YouTube’s sexy spaz Jenna Marbles (30 Photos)

Jenna Marbles has become quite the YouTube phenomenon over the last couple years. Jenna's honest, self deprecating delivery has caught on and her fanbase has exploded. From a Chive standpoint I think some of the 'glossy' modeling shots below are total shit and really do nothing to capture her quirky charm, but there is something about her...

For my part at least, I like the girl. Aside from Philip DeFranco she's the only YouTube personality I follow. But I'm curious to hear what the Chivers think of Jenna. For the uninitiated I've included one of Jenna's most popular videos below. Enjoy...

Check out Jenna’s video, What Girls Think About During Sex below.

More photos on Jenna’s blog.

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  • cbeezy


  • kelz


    • English Jim

      Clearly not

      • DaddyD

        And even if it was first … so what?

        • kelz

          Thanks for responding, guys. It's why I do it.

          • USMC0331


            • SheriffPablo

              Successful Troll is Successful.

    • therealguy

      always some loser posting this stupid, played out comment, which proves nothing except how forever alone they'll be.

  • forrester


    If I woke up next to that I wouldn't be too upset. I've def. woken up to much worse and still taken the plunge again in the morning.

    shame boner

    • Dick Salad

      As long as she doesn't talk I'm cool… but that voice…

  • Katie

    I love this girl. She's hilarious, to the point, honest and usually nails her topics!

    • Bon_nie

      Nails her topics? 'Mind out of gutter!' Sorry about that! I totally agree with you here.

    • Ash

      You have no sense of humour. She's like Tyra Banks. Hot as fuck until she opens her mouth.

  • Ninja47

    #22 #23 and every other picture. Marry me.

    • @bckwdboi

      Looks a lot like Kaley Cuoco

  • echogeo

    #16 #19 #22 #27
    Fantastic bod! And her need to nearly expose her kahinki isn't a bad thing either.

    • dagleja3


      • KyleGamgee

        You ever think of a comment, hit reply and see that someone else already made that exact comment? Yeah.

      • Guest

        You ever think of a comment, hit reply and see that someone else already made that exact comment? Yeah.

    • Epitomizer

      What do they call that pose when they nearly expose their "kahinki"?

      • Your Name Here

        Hot & Sexy!

      • You'reWelcome

        HLCYG = How Long Can You Go

  • Vee

    I've chuckled at a few of her youtube vids, she's got spunk, wit and good looks. Good enough for me. These days it's hard to find a girl that can just think for herself.

    • maggiemay13

      It's hard to find people who think for themselves … not just girls.

      • BloodScrubber

        I've too have seen a few of her vids. Restores my faith in a woman who says whats on her mind. I would +100 to you as well Maggie if I could.

    • meee

      these days? what? methinks you don't get out much.

  • AsciiAdam

    Meh, for me. If people like her though, it's cool. I can see the draw. Just not my type.

    I am more an Alison Brie type guy.

    • Whoopi_G

      Mmmm…Alison Brie.

      • DaddyD


        • OIU


          • newchiver

            dangerously cheesy

    • thatguy

      Yeah I get the feeling you're more of a "right hand" type guy

    • Fresh

      Yeah I just don't see it. She's funny but then she tries to be sexy and with her humor it doesn't really match. It's like pick one you can either be a comedian or a model… and I think we need more comedians.

  • Face

    She's pretty much perfect.

    • JOHN

      She's a dog w/o all that shit on her face

  • eljefe9

    Viva la Stool

    • Woody

      Wrong website, beyotch

      • Jimmy C

        Fuck off, Woody

        • Johnny 5

          Im pretty sure the prez fucked over, cuz stolllala was never going to be a great website.
          so yeah fuck the stool and the prez

  • Katie

    Check out "sluts on Halloween" and "white girls in the club"

    • shutup


    • Meeg

      Because Jenna's boring rants are some of your favourite pieces of her work? :S

  • Binteresting


  • Snithers

    I want to make her my queen!!!

    • DRIZ

      -9? looks like we got some queers in here

  • banana flapjacks

    her tits and ass are enjoyable

    • etcrr

      stuh up, Stan

  • matt

    Excellent post chive

  • @Rick62

    I like her cause boobs

    • dedubs

      saw a few of hear videos, never realized she had such a smokin' body

  • NickBurnin8

    She's hilarious. Anyone seen the video on how to look cute? I've never seen anyone cry over their master's degree until Jenna.

    • Jess

      Thats how she got my attention!!! Love that chick ♥

  • Stephanie

    Best post ever!!!! Chive on!

  • Big5Hole

    Viva La Stool.

  • lando

    you know what ex never really did? make me laugh

    I'd take a Jenna over most of the dial tones I've dated


    • DaddyD

      I'd take her over ANY of the twits you've dated.

  • THISguy


  • EasternCanuck

    #22 i'd give her a definite "HOT" rating.

    • My name is Jonas

      that photo is delicious-

    • Creslin

      This photo is shopped, her boobs aren't that big unless she got them done recently.

  • Whoopi_G

    No thanks, I can't stand her. But to each their own.

  • Pat

    Shes attractive, but I find her a little annoying.

    • Regina Guy

      Well said

    • Lev

      Her quirkiness would be amusing for a while, but might get a bit tiresome.

  • Greggers

    Jenna you are hot and so funny! Thanks! 🙂

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