Grand Marnier Mix-a-Moment Madness begins. We need your suggestions! (2 Photos)

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  • new yorker

    I'd like to have a drink out of the crack of Olivia Munn's ass.

    does that count as both a person and a place?

  • jump

    Richard Grieco

  • DDD

    BILL MURRAY!!!!!!!!!

    • Sticky Wickets

      I think you meant Bill Fucking Murray

      • DDD

        Yes i did….. please forgive me

        • Sticky Wickets

          Only Sir Bill can forgive you now

  • wiley

    In Greenbow Alabama

    • chuck

      Easy there Forrest!!! easy…

  • David Penis

    And there's no Beatles?

  • jason

    I dunno about you guys but I hear it's pretty cool to have a drink at the Chive.

  • Jason

    Bill Fucking Murray


    Person- Freddy Mercury of Queen
    Place- The Helicopter scene of Apocalypse now
    Drink-The Pocket Square
    Music- The Killers

    • The Mule

      like it. what song by the killers?

      • MICHAEL

        Hmm. Going off my personal favorite I would say "Bling"

    • Del

      Looks like they are going with LIVE people………. Freddies out..

      • MICHAEL

        Yeah but that why he is such an awesome "wild card" !!!

      • The Mule

        i don't know that, it seems like dead people might be ok here, they haven't said dead people are out. what if we dug up Freddie and someone made him into a marionette?

      • sparky

        Pretty sure Biggie Smalls is dead. And for that matter, Don Draper isn't really a person, just a character played by John Hamm.

    • Simon

      Person- Scarlett Johansson
      Music- Arcade Fire
      Place- Rio Carnival
      Drink-Irish car bomb

  • Danny McCooz

    What aboot Canada?

    • dustin buckles


  • Whaaa

    Willie Wonka, anyone?

  • Its Steve

    George Bush when that man was still drinking

  • It's obvious.

    Bill Fuckin' Murray!

  • Captain Hindsight

    You should have had The Beatles

  • DDD

    Music Springsteen and E street band

  • Scotty B

    Definitely Shaq

  • MIZ11

    How bout Boba Fett?

    • The Mule

      how does he drink with the helmet on?

    • Kyle

      If you are gonna go that route might as well be the guy that was inside R2-D2

  • The Mule

    Bill Clinton, red headed slut, sitting on washingtons nose at mount rushmore

    • The Mule

      rock the casbah is the song (the clash)

      • TheCureForHope

        You sir, are a goddamn genius.

  • John

    Freddie Mercury

  • Scott Zimmerman

    The B-52 recipe:
    (Layered, in a shot glass)
    1 oz Kaluha
    1 oz Bailey's
    1 oz Grand Marnier
    Toss it back!

    (Note: This can also be stirred together over ice, for those lazy people)

    • Scott Zimmerman

      That's 'Kahlua'…

  • Juan

    The coliseum would be epic, beer and blood sport

  • Tate

    People: David Fherety
    Music: Van Halen
    Places: Necker Island
    Drinks: BEER!

    • RufioRufioRuFi

      Troll? Or just an awful person?

  • South Park


  • dylaan

    Yvonne strahovski. ‘blue beard’ by band of horses. Old fashion. Hot tub. I would also accept olivia wilde listening to any arcade fire while drinking whiskey neat on any beach

    • Fat_Chiver

      I second Yvonne Strahovski but I'd be drinking in that there bat cave.

  • http://p p

    Joe rogan, college world series, purple nerds, trivium

  • iwannameetbill

    will ferrell or the f'ing murray

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