Your winning Chivettes. theCHIVE goes on Vegas Spring Break March 8th – 11th (10 Photos)

See you in Vegas!

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  • lando


    Erin has redefined the underboob for me

    • Kowabunga

      Erin is smoking hot…

      • Chris

        Something tells me she's average looking in real life. Every picture she has the same head tilt/smile and the pictures are not of great quality.

        • DeDav

          And you know what? She's called a "Real girl" may be considered average to some, but to others, she's absolutely stunning.

          • http://whatmovieshouldiwatch.wordpress.com/ mhuard5

            As a member of the latter group, I say good, go away. Just means one less person in the way!

    • ???

      true but i am confused y we voted for her. i would of much rather seen mac get beat up, than surfer bra get a hair cut

    • sjon

      looks pretty skanky i'd say

    • roadhog0

      Best underboob. Ever!

    • ddd

      Dear God, please let me have only sons.

  • pennies

    #10, #2

    looks like we got a +1 for that pillow fight

  • Martin McFly

    #2 FUCK YEA!!!!!!

    • Martin McFly

      #5 Now that I've had a few moments to gather my thoughts, i just wanted to say with all respectfulness;

      you are blah blah blah blah most blah blah blah amazing blah blah blah blah breasts!! blah blah Congratulations blah blah MY GOD!!

  • max


    Chive Code = John buys drinks for all the chivers

    • KroD

      ASA ASA ASA ASA ASA… and Ellen! Play Double Diamonds if ya slu… slot it up! max bet. Have fun jumping off stuff and grats.

  • mr. mister


    Trifecta of sexy

  • TracerBullet_PI

    #3 Lots of love for the chivettes for doing locks of love.

    • DDD

      Erins underboob + Locks of Love donation= perfect storm to win!!

    • splash down

      Pretty sure it has to be 12" or longer. (thats what she said)

      • TracerBullet_PI

        Just checked the site, minimum is 10", so depending on how long his head is … he's pretty close. I just assumed he was eligible because he said he'd only do it if he could donate to locks of love.

        • truth

          If that kid's hair is 10" my penis is bigger than I thought. hi doug 😉

        • Swamp1983

          correct, it needs to be a minimum of 10" in a pony tail and I just saw him walking round on the webcam and he'll maybe get 6-8" with that hair.

          • DDD

            They sell all donated hair that is not long enough to other hair companies to fund the organization…….. so if it turns out its not long enough it still helps the organization ….

    • miliano

      Chivettes aren't donating to locks of love, Doug is. Poor guy, must have tooken him a long time to grow that hair.

      • TracerBullet_PI

        I said "for doing" not "for donating". And poor guy nothing! I think he'll get over it when he has two cute girls fondling all over him to shave his head; besides he agreed to it as long as it goes to locks of love, so he knows it's a good cause. Good on all of them.

  • lonestar

    #11 – Everybody loves a good smile!

  • Sean


  • tourist


    met john in vegas a couple months ago. down to earth and appreciative of his fans. I couldn't get a drink with him because my wife was bein' a bitch.

    • Martin McFly

      dude… dealbreaker.. no time for bitchin when Johns around!!!

    • Your Wife

      Fuck you Rob!

    • sigh


    • stacey

      was wearing BFM and he walked up to me and said ' i like your shirt ' it ranks up there as one of the cooler moments in my life. don't judge

  • Dick Salad

    $100 their stunt involves some lady on lady action… which I am completely fine with… really

    • splash down

      Ellen would be more up for it than Asa. Yes you can tell that from a few pictures.

    • JHL1

      I hope you win that bet, cause then we'll all win.

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    We are all winners on this one.

  • http://twitter.com/_staceywithane_ @_staceywithane_

    congrats ladies! maybe next spring ill win.

  • badmatty

    you're welcome 😉
    And thank YOU!

  • forrester

    i'll be in vegas that weekend with some friends. I have a feeling there will be a lot of green around the strip

    • DrLeppiwinks

      I'll be there as well with 7 other Chivers, there needs to be some sort of list or facebook event to rally the troops

  • Talon

    What do Chivettes dream of, when they have a little Chivette snooze?

    • Sarah Jay


    • R2_Pinky

      Chuck Norris vs. a velociraptor in an Octoagon ring! You know, normal shit.

  • KCCO

    Congrats! I will be in vegas the week after, what kind of crap luck is that?

    • Dick Salad

      stalker fanboi luck, thats what kind of luck it is.

  • me.

    Whitney, this means you gotta step up the submissions for next time. 😉

    • splash down

      Bitch is foul. We have already seen too much of her.

      • blue

        I haven't.

  • Micks

    #5 you're welcome!

  • Woody

    Congrats, girlz … you KKCO

    #2 #10

    • Dick Salad

      What does the second K mean?

  • Rick_

    I live in Vegas. Couldn't have planned a better weekend.

  • etcrr

    Congarts to the ladies and do a good job of shaving Doug's head

    • wizzy

      Yes, congarts to you!

  • BigPup

    theCHIVE, Putting the SIN in Sin city!

    • LOL

      more like the yawn…

  • Matt

    Congrats ladies!

  • Jay

    Erin #5 you're welcome. Thank you for submitting to the Chive. To bad you don't have a twitter account

    • Jay

      heavy deep breathing… I want to smell your hair… then touch myself… I want to feel your blood… No I don't have all of your photos submitted to theChive. No one understands me like you do Erin.

  • saskchivertoon

    #5 Congrats! Gonna be a gong show. Good on ya Doug, i wish my hairdresser looked like that…

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