• KeepCalmDriveOn

    #16 Making the laws of physics his bitch.

  • Herro

    Let's see all them KCCO's on St Patty's guys!

    • @bdaley84

      Waiting for mine to be delivered today…KCCO everyone!

      • 13Aliens

        Mine showed up in PA on Thursday, 3/15, via UPS-MI!

    • Paul

      Its Paddy not Patty!
      Patty is meat
      Paddy is short for Patrick
      I'm Irish, I know these things

  • etcrr's goat

    #83 so you are running on the homo ticket???

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Probably would've done better wearing a Berry shirt.

    • Ted

      Not that there's anything wrong with that.

      • BBBB

        No of course not

    • Cris San

      go tutty fruitty, you R f..ing special

    • MylesofStyles

      I'm not going to lie. I lol'd.

      • Epitomizer

        Haha… He got minus 69^^^^

  • Wet_tosti

    #35 #49 Next time clap your arms and scream "Now Kiss"!!!

  • UGTP

    #19 Moar please..

    • CaNaDaaa

      yes, this could get interesting!!!!

    • Photographer

      Rep the 904!

  • Wet_tosti

    #66 My precioussssss……

    • CharlieG_TX

      I want one!

    • Gallus

      That ring does look pretty good, doesn't it. I wonder if the Chive staff will take this submission seriously and offer a ring. I'll buy one.

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #23 MOAR of the girl wearing the sunglasses on the right!!!

    Also, it's nice to see Sarah Jessica Parker and her twin sister take pics with common folk.

    • Burlinator

      Agreed. FLBP!

    • dr_sarcasm

      She looks like she could be a FLBP candidate…

  • CaNaDaaa

    #4 – Waiting for MOAR… Until then, Chive on!!!!

  • Woodrowrules

    #88 Chive..MOAR!

    • Allen

      I replied to this pic just so it could receive MOAR thumbs UP

  • RealZoo

    #14 Stay strong Bro!!! #29 Nice catch. #60 Ron ……that is one old fuc***.

    • crazydog

      #14 sucks you guys had to deal with that but I very glad he's better. Chive on!!!

    • Daniel Tosh

      Ron Jeremy smells like dirty hair and b.o.. It's not a joke.

    • mickdeck

      #60 Scumbag Chiver: Scores a KCCO. Cuts the sleeves off.

  • CaNaDaaa

    #69 Wait a minute, is that a topless girl on the top right that you blurred out ?

    • Ted

      No, she has penises on her chest.

  • Brandon

    #1 THUNDER UP!

    • MonkeyMadness

      Rock on OKC!

    • bull1123

      Love me some Rumble!

      • SOB

        Would love me some more of her!

        • Robert

          Shonuff and THUNDER UP!!! From OKC

          Looks like the Chive has taken over the world.

  • Schmielllsson

    #2 way to lock her down before total baldness has kicked in

    • 80's Baby

      Nice pic guys. Finally some Seattle folks! Chive on from the Great NorthWest!

  • shawthomas

    So good, but soo greasy

  • http://theseblueyes.wordpress.com/ Julz

    Currently hoping to receive my KCCO shirt today so I can wear it and possibly meet fellow Chivers tommorow in MTL!

    • LivingDeadBeat

      Still waiting for mine too in Quebec City…Fingers crossed and hopefully a little luck of the Irish KCCO!

      • http://theseblueyes.wordpress.com/ Julz

        Hmm no luck I guess. Hopefully next week!

  • Average John

    #60 You cut up your KC&CO shirt?!?! He should receive a one week ban……

    • I Like Turtles

      And another week for cutting it up douche style.

      • Average John

        🙂 I don't know what I like better….your comment or your user name! 😀

        • MonkeyMadness

          lol @ "I Like Turtles"!

    • Holmespump

      And now his shoulder has syphilis – never should have cut off those sleeves.

    • Chiv3On

      He had to cut his shirt to show off all those muscles! HA!

    • Andy Botwin


  • PWilly

    #1. Rumble!! Welcome to the thunder dome bitches!!!

    • MonkeyMadness

      Thunder up, bitches! 😀

  • HokieWhitley

    #80 – Love it! Great to see that the KCCO has been brought to the Drillfield.

    • JML

      Love that place!

    • Jeffrye

      Go Hokies!

    • Angelo

      Go VT!!

  • JML

    Looks like #26 is not wearing any pants

    • jayman

      And here I thought I was the only one that noticed…

    • Dingu

      #26 show us the rest of y honey 🙂

    • Obviously

      It's to distract from the fact that she has no tits.

      • Gallus

        Yes, she does! Itty bitty titties are titties, too.

        As for no pants – there's a problem with that?

    • Mikey

      I think from the angle, it's safe to assume that this gem was snapped while she was mid-cowgirl.

  • whyme1973

    #4 #69 I like this new trend.

    • Gallus

      Yup, those are gaps I could really get into. … Er … Ah Let me rethink that comment …

  • Dave

    #9 The first hover elbow ever.

    • MonkeyMadness

      She's incredibly hot!

      • dave

        doesn't matter, elbow

  • Not Doug

    #18 i knew This guy back before the ages of the chive. If you see him out Buy him a beer.

    • jjj

      Only been to Wilmington once. There is a ridiculous amount of hot chicks there.

    • Philip

      dude im from wilmington NC too!! nice to know there are fellow chivers in my home town.

      • dolliebaby

        My mom lives in Wilmington. I visit her often and i saw this dude at a stop light. I couldnt get a good pic of his bumper but kcco.

  • KFAD

    #7 helmet dude
    #69 unedited version?

  • ADAM

    I really don't wanna hate on a fellow chiver…….but why is #49 wearing capris?

    • MatadorPride

      I really don't wanna hate on a fellow chiver…….but there's something wrong with you knowing what "capris" are…i had to google it…

      • john

        haha theres something wrong with you for not knowing what capris are…

    • Humpernickle

      European for sure…, Capris not acceptable on a man in merica

      • Timmy

        Hmmm… 1. Adelaide is in Australia, not merica & 2. can't say that was the thing I noticed with this photo..

  • Frank

    #75 – Get Chive shirt, find how chicks.

    • Frank


      • eddie

        KYM!!!!! I know her!

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