Girls in bikinis fail compilation (Video)

There’s an important life lesson here: if you’re going to fail, at least have the decency to show some cleavage.

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    I always genuinely feel bad when a woman hurts herself, but I have to say a couple of these gals are probably not the brightest crayons…

    • etcrr fucks sheep

      you misspelled First.

  • WTF

    no fail why? chive why?

  • SpacemanSpiff

    Dang most of them got hurt pretty bad

    well atleast they be wearing they bikini

  • Abel

    99% of these fails deserved it.

  • Kyle

    My penis enjoys these fail

  • Kyle

    Second 59 is no bikini

  • http://www.funnypicturespro.com/12746/girls-in-bikinis-fail-compilation-video/ Girls in bikinis fail compilation (Video) | Funny Pictures Pro

    […] From: theCHIVE » FAIL […]

  • Clay

    Nice ladies! Outstanding coordination!

  • jsh6676

    ouch poor girl at 00:50 my heart aches but I cant stop watching it in repeat… how fucking stupid these guys are… most probably did not check the rope length , did not think for one second there could be a big tide in that river and they let the girl try first when it is obviously a hard to make one (if not impossible to make at low tide) if you look closely on pause you see that the sand seems wet at the height where her feet touch the ground and there is full floating debris on the ground also. stupidity at its best!

    • nate

      incorrect. On both rope swing occasions the fail was caused by inadequate grip strength. You really think these girls are the first ones to try out the swing? Guys were probably swinging all day without any problems.

    • nate

      Also there is no tide in a river.

  • etcrr

    everyone of those fails has gotta hurt

    • Rick Derris

      all of your fails hurt!!!

  • Kyle

    There's too many friggen repetitive commercials on this site

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