.. youre all idiots.

      • tisshadman

        its idaho its always like that in the winter, and the guy who owned that is a really good dude.

  • yan

    #15 I'm in love!!!

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #18 Totally would love a rode in this one. As well as this #33

  • http://twitter.com/DJCuza @DJCuza

    I like this idea because it has a lot of WTF and than a lot of WTFFFF*drooling* hahaha. and then of course the occasional boobies.

    Nice work!

  • Verbal_Kint

    with shadow-line trim, non-stretched tired and the ridiculous lowering, this would look pretty awesome in my book.

    • Daud

      Carrie, the last 2 weeks I have tried to upload phtoos it has been a pain, just does not want to work correctly. I’m thinking there is something wrong with blogger.

  • Zedd_Z_Z

    Great Idea

  • sean

    helaflush looks like helashit.

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