Chive Everywhere (83 Photos)

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  • Rainmaker2112

    #83 is that "The Rear Window" or what should it be named? Here's a few ideas:

    "What Window? Window"

    "To Be Outside Looking in Window"

    "The Chivers Bedroom Window"

    "The Lady in the Window"

  • The Saint

    83 girl you rock,

  • Jez

    #38 has to happen more often when chivettes take pics for bra burning and hump days etc.. Are those iPhone covers sold on the site?

  • Dingu

    ^#68 Greetz from Germany 2

  • Luke0027

    #71…. you just got knocked the fuck out BIIIIIIITCH!

  • Kronosik

    #66 Master of PS, level: 99 B)

  • Sabrina

    #64 thats my nephew keep it rocking H-man

  • cheeese

    #35 eh?

  • JawDropped

    #2 Moar moar much much moar!

  • Always Last


  • Katie

    #17 I'm wishing this guy the best of luck and hope he's feeling better very soon!! My sister also has Cystic Fibrosis and has to be the strongest girl I know!! Keep Calm and Just Breathe Buddy!!!

  • Aaron West

    #14 where are you from in northern WI? i thought i was the only chiver in this whole state!

    • aubrey

      I actually live in Milwaukee. I was just up in St Germaine this summer when the picture was taken

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