Is Brazilian fitness model Eva Andressa too much woman for you? (29 Photos)

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  • Joey Jo jo


    • tapsnapornap

      Me neither. She's hot.

    • ok!

      long answer is Hell No.

    • Kevin

      I'd smash pissers with her

    • Anakin

      You underestimate my power, chive.

      • Lil John

        She might be too much woman for me.

        But I'd damn sure like to give it a shot.

    • Nerf Herder

      Beautiful woman with a nice smile. Plus, she has boobs.

    • Billy

      I'd let her whip my ass first.

  • etcrr

    #22 looks good to me, She has everything in the right places

    • UncleDave

      Plus a bonus point for breathing?


    • Elbie

      she got silicone in the right places too

    • Farnsworth

      But those thighs are bigger than Bulls.

    • Archibald

      You mean a penis.

  • aaron

    FIRST! Wow. Just wow.

    • YUP

      Your mother is a whore.

      • Lucas

        Read in Sean Connery's voice

  • aaron

    I mean…THIRD!

    • Some Random BAMF

      I fucked your mom with a nine iron once. She only refers to me as Tiger Woods. She's kind of a freak bro.

      • Lucas

        *See above comment and replies

  • Cal

    What a waste of time I’d rather go out and see the world than be stuck in a gym every day to end up lookin like that errrrrgghh

  • Chester

    I bet she could crack walnuts with those buttcheeks.

    Too much for me tho…

    • truth

      She is just a little too muscular at this point. Still a beautiful woman.

    • SMT

      She has no GAP! 😮

    • Dick Salad

      As long as she doesn't flex I'm good… I mean safe…

  • K-VON

    What is 'NO', Alec?

    • RobTalk

      Good response, but it's "Alex"

    • The One

      Alex: "Sorry K-VON, the answer we were looking for was, "what is YES."

  • pete


    • Apocalypse_Now


  • RealZoo

    #7 #9 #17 #21 She looks great. Might get crushed b/t those thighs but …..probably worth it!

    • Guest

      Yep, Thighs are little much, but everything else is so nice.

  • Anonymous

    Nice! U can Se the world and train good combination! Shes perfect!

  • art

    #13 and #21 are my fav

    • whyme1973

      That ass and those thighs are great! What a package she is.

  • MattKL

    #13 #21 Sweet Jesus.

    • Pudge

      thaaaaaats a little too much for me, the the rest of the photos have gone straight into the wank bank 😀

      • Katie

        I agree I think her thighs are just a bit too muscular. Besides that she looks awesome.

  • marco

    jaime koeppe much better…

    • The One

      Yes indeed!! ;D

  • boise state ruffneck

    Like my women…..women that’s a manly woman there……gross

    • Tom

      I agree, I like women that look like women. Don't know why guys like manly looking chicks. I like fit women, not bodybuilders. This girl is pretty and all, but too manly of a body!

  • Hef


  • Dude

    Just about right.

  • ShakeyTheMoyle

    I would let her carry in my groceries….hellz yeah!!

    • Dustin

      you right you right

      • http://dinkus.blog.com Emzilla


  • Richard Long

    Work her a little at a time and cellophane the rest for later.

  • Djsan99

    She is bad ass! I would love for her to sit on my face! Wait did I just say that?

  • cat

    omg. that. is. hot.

  • HerpDerp

    It's like a woman Trent Richardson… that I would have sex with.

  • Iam_Dave

    Like my daddy said "never have a woman bigger than you, it could be your death" :p

    • moose

      I'd die smiling.

  • Brian

    I have a jar of pickles that won't open.

  • aaron

    Roll tide HerpDerp!

  • Bob

    #22 sexy, she can wrap her legs around me anyime – giggidy

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