Grand Marnier Mix-a-Moment Madness begins. We need your suggestions! (2 Photos)

In honor of the NCAA tournament, Grand Marnier and theCHIVE have teamed up to create our own special party bracket. The purpose of the Mix-a-Moment bracket is to answer the greatest party questions of all time: If you could have one great drink, who would it be with, where would you have the drink, and what music would be playing?

We're going to let you decide that definitive drinking moment but first we need your help to complete the brackets. Right now one Wild Card slot remains in each bracket. We need you to sound off in the comments to let us know who/what you think that last person, place, and music should be.

Also, if you have any special Grand Marnier drinks, give us your recipe and we'll add it to the vote as well.

In two hours, we'll take the top 5 suggestions from the comments and let you vote on them. Before you make a suggestion, check out the already-established field of competitors below. The official bracket goes live on Facebook at midnight tonight. Sound off below!

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  • new yorker

    I'd like to have a drink out of the crack of Olivia Munn's ass.

    does that count as both a person and a place?

  • jump

    Richard Grieco

  • DDD

    BILL MURRAY!!!!!!!!!

    • Sticky Wickets

      I think you meant Bill Fucking Murray

      • DDD

        Yes i did….. please forgive me

        • Sticky Wickets

          Only Sir Bill can forgive you now

  • wiley

    In Greenbow Alabama

    • chuck

      Easy there Forrest!!! easy…

  • David Penis

    And there's no Beatles?

  • jason

    I dunno about you guys but I hear it's pretty cool to have a drink at the Chive.

  • Jason

    Bill Fucking Murray


    Person- Freddy Mercury of Queen
    Place- The Helicopter scene of Apocalypse now
    Drink-The Pocket Square
    Music- The Killers

    • The Mule

      like it. what song by the killers?

      • MICHAEL

        Hmm. Going off my personal favorite I would say "Bling"

    • Del

      Looks like they are going with LIVE people………. Freddies out..

      • MICHAEL

        Yeah but that why he is such an awesome "wild card" !!!

      • The Mule

        i don't know that, it seems like dead people might be ok here, they haven't said dead people are out. what if we dug up Freddie and someone made him into a marionette?

      • sparky

        Pretty sure Biggie Smalls is dead. And for that matter, Don Draper isn't really a person, just a character played by John Hamm.

    • Simon

      Person- Scarlett Johansson
      Music- Arcade Fire
      Place- Rio Carnival
      Drink-Irish car bomb

  • Danny McCooz

    What aboot Canada?

    • dustin buckles


  • Whaaa

    Willie Wonka, anyone?

  • Its Steve

    George Bush when that man was still drinking

  • It's obvious.

    Bill Fuckin' Murray!

  • Captain Hindsight

    You should have had The Beatles

  • DDD

    Music Springsteen and E street band

  • Scotty B

    Definitely Shaq

  • MIZ11

    How bout Boba Fett?

    • The Mule

      how does he drink with the helmet on?

    • Kyle

      If you are gonna go that route might as well be the guy that was inside R2-D2

  • The Mule

    Bill Clinton, red headed slut, sitting on washingtons nose at mount rushmore

    • The Mule

      rock the casbah is the song (the clash)

      • TheCureForHope

        You sir, are a goddamn genius.

  • John

    Freddie Mercury

  • Scott Zimmerman

    The B-52 recipe:
    (Layered, in a shot glass)
    1 oz Kaluha
    1 oz Bailey's
    1 oz Grand Marnier
    Toss it back!

    (Note: This can also be stirred together over ice, for those lazy people)

    • Scott Zimmerman

      That's 'Kahlua'…

  • Juan

    The coliseum would be epic, beer and blood sport

  • Tate

    People: David Fherety
    Music: Van Halen
    Places: Necker Island
    Drinks: BEER!

    • RufioRufioRuFi

      Troll? Or just an awful person?

  • South Park


  • dylaan

    Yvonne strahovski. ‘blue beard’ by band of horses. Old fashion. Hot tub. I would also accept olivia wilde listening to any arcade fire while drinking whiskey neat on any beach

    • Fat_Chiver

      I second Yvonne Strahovski but I'd be drinking in that there bat cave.

  • http://p p

    Joe rogan, college world series, purple nerds, trivium

  • iwannameetbill

    will ferrell or the f'ing murray

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