• Trav

    #32 seems like a legit modelling agency. Address?

    • biggles

      LOL…ya wonder what the after shoot shots looks like

      • r@f

        And I guess you have to be asian too?

    • jarred

      #27 is absurd!!!!

    • kick.it

      nude photography: you're doing it wrong

    • upy3rz

      Mail order bride photo shoot

  • john

    #25 bitch tried to choke me to get that pic lol

  • CaNaDaaa

    Half of them look like they are taking a big dump…..

    • Hank-Diggity

      Half of them also look asian.

  • Anonymous

    Terrible thread.

  • Mannyboii

    that awkward moment social services takes your children to foster care…..

  • Oddie Monsta

    I think that’s just how Asians take pictures

  • I_Love_You_

    #7 Ninja photography?

    • Pafshien

      I LOLED on that one, almost shat my pants!

  • I_Love_You_

    em, planked photography? what the heck is going on here..

    • sadman

      I see a heal, and these are Asians… I deduct that their is a short shirt just above where this photo is cropped.

    • Melody


  • I_Love_You_

    very nice of that bull to oblige and give him a seat..

  • Opie

    Most of these are Asians, guess some stereotypes are true.

  • Wet_tosti

    #20 overcompensating?

    • Lulatsch

      One Paparazzo to rule them all…

    • some guy

      It does seem a bit much. Although he is carrying at least 30K bucks worth of gear. Probably alot more.

    • AlbinoAaron

      Give that man a camera!

    • anus moses

      25k worth on stuff

  • Dinho

    Photos of people taking photos!

    • that_ALBANIAN_guy


  • snooze

    Ever noticed that the ones that has the most absurd poses are Asians?
    Photography Level: Asian

    • G-Unit

      FOTO?! FOTO?!

    • http://twitter.com/laurentaryn @laurentaryn

      It's how we roll.

  • Jerrboy

    Before I even opened this gallery I predicted that 80% of the photos would be of Asians.

  • spicticus

    #4 Don't worry about me, save the camera!

    • some guy

      You bet. That is at least $5000 worth of camera.

      • Other Guy

        Sell you mine for a grand. Hehehe!

  • MattKL

    #4 Nailed it!

  • os310

    i bet the poses of the people taking these pictures was even worse

  • @JoshDWReeve

    If there were a world championship for extreme photography, the Japanese would own it.

  • luckyB

    as an avid photographer this is friggin hilarious. i myself have done some…..interesting techniques to get the perfect shot…#24 #27 #28#29

    • yeah...

      I like how you slide "avid photographer" in there. BTW, I got the perfect shot on your mom's face last night. HEY-O!

      • Nikonguy

        Actually sliding "avid photographer" in there was meant to give some context to his comments. Don't know why that elicited an insult from you. I agree with his comment 100%. I am also an “avid photographer”. That doesn’t mean I am any good but I like taking pictures. I also have found myself in some weird positions trying to get an interesting composition. A few degrees higher or lower can make a world of difference is how the final photo looks.

        • Ansel Adams

          Shut the fuck up…just because you have a camera, it doesn't mean you're a photographer.

        • Yeah...

          I'm sure you do agree 100%, that is wholly unsurprising to me. You might not be any good, but getting into weird positions to take a fucking picture means you think you are some kind of expert. People who just like taking pictures take pictures like normal human beings.

  • Kcruz09

    #23 FACE DOWN, ASS UP, THAT'S THE WAY I LIKE TO take pictures?

  • notafanofthemilitary

    ohhhh herro…….i rike your poto berry much

    • notafanofyou

      If not for the military, you would be talking that way, jack.

  • swhite

    I wonder what the people taking these pictures looked like.

  • Ryan

    #14 Oh you silly asians

    • Vanessa brown

      Haha i think u need to get closer!!

  • RF3

    I’ll take Asian stereotypes for $1000 Arex…

    • Fart

      And that's today's daily double!

  • sal

    in 3, 2, 1…

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