• render


    Oh my god tush in red

    • fed


      • Muff Diver

        I'm going in guys and don't expect me to come back up for air any time soon.

    • Sorry bout it

      She has no ass… no thank you

      • USA!

        USA! USA!

      • Jen

        you're trying too hard.

    • B=====D - - --- -

      6 -6.5 AT BEST!!

      • James


        • 897


          • herpaderp

            100% this

            • Mr.Clean

              Same here.

    • AmBush_Steve

      Did nobody read that she eats pie? Any shortcomings that she may have, and I can't see any, are immediately overlooked by that statement alone.

      Long live the queen.

    • husqydave

      God I hope she is single! Getting a plane ticket right now!

    • Sophiewilliamz

      [youtube Dr6nt0HfMmA&feature=autoplay&list=UUKCasGVzMf7VIIFCGs6_cjA&lf=plcp&playnext=5 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dr6nt0HfMmA&feature=autoplay&list=UUKCasGVzMf7VIIFCGs6_cjA&lf=plcp&playnext=5 youtube] i also have twitter

    • sam

      your gorgeous lol

  • sampson

    #18, #19

    'bout the only site i can think of that says things like 'And now for Claudia’s tush…'

    • Burlinator

      Even though I like seeing her in as few clothes as possible, I hope they sent her a care package with some Chive shirts!

    • Chivacy Please

      What happened to LG?

      • Nioe

        who gives a shit?

    • Mr. H

      I could smell #15 seriously…

      • You know it!

        I have this same pair of panties, they're my fav πŸ™‚

        #12 #13

    • Jacob Wetterling

      That chick looks busted. Of all the girls that submit pics you guys have to have better looking girls then this.

  • thejoegrosso


    • lars

      i'd take her over a plastic doll anytime. More #25 for the rest of us πŸ™‚

      • BritChivette

        Thanks πŸ˜‰

        • 2pumpdump

          Boy someone is a little into herself

      • b-ry

        no one mentioned a "plastic-doll". i agree with thejoegrosso.

      • iju

        don't feed the attention-whores.

    • SMT

      Don't say "meh" you tool! she is gorgeous and brave enough to show it. Thanks BritChivette! From America!

      • Crock

        "brave"? soldiers are brave. firemen are brave. standing up to a bully is brave. this is fishing for compliments AKA attention whoring. you like it? go right ahead(personally i think she's smoking hot), just don't try to pretend it's something it's not.

        • Color Me Badd

          Belladonna is the most courageous woman alive.

          • TRON


      • Brent

        Ya tool

    • Claudia is gorgeous

      thejoegrosso drinks from the toilet.

    • dirtysteve99

      says the Jersey Shore-looking d-bag.

    • andy

      from the looks of it, joe needs a Chivette: Jersey Shore Edition.

      • thejoegrosso

        Holy cuntville up in here. So I said "meh" big deal. What a bunch of Cunty McCuntinsteins. I'd still hit it.. just saying meh.. now leave me alone and stop distracting me from my WOW game. I can only play till 6 cause then I got a D&D match at 7. It's gonna be epic and I don't need no cunty distractions.

        • Red

          fuck you! how dare you express your opinion! what do you think this is? the internet?!

          • Really?

            So he can express his opinion, yet people can't express their opinion back?

            At least Joe proves one thing, if it looks like a douche and talks like a douche, he's a douche.

    • HatBomb

      For all the great Chivers out there, there has to be a couple of classless douches to fuck it all up. Must make you feel great to insult women from the safety of your mothers basement.

      • Arch-Fiend

        ………………….or they just don't think she's that hot………

    • Dick Salad

      Not sure why your on the chive joe, you obviously got lost on your way to the berry. This girl is fine as hell.

    • User5778

      Meh says the guy flexing in a mirror while giving a thumbs up. Oh, and hat on sideways.

      • thejoegrosso

        You know my muscles look good… they just need to be a bit more tan though.

    • BritChivette

      You know you would fuck me. πŸ™‚

      • thejoegrosso

        You're so confident, you sure about that sister?

        • Brit Chivette

          That wasnt the actual British Chivette….just a douche bag

          • thejoegrosso

            Haha oh.. but i thought I was the douche bag?

            • Brit Chivette

              ….. Your not a douchebag just cause I don't float your boat…each to their own…! The important thing here is to KKCO… :p

              • Really?

                You're right, he's not a douchebag cause you don't float his boat, he's a douchebag for everything else he does.

                • Butthurt Chiver

                  white knight white knight white knight

        • SMT

          Haha i just had a picture of the kind from Superbad. "so get used to it….sister."

          • SMT


            • Brit Chivette

              You're not a douche bag, just because you don't think I'm sexy

              • thejoegrosso

                don't you mean KCCO?

        • Bad News Delivery

          Oh…so you're the one this is for…just sign here sir

    • http://backrowheckling.tumblr.com/tagged/writing Chowdahr

      I'd have to agree and asses who can't hear opposing opinions can suck it.

      • Oliver Cauldwell

        100% agreed.

    • Lucky_Charms

      Everyone that commented on this is a douche. er, wait…

    • therealguy

      and that's why you'll be forever alone, taking douche-bag, crooked hat, flexing pix of yourself in your mirror

    • Scott

      I agree, she's barely even a meh… all skin and bones, a flat ass and no tits. Not to mention that butterface….


      LOL, you are so full of shit you could be an outhouse. Fucking troll

  • Del

    ok, ill say it…butterface.

    • babyface


    • iswearidid

      shame about your vision…

    • herpaderp

      I second that.

      • herpaderp

        Seconding the butterface, not iswaridid's comment btw.

        • Vernon

          I third that. British women are (mostly) like British food.. meh.

          • Riley Phillips

            4thed. Is she ugly? No. Is she pretty? I'd say so. Is she all that? Not in my opinion. People have different opinions. Hopefully the white-knights won't find that too shocking when they move out.

            • Really?

              The best part is people who are afraid to post pictures of themselves commenting on the appearance of others.

              • Riley Phillips

                That's the point. She sends in pictures for people to JUDGE THEM!

              • Unrealitymag

                so according to your logic, people who don't kill can't say killing is bad because they don't have the balls to kill someone. gee, that makes perfect sense…..

                • skeeter

                  what doucheboy??

              • herpaderp

                Actually, I have posted pics of myself on the internet. http://www.cherryplucker.com/wp-content/uploads/2

              • gh09

                How about the idiots that always go "really", like the surprise is there, really?

                • moseph

                  Hitler. There, I said it.

          • kros

            Says the guy who has undoubtedly formed this opinion although never experiencing, or probably comparing how the big macs taste. Get back in your cave you troll

    • dungydouche

      2/10 Would not bang

      • Burley

        nobody thinks you would get the chance….even if your mom let you out of the basement

        • Mr.Clean

          i think he would. hos gonna ho.

    • andy

      and you, sir, are a butterdick.

      • Fish On

        Do you want to rethink that one, andy?

      • skeeter

        butterdick dude??

      • Living Tribunal

        chirst, you white-knighting bastards are dumb…..

        • YourBiggestFan

          i second that shit! why argue on a post! where does that get you in life!

          Claudia is gorgeous. is she the best most amazing looking woman in the world??!?! maybe to someone and maybe not to another person. don't let these fat old men bring you down Claudia! Keep up the amazing figure.

          • Brichivette

            You will definitely get a pair of my dirty panties for this my loyal worshiping white knight.

            • kodakkid

              I for one would love to see more of you.

    • HatBomb

      Did it make you feel real manly to say that? You'd cream your sponge bob boxers if a good looking woman like her gave you the time of day in real life.

      • herpaderp

        Your mom creams her sponge bob boxers.

        • thejoegrosso

          Damn how come I get all the hater comments and this guy gets props!?!? They were so similar!

          • skeeter

            his was actually worse… i guess it may be how you present yourself…douche

          • pjsupremex

            your avatar is helping you, see previous posts on douches and douchebags.

      • 73904

        people have different opinions. she didn't want to be critiqued? shouldn't have posted the pictures. take the good with the bad, that's how life works. deal with it.

    • Marc

      Sure smartass…Look at this cutie


      • Dalton

        butterface 100%

        • The Tick


          • Terrence Howard

            also agree.

            • skeeter

              id paperbag it

              • attakid201


                • sigh....

                  Ugly and Anorexic ! Just the way the chivers like their sluts.

      • herpaderp

        And your point?

        • They mad.

          not sure i got what he was saying either. there are MILLIONS of hottter chicks on the internet and, believe it or not, real life…..

          • Burley

            So the only woman to be shown would be best looking woman in the world. Good luck agreeing on that one

    • Twigfinger

      Everyone from Del on down is dense and completely missing the larger picture as it were. Keep up the ignorant "butterface" comments, sound like East coast DOUCHE BAGS and in the end the only single thing you accomplish is discouraging other RL women from submitting photos. Grats.

      No, i'm not "white knighting".

      • herpaderp

        Hopefully we are discouraging RL women from needing to seek validation from others. Hopefully she'll be comfortable with herself no matter how she looks and won't send in mostly nude pics to a 3rd rate website.

        I hate to break it to you, but she's doing more to hurt women's self esteem by perpetuating the cycle of objectification than any of us are by trashing her appearance.

        • Jessica Organa

          If I could thumb this up 1,000 times, I would.

        • the other OTHER Jen

          herpaderp, THANK YOU!

        • Twigfinger

          You're not breaking anything but you'll have to elaborate on "she's doing more to hurt women's self esteem by perpetuating the cycle of objectification than any of us are by trashing her appearance."

          A womans body should be celebrated, not admonished as if we still lived with Victorian principles. That is the essence of The Chive. Apparently you do not agree so maybe the WSJ or NYT would be better sites to spend your time

    • Christopher

      well you did say it … but it is in fact a false statement.

    • Scott

      I agree 100% nothing special to this chick at all.

    • smak

      what?…are you gay?…you wanted to see a guys face?

      • Dr. Spaceman

        what's with the homophobia on this site?

  • 65massey

    First!!… oh son of a…

    • Brit Chivette

      You're first in my book baby πŸ˜‰

      • 65massey

        Aww.. You melt my heart!

  • Twigfinger

    Hamanah hamanah hamanah


      pow! right in the kisser!

      • andy

        yes, she could probably sit on my kisser.

    • attakid201

      Are you people kidding me?! Okay I get that many of you haven't been anywhere near an attractive half naked girl, but honestly kids, this is NOT Chive worthy. There are PLENTY of hotter Chivettes more deserving of their own post…

    • KroD

      I am a USA leg man/chiver. She is a leggy British chiver. . .. … where's my passport?

    • thattooanuglyone

      whore whore whore

  • babyface

    #4 whats up baby

    • skeeter

      look at that stomach, i like

  • https://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    Never Mind The Bollocks….here's #9!!

    • andy

      this girl needs a t-shirt on the house! (or maybe in exchange for more posts)

      • Average Chiver

        no. she can buy her shit like everyone else.

        • LIKE A BOSS

          Oh…you still think the world is fair like that, don't you? Oh dear…well…look…I hate to break it to you…oh gosh…Santa isn't real either.

          • Dr. Spaceman

            *Sigh* You're an idiot.

          • Chving Boss

            i know right? HOW DARE HE EXPECT HER TO BUY HER OWN SHIRT!! RAAAAGE!!!

    • Jaives

      Nom nom nom nom nom

    • Birdhaus32

      Get that woman a Chive Tee pronto! And I'm totally digging on those baby blues and that birth mark! I need moar111

  • https://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

    Would you like a bite of my sausage roll?

    • BritChivette

      Yes, I would!

      • Raliegh

        nom nom nom

      • Brit Chivette

        that was not the real britchivette…just a weirdo….!

        • Brit Chivette

          Am the real britchivette and i would love to chomp on all the sausages of my chive white knights and swallow too.

  • Just Sayin'

    I'd pour her a cup of tea anyday…

    • michaelj

      what's up with all the neg reps? +1

    • Sir Boobsalsot

      I'd dunk my biscuit in her tea any day!


  • derp

    Didn't see any sandwiches…

    • Truth

      Doesn't look like she has either. About 10 pounds more and she'd be perfect.

  • Anonymous

    We make our asses bigger in America

  • joshua

    for you, I think you could always rock the sesame street gear and get away with it…

    • RGH

      For sure, but somebody buy her a KCCO shirt already.

    • benbobbins

      Don't worry about the age at which it is too old to wear Sesame Street. Instead, worry about the age when you don't need attention so badly you whore yourself out on the Chive.

      • Pascal's Pantaloons

        You should also worry about the age where you stop going on the chive to insult attractive women… think about where she is and where you are in this equation, and get back to us on that.

  • hah

    mmmmmmhm toasty

    • sheisdfntly

      hmmmmmmm crack whore.

  • KTF


    • hell yeah

      Dirty ,Ugly ,Whorish.

  • skeeter

    i got a boner

    • stuf



      why don't you ever have a gallery dedicated to 1 black girl? And not a light skinned, i'm talking AFRICAN.

      this is the most racist site. if youare sick of racism and exploting girls through their stalker techniqes, sign the petition, over 4000 strong at chiveisracist @ gmai l.com

      I've hired a lobbying firm to address these issues through the media. I also have an anti- chive site coming up soon that showcases the sexist, racist galleries of this site, not to mention screenshots of users racist, thrreatening, and sexist comments. We will be going to most major media outletes.

      In the mean time, go to facebook, and report all chive pictures/posts as sexually explicit, facebook will shut them down I'm told!

      • its_forge

        You're expecting a picture of a black girl in a pictorial of a, as in one, white girl?

        You're very odd.

        • lonin
        • Forge.eats.dick

          Wow your a moron forge and so is everyone who gave you thumbs up, he didnt say there should be a black girl in this post he is just saying the ratio is so far off it seems racist, I myself have a hot Asian wife and would gladly add her to hump day, but chive has had quite a few insulting Asian posts, not to mention that racist fucks make up about 30-40% of chives audience. Learn how to read

          You're very odd
          Your also retarded for not understanding why people want equality

          • attakid201

            You're clearly the same trolling fag. How fucking pathetic.

          • its_forge

            ::blink blink::




            This might actually be the stupidest fucking thing I've ever seen anyone type on any online forum in the thirty years I've been on the Internet.


            • Mick The Mouse

              at least it finally shut you up(mostly anyway).

            • plsgetalife

              Dear god you are STILL at it ? Dont you have anything else to do except suck thechive`s cock all day ?

              • its_forge

                And I could say the *exact same thing* about you, the only difference is, you change your name every time you post. Once again, the fuck is it to you anyway?

                • Lord Slickback

                  (i don't know about him, but) i think you're an annoyingly self-righteous prick too.

                  • lonin

                    If you give a troll attention.

                  • its_forge

                    Like I said elsewhere honey bunny, if you don't wanna see the genie, don't rub the fucking lamp. If I changed my name every post like everyone else does on here I'd just be some other schmuck going "wow look at the tits" or "hey shut up dick." But since I use IntenseDebate people go hey, it's that guy, let's fuckin' pick on him some more because we're bored little kids who've gotten tired of whacking off to the pretty girls. Don't pick on the Forge, you don't get a nasty response from the Forge, everybody's happier, life fucking goes on. What a goddamn concept huh?

      • Mick Lagger

        Is this dude serious?

        • stuf

          Why, yes. Yes I am.

      • Fog Ducker

        Your sir, are a funny, no sorry, fucked up man and know nothing about racism or the legalities behind it. Until the Chive actually posts something negative or racially offensive against african american women, there is absolutely nothing racist about them nor can it even be implied.

        BTW, your email address that is 4000 strong? What the fuck that does that even mean?

        You need to put together a little better case than the above if you expect to be a sucessful TROLL!

      • Simon

        Anyone taking bets that stuf and uraslut are both guilty white liberal?

      • rls

        If you could have done something about it, you wouldn't be bitching about it online, on theChive. You would have done it already. If you're so offended, quit visiting the site. I get offended when my hears are assaulted by country music, so I don't watch CMT. Same general concept. If you don't like theChive's posts, you should probably just stop looking at them and find a brown paper bag to breathe in.

        So, just, you know… Go away. And for the love of all things bacon, KCCO.

      • John

        Hey stuf, you are obviously an idiot, just like komrad Obama your not so great not white leader
        Why don't you just go to other websites if you do not like this one.
        I think this British chick is kinda cute

      • random

        girls, please stop sending pics of yourself in to this website just so people can judge you so you can receive a little bit of self affirmation. you're fucking hot. who needs fucking strangers to fucking tell you that? and then they sit here and bash you if you are sub par. need a little confidence? look in the mirror and tell yourself you are the shit. fuck everybody else. and no im not a feminist.

      • LIKE A BOSS

        So…let me get this straight. You wanted this post, which was dedicated to a single woman, by name, to include black women. Are you actually slow, or just a moron?

        • stuf

          Neither. You just don't know a troll when you see one. New to the internets are we?

  • wildgrover

    The British Empire was founded by dudes going out and conquering vast swaths of the globe for queen, country and women like you

    • Meme

      The British Empire was founded by dudes going out and trying to find better looking women than this chick.

  • Handy

    #23 are you sure she's british? her teeth are just fine.

    • Brit Chivette

      Oi! Us brits have good teeth πŸ˜‰

    • P90

      The British officially have the healthiest teeth on the planet, not all stereotypes are true.

      • Underbaker

        Healthy teeth does not mean pretty teeth, it is true that Americans are somewhat obsessed with straight white teeth and the stereotype of bad British teeth come from them not being as obsessed about it. But crooked yellow teeth can still be considered healthy.

        • P90

          The only terrible looking teeth I've seen have all been on shows like Jerry Springer, does that therefore mean I should expect all Americans to have bad teeth, no.
          Plus the shiny porcelain that some Amercians get look so stupid and fake it sort of defeats the object of having them.

          • Wolfpack Steve

            The object of having teeth is to chew not to look pretty…it's just an added bonus if they do.

          • Underbaker

            I'm not arguing with you P90, was just trying to clear up why Americans think the British have bad teeth. If a society as a whole set the standard it is hard to change it without something drastic happening. I personally agree with you that white teeth are way overrated, mine are fairly yellow from a life of smoking(quitter for 6 years now) and coffee, but while I can make that choice for myself and my wife doesn't mind, I would be hard pressed to try and convince my daughters of it, much less anyone else.

    • Peter

      Stupid yanks and their stereotypes. All the British speak in the queens accent I'm sure too!

    • Dukeofohio

      that's racist man

      • rls

        No, it actually isn't.

    • insaneyoda

      It's not the teeth I'm looking at!

    • For Queen & Cuntry.

      In the last 3 days, I have seen pictures of iced doughnuts with bacon sprinkles, chocolate covered bacon and deep fried butter… all of which have had dollar price signs prominently displayed. So if anyone's teeth are going to be bad, I'd look closer to home if I were you.

      • Charlie D. Surf

        i'm an american, and i gotta say, i agree with you 100%.

    • sean

      does madame happen to have a pole in her bed chamber? I think so!

      • Lord Slickback

        what a ho.

    • VanIsleChiver

      the great big book of britsh smiles

  • Tillman

    OK, I can die happy. The British Chivette has been made Chivette of the Week.

    Claudia, you're adorable and completely edible. Thank you!

    • Del


      • Tillman

        I'm not sure what I've done wrong – let alone to get a nope.com – I think she's awesome.

        • BritChivette

          Thank You! Your a chiving wonder πŸ™‚

    • Sluttypanda

      God those eyes…

    • plsgetalife

      THIS is the PERFECT example of a chive white knight. Lonely and pathetic.

    • Tillman

      I am just brown nosing you coz i wanna dream that we are married and am violating your butthole.

  • skeeter

    you can polish off a lot of food huh, well what else can you polish off?

  • Jayavc

    #14 Pretty blue eyes. (Nice tush too=)

    • Real jayavc

      I think you are a huge slut. I wanna bang your dirty cunt.

    • Jay

      How the fuck does she plan on getting that paint pen off of her mirror? It's ruined. She ruined a perfectly good mirror. Those things aren't free you know.

  • KyleGoldstein

    #25 bloody hell you're one hot babe

    • Brit Chivette

      Thanks! I just want some attention..is that too much to ask for?

      • Falacer

        Nope keep posting pics in that red dress and you will get tons of it!!

        • Brit Chivette

          Thats not me!!!!! FAKE BRIT CHIVETTE!!!

        • Brit Chivette

          ….And only the first batch are free. If you want more, show me the $$$ πŸ˜‰

    • BritChivette

      10$ for 1 hour.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Gap is good on ya' Luv!

    • skeeter

      and #19

  • Scuba Steve

    #9 I bet the Cookie Monster loves your cookies too

  • Clark

    Marry me? wow.

    • Clark

      We will live together in my basement filled with barbie dolls and chainsaws.

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