To the Chivette who sent us this photo, the officer would like to ask you out on a date

As the story goes, last week one of our Chivettes ran into the Chiver up there. He didn’t give her a ticket that’s for sure, instead he just took a photo with the girl because he thought it was awesome to have finally met a Chivette. This is where things get fun.

The photo appeared in the DAR last week after which I was contacted by the officer, Ryan, with a request. Ryan told me how he was so ‘shocked’ to have met a Chivette, he forgot to do the one thing he intended upon doing, asking for her number. Because it was the girl who submitted the photo of the two, he asked if I might give him her email.

Because of privacy issues I can’t do that but I said I’d give the Chivette his info and let her contact him if she thought he was a dashingly handsome gentleman. I went to retrieve the girl’s submission email and… nothing. But I’d just seen it the day before, hell I used her photo in the DAR. It’s gotta be in here somewhere??… nope. I may have deleted it accidentally or it was likely just lost in the abyss that is the Chive Inbox.

But this photo has been scratching my brain for the past week. I mean if these two were meant to be together and I did nothing, my Karma would take a nose dive, man. It’s already at a tipping point because of something I did last weekend to someone that you should really only get to do on your birthday.

Now for all I know this Chivette has a boyfriend and he’s currently throwing his computer out a window and punching babies. But maybe there’s a connection here. Ryan seems like a good dude and these two do seem to enjoy wearing matching outfits. So if you are the mystery Chivette and you think Ryan has a shot at the title, email me at thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Let me know if you’d like Ryan’s contact info, I’ll pass it along and restore balance to the force.



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  • derek

    These two actually kinda' of look like they belong together.

    • Todd from Scrubs

      she belongs on my dick, HIGH FIVE!

      • jayman

        have a little respect, douche

        • (A)

          its Todd from Scrubs, he knows of no such 7 letter word

    • ben

      cops are pigs…and so is she

    • ________

      I found pics of her: http://www.meatspin.com

    • JimmyS

      Misery loves company

      • Bob Lee Swagger

        Wow. I know her. She went to USC…if she doesnt come forward I'll email her info.

    • tkid92

      cops suck D

  • guest


    • cutandpastedpics

      yup..who cares..

    • your derp or mine

      Yes. Man wants woman's number. Gay.

      • Jason

        Gay=happy. So yes, it is gay.

      • your derp or mine

        Because I am Gay and this isnt.

    • Heidi

      No, pretty sure he's straight. See, he's interested in a girl. If he was interested in a boy he'd be gay. Nice try though.

  • Armed Ann Dangerous

    His finger is bewby touching her.

  • jacob tyler

    " (Karma's) already at a tipping point because of something I did last weekend to someone that you should really only get to do on your birthday."

    That boils the list of possibilities down to two things imo….

    • Andy

      anal and creampie

      • jacob tyler

        correct, sir

      • Liqah Madiq

        my thoughts exactly

      • JewLover

        I was thinking spanking… but what do I know.

    • johndoesfattys

      he stuck itin a fatty and ow she wants a relationship

  • Tim Vergeer

    They do indeed look like a cute couple.

  • Hevydevy

    Hahaha, John, you're awesome. I'd like to hear the story of whatever happened last weekend, however…

    • InsaneYoda

      Ditto. Please, John, let's hear it…

    • http://twitter.com/Pud_Divine @Pud_Divine

      Awesome screen name. That is all, im a huge fan.

  • trooperjoe73

    Uh, isn't that a Border Patrol Agent?

    • Del

      Soon to be former BPA…… Law enforcement higher ups really dont find this behavior acceptable…

      • trooperjoe73

        You mean like conducting illegal traffic stops?

        • guest

          I don't actually see a car…

      • Scotsman

        I'm sure he does his job well. This was a one time deal were he met an awesome Chivette. Besides, police let people slide all the time. Nothing for anyone to get worked up over.

        • Scotsman


        • Del

          He could be the greatest BPA ever, and nice guy, just sayin law enforcement higher ups frown on someone pulling someone over, taking a pic with them, and then using that pic on internet in his uniform trying to pick up chicks…………. Chive might consider taking it down and saviing the guy some problems. Not hating on anyone… But then again his boss may just see it and call him a dumbass for doing it.

          • Guesty

            His boss might be a chiver and is cool with it

  • pooper

    i like that hes pointing at her boob. hes a keeper

  • bob

    once again idiot girls gettin out of a ticket even though they had to be doing something wrong to get pulled over in the first place.

    • pooper

      cut ur penis off. problem solved.

    • jenny

      it's just a cute story, no need for name calling 🙂

      • bob

        shut up BITCH!

        • MatildaMonkey

          woman hater… some one has a problem with the ladies

        • just sayin'

          That's a bit uncalled for, woman hater should go fin a butt buddy and get over himself

    • toogeekyforyou

      or it could be like the story of the cop who gave a woman a ticket and then left a note on her car a week or so later asking her out which she turned around and sued him, the police, and city for abuse of power and feeling "unsafe" or something like that, lol.

    • Chivette11

      You mad bro? ;]

  • Whorebait

    I dont see how she wouldnt give him a shot, they were clearly meant to be.

    Go get her Ryan!! And good lookin out john 🙂

  • Adolf


  • Norman Borlaug

    uber creepy

    • homey the clown

      agreed, have Chivers lost their sense of what qualifies as stalking?

    • ieourgh


  • K9

    $&@# da po-lice!

  • ihatecops

    Sorry ryan just wait untill ur pig bosses get ahold of this…. Sure they won't mind..

    • Dakota

      you're a douche

  • Ender

    F cops and the badge bunnies

  • Elise

    Gotta love John posting a heartwarming story b/c he stuck it in a girl's 2hole last weekend. That's not sarcasm, i fucking love this place.

    • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

      that was hysterical…

  • homey the clown

    u don't have a shot pig…now go write some tickets stooge-

    • HatBomb

      Stuff it douche.

      • homey the clown

        cops suck, this 1 is a stalker, fuck all of u who think this is "cute"

        • JewLover

          You'd be the first little bitch to the call the "pigs" when someone breaks into your house and plows out your b-hole.

          • homey the clown

            nope, I'd kill your Jewlovin ass and then then skip town b4 the cops showed up-

            • james

              anti-semitism AND an inexplicable hatred of people you don't know at all. team that with your love and skill of trolling, and i'd say the chivette should upgrade to you, mr. cool guy.

              • homey the clown

                I prefer your mother shipwreck-

  • Pat

    Ah Chive, one of the many reasons why I love to visit.

  • gingergreek

    If she has a fella then too bad bro…then again you're a cop. Make it count 😀

  • Del

    If his higher ups get wind of this he wont be smiling very long, not a popular move with law enforcement bosses…

    • Dan

      Yeah, this was pretty dumb. He could lose his job over it.

      • Patches

        lol I'm sure his bosses will be thrilled to know he's letting chicks off because of the tshirts they're wearning, and then using his station and a website to try to fuck her.

        • Otter

          I think it's pretty much a judgement call on the officer on whether he writes the ticket or not. When I was younger I rolled through a stop sign and the cop let me off because his nephew went to the same high school I did (tho I didn't know him). I think NOT asking for her number was the right thing to do, tho. If she had filed a complaint against him he definitely could have gotten into trouble because he hit on her AND didn't give her a ticket (which would have looked completely different than it does now). I hope things work out for him.

  • jedi

    cool, good luck

  • Bobby

    This sounds nice. I want to know what the outcome is. Hope is good. Go get her bro!

  • Throwthebook

    Dude wearing Chive shirt = Ticket anyways

    • Dakota

      if the cop is a true chiver he will not give a ticket to anyone wearing a chive shirt…

  • harleyxx

    Please tell him that you don't date cops! When the New World Order comes to drag you from your home and throw you in a FEMA camp, this cop will be the one kicking down your door! There is no such thing as "Officer Friendly"! I am not paranoid…and neither am I.

    • wantomas

      Ugh, I hate hippies.

      • harleyxx

        Hate is a strong word. I pity them more than "hate" them.

    • james

      i feel like this was poorly executed sarcasm.. or a hardcore schizo.. there is no in-between.

      • harleyxx

        Or maybe I just don't like cops, plus I have a warped sense of humor…So there is an in between. Chive one my friend!

  • Balargon

    Good luck bro, hope you find her !!

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