Chive Everywhere (83 Photos)

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  • echogeo

    This gotta be my favorite post. Seeing all the Chivers worldwide is freakin' awesome!

  • capncandycone


  • Okiechivette

    35 I see what you did there Canadian! Okay okay so maybe all Canadians are not confused French people stuck in the woods….

  • the_real_Mike

    #62 Canadian girls are the sexiest!!!! πŸ˜€

    • Big Daddy

      Yeah, We need a whole lot more of her. Gorgeous

  • Mum

    #63. Happy 19th birthday. Chive you made that Chivers day….love Mum

  • Ray

    #83 IS STUNNING!!!

  • ROK247

    #66 lt daaaan, ice creeeaaaam

  • @cf_ninja

    #17, fellow chiver, I’m 33 and also have cystic fibrosis, keep calm brother. You’ll be in my thoughts when I run Savage Race this weekend! Get better soon.

  • coinbank

    #46 how arkward…who is the other dude? presumably 1 is the father….the other????

    • BostonChiver.

      godfather? brother? actual baby daddy but the daddy doesn't know?

    • James

      nope, I'm just a great friend and chiver, I bought the onensy for her baby shower, and they are both big chivers!. I'm the one on the right

      • coinbank

        oh thank god…..thought was like that photo of the 3 asians and the girl is hold hands with the dude's friend behind the dude's back πŸ™‚

        • James

          hahaha, nope, not that at all. But that picture cracks me up

  • This guy

    From the guy on the left: Rockin! We actually made the cut! Thanks for keepin us calm Chive!

  • Jarid

    27 winner! Who is she’s ? Moaar! Yeah Calgary chivettes

  • Johnny walker

    #40 boogity,boogity,boogity, lets go racin boys!

  • dkassa

    #62 and #54 im coming to wherever you are!

  • thaomeow

    #12, hell yeah, Austin!

  • Fogarty

    #31 that looks nothing like Canada….

  • Mandee

    #1–I know the hottie on the left! Columbia,la baby!!

    • Michael

      You caught me.

  • hondo

    #31 Always so funny to us that you forgot there is a world outside your borders. "Capitol of the Free World" Hilarious. Every hear of Canada, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Brazil,Denmark,The UK, The Philippines, India, etc etc etc.

    • USABro

      hondo please……..keep calm…….lets not compare these places to the U.S.

  • Anonymous

    Please find #27……and tell her I love her

  • Tyler

    #62 I live 1hr from her made my day!!!

    • Eastport, Merica

      As do i! im across the border from St. Stephens…CHIVE ON!

    • mishaai

      i'm also from NB

  • jjj

    #79 #83 Canada keeps impressing me

  • Hunter_BZ

    #37 There are Chivers in Belize. We might be few, but we are here. Chive On from Belize City. You are in San Pedro Yes?

    • BZE

      Chive on from Belize too!!! (Even though I'm in Mexico City at the moment).. Enjoy "La isla bonita'

  • ceej

    #53 there are more in CS! πŸ™‚

    • grt

      Chive on from Cstat!

    • Hannah

      Haven't met a chiver in Cstat yet! KCCO!

  • CVPhotog

    #61 – I Can't even write KCCO correctly πŸ™‚

  • Jacob

    #65…Chive On from a fellow Pirate in western North Carolina. NO QUARTER!

    • Surfmutt

      KCCO, Go PIRATES! Miss the Emerald City for just THAT—-> reason.

    • RackemJohnny

      We need to get a G-Vegas convention of Chiving Pirates, I've worn my BFM downtown and to Beerfest with no Chive On's yet!

    • ecu_chivette

      fall semester…. as the ECU chivette i'm calling an epic chive on party to commence!!! PIRATE NATION BABY!!! love my chivers!!

  • maggiemay13

    Whoever #69 is, she wins. She should be a Chivette of the Week, that picture is hilarious.

    • Krissy919

      Her name is Pearl and she's from Burlington, Vermont. I'm #70, and I work with Pearl. She is one sexy beast, and I'd be happy to do a photo shoot with her. I'll let her know you liked her photo. πŸ™‚ Thanks Chive!

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