#2 Whoa!!!

    • nottagecanada

      I could use her to model one of these http://www.nottagedesigncanada.com/

    • Viper
    • Kowabunga

      CHIVE needs to stop making the tabs say "SEXY GIRL" or "ASS MAN" etc. these tab titles are NSFW.

      • that guy

        there safe for my work

      • JHL1

        Or you could work at work, and Chive when you get home.


      Yet another awkard work boner…

    • kirk

      oh my that is HOT

    • eclipze

      I'm not sure pigtails would be the first thing i'd grab and protect.

    • Attaxia

      Oh my lord !

    • chiver


  • rtaylor12

    Pigtails – otherwise known as handlebars!

    • bobby

      oh, was this gallery about pigtails?

    • N8orius

      Chive should do a Red Head, FLBP, Burn Your Bra, Pig Tail all-in-one post, with a little Hump Dar and Mind the Gap thrown in. That would be glorious.

      • Kid Diz

        with thigh highs

  • JRK

    #9 Nice Pussy Panties

    • greenguy

      Asa Akira, possibly? NSFW thou

      • blueguy

        no way not asa akira. anyone know who else it could be ?

    • Leeks

      At the time I read this 20 people didn't realize that she has hello kitty panties on.

  • Xeris

    # 2 and 3 for the win

  • Uncle Cedar

    Woooo!! Pigtail Fridays!!


    MOAR #2, PLEASE!?

    • Dirty_Dingus

      This photo has made repeated appearances on The Chive…and why not, it's a super hot pic.
      Teen model/porn HaileysHideaway

      • Martin McFly

        any of Hailey's pics from this photo shoot could be posted every single day and I wouldn't mind a bit… Not. One. Bit.

  • bj eds

    #1 and #3. i’m sure gettin with them would put me in jail, but it be worth it

    • Juice

      #3 is 19.

      • justaguy

        Damn….Too old

  • JRK

    #20 What pigtails????

    • jeric

      Who cares 🙂

    • Guest

      The two in her hair.

      • Seth_Michaels

        She has hair?

    • Hummuna

      Who the fuck is that

    • Sierra

      Courtney Cass

  • xavi00

    #4 is a man

    • bobby

      ha, totally. butt-chin, square jaw, dumb glasses…may as well be.

      • jjj

        No. That really is a guy. No joke.

        • anon

          Looks like Kayden Kenzie to me

    • biggles

      EXACTLY what i was thinking…exactly

    • guest

      Too bad you aren't..

    • discowheels

      That's Ashley Silver. She's a Penthouse model. Here's her facebook:

  • LucretiusCarus

    #2 and #16. That is all. Drool cup attached and rapidly filling.

    Find #2!

    • Dirty_Dingus

      #2 HaileysHideaway

      • blop

        #16 Melanie Rios

    • Dave

      Wowwee wow wow!

  • Adam


    • La Verdad


    • Garvey


  • Bodhi

    #20 Speechless.

    • PeZ

      Find Her! :O

  • spainplease

    Can we get an explanation
    on how the Chive came up with their slogan
    and the crown on the KCCO shirts, from the
    creators of the Chive.

    Actually I already know and am going to post a
    link, but wanted to hear their explanation first.
    Love the site…oh and #2

  • smoothee

    #20, holy hell…love her

  • http://www.thechive.com Jared S

    #11 moar!

    • RJ2

      That would be Dakota Black.

      • JerseyGuy

        Are you sure? I google image'd her (filters off) and the one who came up didn't look like her. I know there's a TinEye link from this pic to a page showing Dakota Black, but there were scores of other women's pics on that page too, so it could have been linking to any of them.

        Apologies if I'm wrong… I'm not always good at recognizing them when they change hair color and so forth… but I don't think it's Dakota Black. 🙁

    • the frenchman

      It's Sophie-sky from deviantart.

  • Chive On!

    Is it weird that I've seen half of these women naked on the internet?

    • Adam

      Nope, not at all. Can you please provide some names or links? Please and thank you.

    • some bloke

      pix or it didn't happen.

  • zoxymusic

    #11 So Hot!

  • chicago

    #2 always welcome to repost
    #29 bridgette bardot awsome.
    #19 is…thinking, thinking…

    • chicago

      #19 ah, i really think it's elizabeth montgomery [original bewitched]

      • chicago

        nah, the era of girls topless at her age didn't happen yet. I'm stumped. moving on.

    • its_forge

      #29 is that Bardot or Claudia Schiffer? They look so much alike it's hard to tell.

  • Trav

    Wow… #20 is… wow…

    • Connor Macmanus

      Courtney Cass

  • Adam

    Anyone know who #8 is?

  • renegade

    #2 is Hailey's Hideaway. NSFW search, but enjoy!

  • dominantone

    Pig tails, making blow jobs even better since forever.

  • driftwoodprose

    #1 – pigtails, one of my many, many weaknesses. How did you know? Although, I question your Google search on this one. I feel like I've seen much better overall.

  • Alex

    #26 yummy

    • Ken

      Hell to the yeah on the yummy!

  • hiug

    #22 Who be this?!

    • ST4VROS

      Keeley Hazell… she's an English glamour model.

    • Burlinator

      Keeley Hazell

    • asdfl

      a talent watsed

    • Kopach

      Keeley Hazell

    • whyme1973

      Goddam that's sexy.

    • Jerrboy

      I think they call her "biggie-smalls"

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