In a sport full of phonies, Lionel Messi never dives (Video)

This video isn’t about a bunch of amazing kicks and goals. It’s about staying on your feet when the rest of the soccer world tries to get a penalty called instead.

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  • greg


    also really enjoyed the music here

    • Legolas

      World Cup Titles score:

      Ronaldo 2 x 0 Messi

      just saying

      • Mass

        Wrong Ronaldo, brah

        • Dylis

          Messi averages more goals per game in his career so your wrong brah!!!

          • SilkySapper

            not for the national team he doesnt, and he hasn't also played through injury and adversity like fat Ronaldo has. Give Messi a few years and you will see how over-rated he is now. Remember Ronaldinho and Kaka? everyone said the exact same thing about them 3 years ago what they are saying about Messi now… but they've disappeared

      • Rew

        depends entirely which ronaldo you're talking about. I think you have the wrong one

      • RayBoogs

        Which Ronaldo?

      • deco

        There is Ronaldo and there is Cristiano Ronaldo

        dont mix things up

        • sebastianbleach

          There is (Cristiano) Ronaldo and Fat Ronaldo 😀

      • Trogdor

        Cafe 2 x Messi 0

        "Just saying…"

    • Pirate

      Maybe the best athlete in the world right now.

      • I_Hate_Paula

        If soccer was America's number one sport like every European country, they would far ahead of anyone else. America will always have the majority of the best world athletes.

        • http://dinkus.blog.com Emzilla

          Dude. I'm an American and I know you're full of shit. Don't be bullheaded. You're one of the reasons trolls attack America. Please, on behalf of the rest of the country- behave.

        • Sweeper

          I'm an American an for everyone's sake STFU or GTFO!

          • I_Hate_Paula

            Its a fact, If you were an athlete you would know that. Can Lionel Messi play any other sports besides soccer? Not that i know of… because thats probably all he did as a kid in his country… futbol…. There are several American NBA players who can start for teams in the NFL and vice versa… they are the best athletes in the world. If Lebron James (and i hate Lebron James) decided to play football in stead of basketball he would be a top 5 Wide Receiver… and thats a fact because he was ranked the number #1 college wide receiver recruit out of high school.

            • grabass

              I understand what you are saying here, but I don't buy it completely. Tons of #1 recruits coming out of high school become busts and never see a minute of the NFL (other sports, too). Heck even 1st round draft choices are not a sure thing.

              Didn't Michael Jordan (MJ >Lebron) try to play something other than basketball?

              I would say most US athletes play multiple sports growing up and many abroad only play one. How does this measure athleticism? Opportunity != talent.

              I played football (American) and baseball growing up. For me, these sports are easy. For the most part, I believe I am athletic enough to keep up in most sports because of my experience. I've recently started playing soccer and have been humbled thoroughly.

              In most sports (even those like golf and table tennis) require footwork for anything to go right. Soccer is 100% footwork. Footwork at its most extreme.

              Finally, about the video. It actually looks like Messi is upset that the Ref blew the whistle on some of those.

            • Yourwrong

              your wrong dude, messi can also be 100 meters runner, or catcher in baseball, basically any sport that requires speed and not too much height XD. Now dont come say that you have the best atheletes in the world beacouse your totally wrong. Show me your titles in the Olympics if you are so great. Whoops, caught ya XD

              • Sticky Wickets

                The United States have more Olympic medals than any other country. In fact, they have more than twice the amount of medals as the country in second. Numbers don't lie.

                • thechevron

                  per head of capita they are 43rd though.

                  • Sticky Wickets

                    That still doesn't change the fact that the best athletes usually come from America. I would agree though that our large population helps that fact.

        • ian

          I think that america would also be a powerhouse in rugby if it got the endorsements and support that the NFL/NBA got. Hell maybe even half of what they got.

        • Ciro

          You mean Africans? Last time i checked, Americas athletes aren't true Americans. Also you will never beat Canadians at hockey. Never.

        • O RLY?

          America will also always have one the highest illiteracy rates of any first world-country (even though according to many, the US is no longer a first-world country) because American high schools value football, baseball and basketball higher than literature, math or science. So keep playing with your balls America, while Japan and China keep making America's economy their bitch. Don't worry, I'm sure teaching creationism/ID in school will make God save you!

    • Jaime

      Dont know about the first song but the second song is by a duo named rodrigo and Gabriella name of that song is tamacun

    • manhappenin!! MB

      the music is good the song at 3 mins is a spanish acoustic group …a guy and a gal named rodrigo y gabriela and the song i believe is tamacun …they are fucking awesome check them out on you tube it will blow you away…this is a very slow version of the song!

      • gojira

        Actually they're Mexican and yes, they're awesome

    • brentmatthew

      Second song is 'Tamacun' by Rodrigo y Gabriela… not sure about the first though…

      • Skinnysteve

        The first song is How it Ends by Devotchka

        • brentmatthew

          Cool, thanks bro.

    • BanffChiver

      Ronaldo: Doctor, every time I look in the mirror I get an erection.
      Doctor: Well I'm not surprised considering you are a huge c**t!

  • http://twitter.com/Joe_Meets_World @Joe_Meets_World

    That guy probably doesn't even dive in to pools, he tries to walk on water

    • Joe

      Hehe nice one.

    • The engineer

      No, I bet he just dives.

    • hipop

      messi could probably dribble a ball over water! The greatest the world has ever seen i believe.

      • cld

        hes fantastic great sportsman…..unfortunately the rest of the team dives………….

        • http://facebook.com/daaneskjold Chazz_B

          tell me about it… also i am mexican xD diving is a natural part of soccer here =S

          he is very skilled, and also his low center of gravity helps a lot

    • http://dinkus.blog.com Emzilla

      Like Chuck Norris? –Oh, wait you meant Jesus!

    • GlasgowBhoy

      he doesn't try to walk on water, he does. All hail Lionel Messi!

    • negativesm00th

      well done good sir.

  • phonie

    big fat phonies

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      The diving is despised by the overwhelming majority of fans and would quickly disappear if FIFA (the world governing body) would allow video replays to be used by referees.

      However, FIFA argue that the rules of football should be the same for every single game, from the World Cup Final down to the local village league match.

      It's a stinker, that's for sure.

      • sher

        Too Long, din't read.

  • Mocs

    messi is the best down-to-earth soccer player there is… respect!!!

    • nick

      compilation of Messi dives…

      • Mocs

        oh yeah, cuz down-to-earth is the opposite of messi dives.. good work buddy

        • trev

          messi is actually a piece of crap like most athletes

      • wildgrover

        Messi's not perfect but he's 1,000X better than his oscar winning teammates. Bacshitlona FC will dive their way to victory.

    • Ben

      Too bad he still plays soccer

      • danharmonlives

        too bad you still made a comment which entitled "too bad"…

  • Busternut

    Leo Messi, world's greatest footballer. Totally doesn't look like a superstar, very modest, very VERY talented. Beautiful to watch.

    • meh

      yeah but the rest of barcelona make up for his modesty and lack of diving with their on-field antics

    • USAF

      I now understand why ref's allow "play-on" instead of calling fouls immediately.

      • Futbolero

        if they do a fool against you but your team still managed to keep the ball, the ref gives advantage so they play quickly

  • Rodd Hungwell

    6 minutes of soccer…..2012 quota met

    • Brian

      Best. Comment. Ever.

      • Billy

        Watching soccer is like watching paint dry.

    • Simon

      Yeah because watching HandEgg (a.k.a American Football), is so much fun! Watching fatasses run around for 20 secs, 5 min pause and 5 min ads is awesome! Cus the REAL football players who run 10km per match, need to be perfect athletes, posses incredible skills and put on an incredible show like Messi are just plain fags!

      • Catatafish

        those fat asses are faster than you.

        • Joe

          Is that an argument? Kinda weak.

          • Catatafish

            I like both soccer and football so I dont need to argue for soccer or footballs sake it just makes me mad when people are stupid. It is ignorant to say that american football players aren't athletic. Yeah the guys are huge but they are very fast and athletic none the less.

      • 'Merica

        I think if you tried to Call Ndamukong Suh a fatass, he would eat you.

    • That's not all...

      "'Mercia"? You said more in that one misconstrued word than the rest of your comment. Well done.

    • parkatola

      And 2013. And most of 2014.

  • Jeremy

    Awesome! So tired of seeing all those dudes fake fall/get injured.

    • David

      Mad respect. Diving needs to be dealt with retroactively in football. Issue red cards for obvious offenders after you review the tape.

      That said: The problem also lies with the refs. Though some times you can argue they play the advantage fact is many of those fouls, some of the penalties, would have been called had he hit the turf. Players are punished for staying on their feet when fouled. It's a problem.

    • Dan

      what the fck is wrong with you chivers?i,ve been watching football all of my life and i rarely seen someone complaining about the dives.here on theChive it's like most of you are brainwashed.i mean yeah some players dive but not that often and seriously who the fuck cares?
      saying football is a sport where everybody dives is as true as saying all americans are fat and stupid or all asians are smart.it's 2012 people you need to stop being so ignorant

  • Hero_Status

    Valencia really dont like Messi!

  • http://www.thechive.com NonfatWombat

    What sport are they playing?

    • Joe

      The world's most played sport. Just get off your couch.

    • samuray4k

      you must be american

    • Savo


  • Dustin

    chive till i die, but tired of the people who generalize the futbol world with the likes of cristiano ronaldo and the other dive prone sissyfied tweety birds. Yes, there are a lot of pussies who dive and act like bitches, but there are even more world class athletes than any other sport. please, please chivers against soccer – smarten the fuck up

    • Joe

      So true man. Love from Canada.

    • Seano

      While I agree that there are a great deal of amazing soccer athletes, you absolutely do not see as much "pussies" in any other sport than you do in soccer because it has become just so commonplace to dive in soccer. The reason Messi is able to break through so many defensemen while getting hit is b/c they give up assuming that he's going to fall. Everyone else does.

      • Dustin

        you are right, you don't see "as many pussies in other sports," but what sports are we talking about? Football? Yes, these goliaths are born and breed to not feel pain. You could snap their neck and they would say "can I go back in the game coach?" Other than that what sports are we talking about? Baseball? Tennis? Basketball? All what I would consider non-contact sports. All which I would say have more than their fair share of shit talking, arrogant pussies. I may be off topic a little, but my point is the "Rodd Hungwells" from above, who probably troll espn till they find something they can talk shit about – mean very little to me. Soccer is and always will be one of the most exciting sports in the world – even if just by my own opinion.

        • bennnny

          Basketball is very much a contact sport, with all due respect.. You're directly being physical against another person.. Obviously not as much contact as football though

      • I_Hate_Paula


    • Max W

      Has anyone ever seen a Rugby match? Rugby is is essence of sportsmanship. What sport to you beat the crap out of each other for 80 straight minutes (no pads) then go to the bar with the opposing team and share a beer on the home team? There is no dives in rugby, just real men playing a real sport.

    • Odie

      You sound like a self aggrandizing asshole. Heed your own advice and "smarten the fuck up" before you attempt to belittle a group of people that happen to realize that they have no love for futbol, the pussies or the world class athletes.

      • Dustin

        please don't call me any more mean names mr. odie, you are hurting my feelings terribly. just understand the point to the first post and shut "the fuck up."

        • Odie

          I apologize for using terminology that you obviously find difficult to understand. Did you check with your parents before using the internet yesterday? Thank you for proving my earlier point regarding one of your character traits.

          • Dustin

            congratulations mr. odie, you have one the internet. i'm sure you are very proud. and thank you for pointing out my character traits from behind a computer with absolutely no knowledge. you are everything that is wrong with the comments section of every website.

            • Dustin

              lol, *won, please go ahead and rip on the grammar mistake i deserve it

              • Odie

                You're all right in my book. Have a good one.

                • Dustin

                  cheers to you, mr. odie. GO USA! (in case you didn't watch jozy and clint pull off the first win ever against italy)

    • she's a witch!

      I don't appreciate you using feminine terms like "pussy" and "bitch" to describe someone taking fake dives or someone who can't take a hit. as Betty White would say, pussies are tough, they can really take a beating. ball sacks on the other hand are soft and sensitive. so shut up and stop being stupid

      • BizNastyForPresident

        Holy feminism

        • LockStock


      • Dustin

        midol's in the top left cabinet.

      • Dustin

        what about sissyfied tweety birds? is that okay?

  • Hero_Status

    Another reason why is the not just the greatest player on the planet. but the greatest of all time. at 23.

    • M.O.T.

      24, but still much younger than Maradona at the height of his fame, or Ronaldinho at his.

    • eljefe9

      True, the greatest player of all time was from South America, and he did wear #10, but he lived a little north of Argentina has 3 World Cup titles under his belt. Not hating on Messi, greatest playing right now by a mile, but it's a little early to say GOAT.

  • reed

    unfortunately everyone else on his team does…..La Liga is riddled with masters of the embellishing arts

    • Nerv

      I think you don't watch many Barça matches. That is completely wrong. Most of the Barça players take several kicks during the game and they don't simulate. Barça is the best team in the world by far and the only way the other teams have to win a match against them is hitting and kicking his players.

      Real Madrid does, they're bullshit.

      • matt

        I watch soccer all the time and Barca dive all the time but Messi doesnt. Alves and Busquets are 2 of the worst in futbol

    • Hucks

      The only shining light in a club full of the most odious cuntybollocks to grace the game. A shameful bunch o' bastards. Give us our Cesc back, you dirty twatmonkeys.

      • Nerv

        Easy, man, easy. We can give you Hleb back, what a bad player. But quite good for Arsenal.

        PS: When did you win your last title? Pretty tough uh?

        • Hucks

          Quite good English for a Spaniard, pal.

      • reed

        Hucks, i used to love Cesc at Arsenal, but looking at Barca's place in La Liga right now, it's clear that he's not a winner. He left when things got tough at Arsenal and i will always think of him as a quitter (captains are held to a higher standard).

        And Nerv, lets talk in 5 years when Barca are in horrible debt and arsenal are the class of the football world

        • dcfc2barca

          messi cost nothing iniesta cost nothing xavi,puyol,pique,busquets,pedro,thiago,valdes cost nothing future talent tello, cuenca, sergi roberto,montoya, kiko femina as long as they are bringing world class players in i think barca will always be better than arsenal

  • K-VON

    I dont watch soccer but hes now my favourite player.

  • http://theadventuresofjim.wordpress.com/ theAdventuresOfJim

    I'm glad americans can get to see what the majority of football looks like and not the montages of horrific diving

    • Joe

      Yeah, they're just missing a wonderful sport because of cliches and narrow-mindedness.
      Glad something happens here.
      Keep it up Chive.

      • http://dinkus.blog.com Emzilla

        Not all Americans, thank you. Don't be biased against the country, speaking of narrow-mindedness.

      • FLA

        I respect soccer but do not enjoy watching. I'm sorry but I don't feel like it should be an accomplishment to not dive. It should be seen as a disgrace to dive in the first place.

    • Hucks

      I don't give a shit if they like it or not. I've got more things to worry about down the Arsenal each Saturday. But not yesterday! F U Spurs!

  • Mother

    Who gives a shit or a fuck about soccer?

    • Dustin

      looks like you are the black sheep on this thread my friend. htfu

    • Joe

      Your mom?

      And your comment doesn't even express an opinion, just a lack of wisdom and curiosity. Pointless/

    • kick.it

      everyone but you more people play this sport than any other.

      more kids in North America (including you, US of A) register for soccer than any other sport.

      • truth

        agree. I love to watch football (American) but I don't want my kid playing it. Soccer is just as fun and not nearly as many head injuries that lead to brain-related deseases.

    • samuray4k

      not sure if trolling or just stupid

    • Hucks

      You kiss… yourself with that mouth?

    • Mobo

      It's the most popular sport in the world. Are you trying to be funny or are you a moron?

    • kas

      A part of USA and few countries more where soccer it's not the main sport more or less then the rest of the world give a shit!! So if you don't like that's absolutely ok but "who give a shit" it means you come from another planet. In this case welcome to the planet earth and wake up DUDE!

    • danharmonlives

      who gives a shit about you making a comment and about you having the ability to comment…


    balance is brilliant, some of these tackles were clear fouls that many would of gone down for and been awarded a free kick. But he has the ability to be able to stand on his feet and keep calm & carry on. Diving is a disgrace to the game at the minute!

  • Yo Mamma

    New favorite player

    • Kaiser


  • JSU

    never dives…. BS!!!

    • SAul

      agreed. No doubt the best player ever, but he goes down pretty easy very often

      • chris

        I don't think you guys know the difference between dive and being tripped.

        • SAul

          I think you have your Messi-glasses on. Not denying that he is the best footballer ever, and is a decent guy. Its not harder then to type in Messi dive on youtube. You will find plenty. Just the name of the game.

          You want to see a real legend who never dives, try Alan Shearer.

          • SilkySapper

            Or Beckenbauer. He played the world cup final in a sling because his arm got dislocated and he kept playing. now that is balls. Messi will trip over a pebble and call a foul usually. Messi can't even get close to the world cup finals. So much for greatest player ever, cant even win with his National Team

            4-0 gegen Deutschland!!!! 4-0

      • Mike

        He's like 4-10.. do you realize how easy it is to knock him over if you really want to?

        • ThinkB4YouType

          Did you not see the one guy trying to tackle him football (American) style and he still kept running like the guy was only a 10 lb backpack?

  • ChriX

    Soccer is a bullshiy sport. Eom

  • ChriX

    Soccer is a bullshit sport. Eom

  • etcrr

    nice foot work

  • Sme

    Soccer still sucks. Rugby or NFL are for men.

    • kick.it

      that's about right. insecure men who need to prove how macho they are because their dads touched their willies late at night.

      your mom knew, that's why she killed herself

      • nemesis

        There's no need for that.

      • truth

        seriously, you are disturbed in a way that makes you unfit to have intelligent conversations with. Just because a person doesn't like a sport, you went there? Damn.

    • truth

      Rugby and the NFL are by no means, a reflection of what makes a man. If it takes brain trama and physical disabilities to determine manhood, what does that say about your manly qualifications?

    • tseuG

      Which one do you play Sme?

    • TheCultofPersonality

      how about i slide tackle you and we'll see how much of a man you are

      • I_Hate_Paula

        id rather get a slide tackle from lionel messi than tackled by ray lewis

    • danharmonlives

      nfl would've not existed if it wasn't for rugby, and the same goes for rugby if soccer wasn't invented…

  • Daguerilla

    Cool vid. I coach mid school age kids in that awkward phase. Not sure if clumsy or flopping.

  • dwide schrude

    4:28… what a doucheee

    • http://dinkus.blog.com Emzilla

      He looked a little horny to me… xD

      I mean uh, yeah! Rude! 😛

  • Ciggy~Num~Num

    so much fun to watch play….he creates space when there is none. and he makes defenders look stupid. the dude is just a straight beast.

    • truth

      a futbol ninja.

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