Chivers dodging death from above (6 Photos)

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  • David


  • All methed up

    That guy is gonna be so rich pretty soon

    • Maytrix

      Only if his neighbor is rich. But why would a rich guy have someone living below him?

      • Marc Wrz

        Actually he should be able to sue for an assload off the insurance company of the guy who lives above him, as well as the property owner's homeowner's insurance for allowing a tenet with a gun who terribly careless to live above him.

        A good lawyer will make this guy make some bank and for getting shot in the arm while sleeping, he deserves it.

    • @Seriousnessly

      He was talking about tree branch guy's lawsuit filed against Keebler and their faulty construction practices.

    • JHL1

      Or maybe this chiver understands that accidents happen and only wants to recover the cost of the hospital visit. It could happen.

      • The Foley

        Yeah that's what I choose to believe. Cover medical costs and maybe leave the live rounds out of the gun.

  • Memnon

    Ryan gagne

  • Final

    Jesus man, I hope he pays for the E.R visit! Hope you recover well too! Let us know what happens to that idiot.

  • Derbymon

    Yeh…been there; the neighbor lieing drunk on his bed, shootin' through the walls. Shook me up.

    • tangently


  • anon

    ceiling… I before E, except after c

    • AmBush Steve


    • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

      Except in the word "SCIENCE" yeah the English language is full of itself

      • Handy

        rules don't apply to science.

      • http://twitter.com/TonyDanzaPervo @TonyDanzaPervo

        It is after a 'c' in science you dolt!

        • Kwilliams5000

          You, sir, are a moron. Perhaps this is too advanced for you, but the negative of the rule is: If after C, then E before I. If the rule actually applied, science would be spelled sceince.

    • Pants

      I before e except when that stupid rule doesn't apply.

    • anon

      "I before E,
      except after C.
      and when it says 'AY'
      as in neighbor and weigh.
      and on weekends and holidays and all throughout May,
      and you'll always be wrong no matter WHAT YOU SAY!"

      • guest

        Brian Regan — well done.

    • andy

      the man has just had a bullet enter his arm. let us allow a grace period before we start calling out his grammatical errors.

  • J

    Own your neighbor!

  • Andy Valentine

    And this is why we don't let people have guns in the UK.

    Hope everyone involved is ok though.

    • um_yeah

      All I read was, some idiot dropped a gun. Sounds to me as if this person did not have the proper respect for his sidearm. Keep the safety on and properly stored and you wouldn't have these issues.

      Good day sir.

      • Andy Valentine

        Yet the annual gun related death rate per 100,000 in the USA is 15.22, in the UK it's 0.42. Says it all really (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_firearm-related_death_rate)

        Not having them is always going to be safer than taking care when you do have them.

        • Matt

          Well Andy, considering private ownership of firearms in the UK is illegal, why would you think such a dramatic statistic like that exists? #statistics101bro

          • Andy Valentine

            If you read the second paragraph, you'd see that was exactly my point…

            • Brad F

              Well, just wait until another invasion. You'll be throwing rocks.

              • Herp McDerp

                because our gun ownership in the US has saved us from so many invasions…

                • Armed

                  Haven't read too much American history, have you?

                  • real talk

                    thats history son.. the way people fight wars is more terrifying instead of galloping over on a horse screaming.. they fly planes now

              • Betty Swollocks

                Guns are fucking scary. I'm all for freedom but would rather live in a country where people don't generally have 'em.

                • Fred

                  Then you don't really understand freedom.

                  • Betty Swollocks

                    Fred, you're right. When I grow up I wanna be just like you.

                  • sit ubu sit good dog

                    Freedom has nothing to do with owning a gun.
                    I live in Australia and we have one of the freest societies in the world and owning a gun is illegal , Noone goes around saying wish i had a gun that would solve all my problems.
                    You my friend are narrow minded.

                    • Fred

                      Wow, when did that happen, because yeah, you absolutely can buy a gun in Australia, and last I heard there are a lot of Australians fighting your ridiculous gun laws.

                      You my friend are ignorant of your own country. Why would someones opinion matter, that doesn't know what their talking about?

                    • sit ubu sit good dog

                      Of course you can buy a gun in Australia with the correct permits and background checks , but you can`t just walk in of the street with the shits and buy a gun to avenge whatever petty argument you have had with someone..
                      I am definitely not ignorant dickhead, and i don`t care if you value my opinion or not…

                    • Frank

                      There is no reason for a free society to fear law abiding citizens.

                      And there is no excuse for confusing a law abiding gun owner with a criminal.

                    • Frank

                      Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

                      "Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest." — Mahatma Gandhi

                    • Frank

                      So in your country you have armed men in the street to protect bags of money, but not to protect the life of your child?

                      Cool. Enjoy your free country.

                • Mr. Burgandy

                  You can't say " I'm all for Freedom, but". You are either all for Freedom or not.

                  • TSM

                    That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. Of course you can be for freedom yet still be for some limits. I support free speech but agree that someone is guilty of slander if they knowingly lie about another.
                    People should be able to buy/see whatever they want, but pornography shouldn't be available to kids.
                    There are a million other examples.
                    To take your argument to its logical conclusion, we shouldn't have laws

                    • Frank

                      So. Much. Fail.

                • Real American Ass

                  look guns and condoms run on the same logic it is always… ALWAYS better to have one and not need it than need on and not have it. So go fuck yourselves I am a British/American my Grandfather built planes for this country so they could bomb the shit out of the fuckers that made him leave in the first place. Fun fact he is also the creator of the Gulf Stream IV jet that was all the rage with rich people about ten years ago(it is like up to VI or VII now) I am proud to have been born in this country and would gladly grab my gun in service to her should the day ever come. Until then its mostly used for hunting and target practice about once a year and sits safely in the Gun rack on the back of my truck…wow…i might be a redneck…. … …meh whatever

                • Astro

                  When I read from Betty Swollock's post I saw, "I'm all for freedom but would rather live in a country where people don't generally have freedoms"

                  I love how people in European counties and Australians (both of whom don't understand the gun or hunting laws in their own counties) laugh at the US gun death rate.

                  Hey, guess what: We have hundreds of millions of more citizens than you. Get off your high horse.

                  You have tiny populations compared to the U.S.A.. Obviously your crime rate is going to be lower, statistically, including gun crimes.

                  Positive statistics on a small populations does not mean your way of life is better OR that someone else's way of life is wrong, simply for having a larger population and more freedom.

                  I'd complain against China's government, economics, and politics, before I'd pretend I'm better than the USA for their gun control laws.

                  • aussie aussie aussie

                    Don`t assume that we Australians do not understand our own laws regarding gun ownership or useage , we may have a smaller population but we still have regular shootings in Sydneys west and around the country.
                    We don`t think we are better than the U.S but find it funny how you get on YOUR high horse regarding the extent you will go to to justify gun ownership and YOUR freedom.
                    Your economy is largely driven by the need to be at war with some one , and the attitude towards gun ownership is reflected in this.

                    • Astro

                      another butthurt aussie, in a small population, pretending to be on a high horse.

                      It's like a midget riding a Mini Horse acting like Napoleon. Thanks for proving my point in regards to your attitude toward the rest of the world.

                    • Fred

                      Whats funny is that your gun crime was at a historic low, when you guys (recently) gave up your freedom to own a gun.

                      Got that? There was almost zero chance of you ever getting shot, yet you got duped into allowing your government to tell you whats best for you. And you boy did you take it hook, line and sinker.

                    • aussie aussie aussie

                      The reason why Australia changed its gun laws was because of the massacre in Tasmania in 1996(recently my arse) when a psycho named Martin Bryant opened fire at a historic site (Port Arthur) and killed 35 people and wounded 21.Yes the government changed the laws but i hardly think we were duped.
                      Remember the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result(maybe like college shootings)

                  • Betty Swollocks

                    You can read it how you like but obviously that's not what I meant. In the UK and most other countries the question of whether to own a gun or not just doesn't come up and I really like that.

                    Yes, a maniac could go on a shooting spree or another country could invade but c'mon, really??? It just seems obvious to me that the chances of something terrible happening go up significantly when guns are everywhere.

                    Fwiw, I lived in the states for a couple of years and didn't really think about guns then either…just like I didn't think about my increased chances of being bitten on the arse by a poisonous animal (we don' t have those either)…so it's not like it makes THAT much difference, but the fact remains: guns are pretty fucking scary.

                    • Terrry

                      The people that fought and died for your freedoms are probably spinning in their graves over what has been done to your country.

        • Kellen

          Yet in Sweden there is a higher per capita gun ownership rate than in the USA, yet their homicide rate is one of the lowest (Lower than the UK and the USA).

          It's not about the tools, it's about the education and respect for them.

          • K-O

            Have you seen Swedish women? Here's one? I think the hold the key to world peace.

            • Brett

              I totally forgot about guns until I hit number 7. Then I remember why I was there.

          • Astro

            you are VERY naive. The population of Sweden is 9,379,116 as of 2010. The population of the United States of America as of 2010 was 308,745,538.

            Do the math. Obviously your gun control (and freedom control) is going to be statistically more pleasing on paper.

            300+ million vs. 9 million. lol. Get a fucking clue and stop pretending you're so awesome because you live in a small country that doesn't have any problems other than finding things to complain about.

            • Hobo

              Per capita…
              Homicide rate in the US is 4.8 homicides per 100,000 citizens. Homicide rate in Sweden is 0.97 per 100,000 citizens.

              Obviously the difference in population is accounted for.

        • Frank

          UK is a great example of why you should be vigilant in controlling your government before it's too late.

        • andy

          hey, let's take away cars, too! (less traffic fatalities)
          and steak! (less heart disease)
          and premarital sex! (less SDTs)
          and the interwebz! (less identity theft)

          thanks, but we'll just keep our guns.

          • sit ubu sit good dog

            Thanks , but we`ll just keep our guns.
            (said with the voice of cledice from the simpsons).

        • Think, then talk.

          "Not having them is always going to be safer than taking care when you do have them."

          Tell that to a police officer, or anyone else that has/uses a gun to preserve their own life and those of others. (Others, being people like you, who piss and moan about the evils of guns, then turn around and call guys with guns to come to your rescue.)

          • Herp McDerp

            I'm pretty sure on-duty police officers aren't the ones shooting holes in their floors and into their neighbor's arms.

            Maybe I'm wrong, but I think UK police officers have guns, and just like police in the US they have to be trained in proper gun use before they get one. I don't think drunk neighbor guy had such training, or will lose his job for discharging it inappropriately. Maybe you should follow your own advice. (Think, then talk — or at least think before writing)

            • Please Think.

              You're joking right?

              You seriously think police have never discharged their gun by accident? Or not hit what they were aiming for? Do you think every one of those cops were fired? Even the ATF guy that shot his own leg in the classroom of children wasn't fired.

              Get your head out of your ass.

              But kudos for missing my entire point, that having a gun absolutely can make a situation "safer" for individuals.

              I think you got so tied up trying to use my name against me, you fell into the same trap of not thinking.

            • BulletproofMonk

              Actually no, the police in the UK and Ireland do not carry firearms.
              They have special tactical teams that are issued and trained with guns, but other than that, UK police are unarmed.

              also, even though police officers are trained in the use of guns here in the u.s., there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of cases each year of officers being injured or even killed by their own firearms.

              • Merc

                Actually yes, the Police in N.Ireland do carry firearms…

            • Please Think.

              Oh, and for the most part, yes you are wrong.

              And not just about cops in the UK carrying guns, but they almost always don't.

          • TSM

            Police officers uniformly favor stricter gun laws, because they most often are on the receiving end of all the guns out there due to our ludicrously permissive gun laws.

            • Reading fail

              LOL, another idiot that can't read.

              Cops carry guns to protect themselves. Carry a gun makes them safer.

              No where did I say what the police thought about current gun regulations. An nor do I really care, as it's not their job to make those rules, and places that do can effectively be called a police state.


            • Frank

              And I think if you actually talk to most front line cops (in free countries ie: not the UK) you will see that the front line officers don't have a problem with legal gun owners, it's the criminals causing the problems. Criminals who don't care about such laws as Gun free zones, or gun bans.

            • Frank

              Don't you mean ludicrously permissive constitution?

              The one that also contains our ludicrously permissive freedom of speech?

    • thrillho

      Yeah right, nobody has a gun in the UK. Only law-abiding people don't have guns.

      • Andy Valentine

        I honestly cannot name a single person I know with one.

        • no defense

          FUCK YOU and your socialist gun control.

          • Lil John

            Woa woa people… Take it easy on the Brits… the loud bang scares their pasty ears. I kid, I kid. Your Artist Rifles are awesomesauce.

            Accidents happen, every day, every way. There's no avoiding it forever.

            Also, if the dumbass upstairs were shooting hollow points, this would not have happened.

            • truth

              Frangible ammo for urban enviroment. This should be standard for all handguns.

            • BulletproofMonk

              hollow points still go through walls/floors.
              it has very little to do with the composition of the bullet, but rather the calber of the firearms. but generally speaking, most bullets would have gone through the floor.

              the only one that would have stopped is probably a .25 cal.

              • Kellen

                The caliber, the load, the jacketing, barrel length all contribute, an X855 5.56 steel core penetrator isn't a much larger caliber than a .22 LR, but it would just laugh at that floor. A shotgun fletchette is extremely small caliber, yet it would have gone through that floor like rice paper.

                People talking about guns on the internet make for the worst arguements ever, having played CoD does not make you a gun expert. (I am by no means a gun expert, I just know better than to generalize like that).

        • Think, then talk.

          You associate with lots of criminals?
          If not, then the fact you know no one with a gun is pretty stupid, no?

          If no one is legally owning guns in UK, why are there still shootings?

        • Steamboat Willie

          I remember seeing videos of the police being shot at during the London riots.

    • Why would i tell u

      no guns in the UK…I can tell you where I don't wanna be when the zombie apocalypse happens

      • Handy

        You ever see how badly they handled that rifle in Shaun of the Dead? I bet that's why Shaun stuck with a cricket bat.

    • farva

      Doesn't the UK have a higher violent crime rate than any other country?? Good policy bro.

      • Andy Valentine

        No. No it doesn't. Not by a LONG way.

        You can't really do a 'side-by-side' of violent crime anyway, because international classifications vary, but generally speaking South Africa leads by miles, followed by Central, and then South America.

        • Will

          So you're not at all worried about totalitarian policies by the English government? Guns are the last resort to deal with extensive government overreach. The nazi's didn't allow gun ownership by citizens as well. I know I'm glad most americans have at least 1 gun. It's a deterrent against tyranny

          • Matt

            I would like to see America rise up. All the hicks with their guns, all the hipsters, all the hispanics, all the blacks. This isn't the 1800s, you rise up with guns the whole country gets fucked. A personal firearm isn't a protection against liberty, a well educated population willing to non-violently stand up for what they believe in is.

            • djx

              Did you read his post? No one is suggesting a violent uprising because of undesirable government policies, but only as a last resort in case of republic falls into the wrong hands and becomes completely totalitarian. Hopefully, the threat a violence will be enough to keep these types of regimes at bay.

              Look at who has banned guns in history. Hitler, Stalin, Pol-Pot, Qaddafi, and pretty much every other totalitarian regime or conquerer.

            • Nic

              MATT here just segregated " Hispanics, Blacks, Hicks with guns, and Hipsters"…. well I'm a Hispanic American Hick from Texas who happens to were Ray Bans, and Fucking understands Proper Gun Safety, and would never lent myself to an "uprising" because it is soooooo immature.

          • LeonardoB

            It's not working then

          • Marc

            The Problem with Hitler wasn't that he forced everyone to follow him. It was that most of the germans did it on their own free will. "The" germans would'nt have done anything against him with their weapons. Instaid they fought a war for him in which he even gave guns to 13 year olds.

            • Ted


              The Jews genious, the Jews are the ones who could have benefited from being armed.

              • Marc

                If they would have been the only one being armed.

                • Ted


                  Two men with guns are equally matched.

                  Germans may have had more people, but those people were also busy fighting a war.

                  Even you must see that 6 million armed Jews, stood a much better chance than they did unarmed. If not, I'm sorry, but there is no excuse for your stupidity.

                  • Marc

                    If your Sheriff sends you to Jail for something you haven't done, would you shoot him? They didn't put the Jews strait to the gas-chambers, first they send them to the Ghetos and of course they whould haven disarmd them then.
                    History isn't a Hollywood movie, you don't give your little kids a gun and rush out to shoot some cops with them.

                    • Ted


                      If these people had guns, they would have been much less easily exterminated. They fought with what little they could scrounge. Taking away the right for citizens to own guns is definitely the tool of despots and dictators.

                      When the "cops" are systematically exterminating your race, you absolutely must give your kid a gun and have him go out and shoot those "cops".
                      I guess your delicate sensibilities tell you it's better for that kid to be gassed and burned compliantly, than it is for him to pick up arms and fight.

                      I don't have such reservations. Unfortunately I think too many Jews had the same idea as you, and 6 million died because they didn't want to fight when they had the chance.

                      History is not a Hollywood movie. There are lessons to be learned from it.

                    • Ted

                      "Among the many misdeeds of the British rule in India, history will look upon the act of depriving a whole nation of arms, as the blackest." — Mahatma Gandhi

                      Looks like they are at it again.

                      "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." – George Santayana

                      Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_said_Those_who_do_n

                      Never have those words rung more true.

                      Never overlook the fact that those officials that wish to take away your right to defend yourself, are themselves (and their bags of money) defended by men with guns.

                      Rich people, and money = OK to defend with a gun.
                      Joe blow on the street that cant afford armored guards = SOL

        • farva

          semantics on what you want to call a violent crime and how it gets reported. The UK is still right at the top of the list with crimes committed per capita. Broaden your search from strictly homicides.

          • Lil John

            We kill more people with our cars in America than with our guns. Maim em too.

        • Peter


          Oh Andy,

          Your post makes me happy that in my country people like you are finally being ignored by most of the population in favor of rational thought over emotional drivel.

          I also like how you only compare "side-by-side" violent crime when it suits your needs (in fact you used it as the whole basis of your argument).

          Very hypocritical, and typical of the anti crowd.

        • Think, then talk.


          Hey Andy, how can people take your words seriously when you are so obviously out of touch with reality?

          Lie all you want, and say how great the UK is all you want. The real facts are there for anyone who wants to see for themselves.

          • Andy Valentine

            Please please please, don't cite the Daily Mail as fact…

            • FACTS not opinion

              That's usually the last resort someone would come up with when faced with irrefutable evidence that they are wrong.

              "Well, then the FACTS are wrong, not me!" Grow up child.

              The stats in the article are from the GOVERNMENTS OFFICIAL CRIME STATS. It's not an article based on opinion, but fact.

              Nice try, growing desperate I see…..

              • Marc

                Government official stats are always biased in one way or the other and never just facts

                • Derp

                  Well its hard to be too biased when the stats are merely counting the number of times violent crime has been committed.

                  But by all means , please believe that the UK is the safest country ever. The people being killed in the streets there are those stats, and I doubt they died trying to bias a statistic.

                  • Marc

                    Stats are not about how you count, but what you count. You know, I don't life in the UK so I don't care about their crime rate, but I know that they got a special kind of crime called "anti social behavior" which mostly just means being young and rude.
                    If they count that under violent crime it would greatly affect their numbers.

                    • Ted

                      Do you really think that counts as a violent crime?
                      Violent crime has to contain elements of violence.

                      Personally I think that gun crime in the states is much lower than anywhere in the world, because I believe the stats are biased. LOL, ignorance is FUN!

                    • Marc

                      Well I haven't found a detailed list of the violent crimes the UK counts, but I found a Paragraph in the Wikipedia describing what the USA counts and more importantly what they don't:
                      "The reported US violent crime rate includes only Aggravated Assault, whereas the Canadian violent crime rate includes all categories of assault, including the much-more-numerous Assault level 1 (i.e., assault not using a weapon and not resulting in serious bodily harm)" And further down there is a link stating that the EU uses the Canadian definition.

                      Yeah ignorance is fun!

                    • Ted

                      So all the EU uses the same measurement of violent crime as Canada.

                      And still they are leading the ranks of murders, violence, and robberies, OVER Canada, OVER the countries of the EU.


                      Fuck, the anti gun people are laughable.

            • LOL

              I guess you think you are a bigger authority on UK crime than the European Commission and United Nations? That's a mighty high opinion of yourself…

              I love how the anti crowd is forced to back up their arguments with biased opinion and lies. I guess it's because the facts tend to not support what they are trying to say… or force down their neighbors throats rather, as I don't see pro gun advocates trying to limit others freedoms.

              • Markus

                Lots of gun supporters don't support gay marriage.

                • Ted

                  Lots of Anti-gun supporters don't support gay marriage, AND are trying to deny you your protected rights from the constitution.

                  By being anti-gun, you are trying to restrict rights, pro-gunners? No.

            • Think

              Don't worry Andy,

              I didn't actually think that you would admit that you were wrong.

              It takes a big man to do that.

        • qwerty

          your argument is invalid. south and central america are not countries.

    • Jason B

      Sorry to burst your bubble, but a study was done, and after guns were banned in the UK, yes- gun deaths went down, but the homicide rate stayed the same. People simply chose another method to do the dirty deeds- knives, bats, etc.

    • Armed

      The reason you have almost no private gun ownership in the U.k. is because your government considers you a serf instead of a citizen and says you can't have them.

    • Dcolbert

      In Liverpool several years ago, there were a rash of home invasion robberies and murders. Because the criminal didn't have a gun, he was bludgeoning people to death with a claw hammer.

      You're still just as dead.

  • Lowrent75

    Sometimes it is better to be Lucky than Good. Could have been a lot worse.

  • Spelling Police


  • anon

    you don't dawn a shirt, you don a shirt

  • Albus Q

    Whoa guys.. glad yall came out in one piece. KCCO gents

  • Ryan gagne

    Steve Mumby is a gay aka memnon

  • Neighbor Above

    Yeahh, umm I "dropped it".

    • Big D

      You sure it wasn't because his tunes were to loud?

  • Master_Rahl

    #1 Guess this negates my complaints about morning wood… it could be SO much worse.

    • http://dirkpittfan.tumblr.com/ thatwasfun

      well played good sir

    • PotatoChucker

      Well played, indeed.

    • qwerty

      20 internets to you

    • Bense328

      I'm the guy who who posted these photos…. Your comment made me lose my shit! Fucking Hilarious! Thank you for that.

      • mihaisuzuki

        Oh really…

  • bMoles

    I thought guns had some pretty serious safety measures that kept them from discharging when dropped, thats some scary shit. A lot of my friends are getting in to hand guns.

    • Ken

      Yeah but the guy upstairs "says" he dropped it… doesn't mean he did!

    • Matt

      In the state of massachusetts, we have very strict drop tests on handguns which determine if its legal for sale here.

      Unfortunately, all the regulations in the world will not prevent the damage caused by the lack of common sense. I have no problem with private ownership of firearms, however people need to seriously smarten up.

      A saying to always remember : Unloaded guns kill the most people.

      • Dan

        guns are ALWAYS loaded.

    • Peter

      100% that the gun did not discharge "all by itself" when it was "dropped".

      • Guest

        Right! How did it drop on the end of the barrel to shoot to the room below? Was the dude practicing his quick draw or what?

    • Lil John

      Many modern handgun designs completely disengage the trigger when safed.

      That's why I load hollow points. Messy on the human body, stopped by plywood. Helps keep the neighbors safe if you ever have to use it.

      • Dan

        yeah too bad some states (NJ) are convinced that having a de fact ban on hollow points keeps people safer.

        • Chuck

          Instead of hollow points you might want to look into frangible munitions. They are popular for CQC and for outdoor/green ranges since they tend not to contain lead. Plus they still have good stopping power (maybe better due to high velocity and energy transfer)and don't tend to cause nearly as much splatter(that you will have to clean up later mind you) as hollow points.

          Mag Safe and CorBon Glaser are some good brands

    • BulletproofMonk

      most modern guns do.
      some older ones or cheapo 100 dollar guns don't generally have the safety features found in new or expensive models.
      for example, if you drop a raven arms .25, it will probably fire.
      if you drop a glock it will not fire. ever.

    • njvw

      This is a case of negligence. You don't have a gun chambered if you don't intend to shoot it, but some will say it's for self defense, well it only takes a millisecond to chamber. You shouldn't even have the mag in the gun, in the house. The best safety is a competent operator!

    • 400zombienation

      most modern guns will not discharge if dropped. so either it was an old gun, or he's not owning up to the fact that had a negligent discharge (ie he pulled the trigger).

  • uhhh


    • um_yeah


    • Niitsitapi13

      Boston is a shit hole full of racist white trash. I'm not a Giants fan, but I hope they rape you.

      • New England sucks

        The pats are a bunch of cheating assholes. The Giants are going to whip the shit out of them.

        • Bobby Boucher

          I'm just excited that the worthless foozball season is just about over..

    • uhhh

      Go PATS!!!

      F everybody who replied except me!

      • Giants Fan

        Do you want to back up your case or just repeat yourself?

  • cywasi

    #6 I would take that bastard to court and make sure he was not allowed to have a gun…what a dumbass.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Can we have a follow-up article updating us on how much he sues his neighbour for and the beach-side house and garage full of supercars he now owns?

  • Nemesis Enforcer

    Now that you're both aware be on the look out for Tony Todd wanting to tell you about Death's Design.

  • Steve

    I think you mean ‘donned’. Just saying. And your neighbor told you he dropped his gun, but I’d bet that’s not how it happened. He was either cleaning it or effing around with it. Ask what kind of gun it was. If it’s a semi-auto, punch him in the face.

  • Mojopin9

    I think you mean 'donned'. Just saying. And your neighbor told you he dropped his gun, but I'd bet that's not how it happened. He was either cleaning it or effing around with it. Ask what kind of gun it was. If it's a semi-auto, punch him in the face.

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #1 I guess Pinocchio lied about hiding under the bed, listening at them having sex.

  • Shazz

    #3 I hope ADT responded quickly to that home invasion.

  • Jay

    #6 Clearly the dog saved him.

  • http://twitter.com/danieljillm @danieljillm

    #6 You got lucky bro! Count your blessings and know that you're still here for a reason. Not done yet..keep on Chiving On!!!

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