• Mad_Hittman

    #9 Just like girls, the best ones are already taken…

    • Crobot

      You can still get one from a strange country

  • RandomTask09

    #7: Admit it, you guys double checked this on your keyboard.

    • boUdz

      haha so true

    • MattKL

      Yep, busted.

    • DaddyD

      Actually, I assigned a number from 1-26 to each letter of the alphabet and discovered that I could type the name of EVERY state on one row of the keyboard.

      And before you ask … I used "-" to separate the letters.

      • Joel

        Going by that logic then I can write spell every state using binary.

    • raas claat

      you would think that they would have spelled QWERTY correctly …

      • nwolfson

        This bugged me way more than it should have.

    • melnorrie

      Ya i did lol!!

    • Travis

      Typewriter can be spelled on the top row of qwerty keyboard..

    • Underbaker

      Yes I did, also started going state names randomly in my head and mentally typed them out on the keyboard.

  • DapperDan


    You just started blinking three times more after reading this.

    • Katie

      Pretty sure I blinked 4 times while reading your comment too

    • JHL1

      I haven't blinked in 3 hours

  • DngnRdr

    Hard to believe that not once but twice in the above images, the text of which was presumably typed on a "QWERTY" keyboard (so the correct name was right infront of them), they wrote "QUERTY"

    • http://twitter.com/Mansterbate @Mansterbate

      Damn you Auto Correct!

    • 6655321

      Stupidity is not hard to believe.

    • Deanness

      I am continuously amazed/depressed by people's stupidity

    • Dotson

      I'm glad someone else pointed that out. Faith in humanity restored.

    • vegasnites

      Saw it. Was annoyed by it. Was going to comment on it.

      Then noticed someone else already did…

      Someone thinking they're being smart when they don't realize the origins of the "word"

  • Wogsamatta

    they forgot to mention how there are over 1 billion 16 year old boys choking the chicken to free porn sites.

    • Don Rickles

      Why would teenage boys want to watch pornography while strangling poultry? That's just sick!

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      #10 Created in garages, but utilized in basements.

    • JHL1

      ….per second

    • faptastic

      That number just seems low to me…

  • Logicyup

    Lots of good shit seems to happen in garages.

    • JHL1

      Mine accumulates an unbelievable amount of dirt and filth.

  • MattKL

    #11 Interesting, but that site still sucks.

    • iheartboobs

      ppl still use myspace?

      • brandon

        Registered users are the people who quit and didnt bother deleting their account

      • Huhhh

        What's myspace?

  • PvtDeth

    How can you misspell "qwerty?" Seriously, how is that even possible? Also, I would be extremely surprised if someone didn't know that email is older than the World-Wide Web. Email is as old as the internet.

    Well, I guess there's a good number of people who have lived their entire lives with the web, but lots of us remember the internet before it. It wasn't pretty.

    • JHL1

      email is older than the internet

  • Robbie

    #11 If Facebook was a country it would be 3rd, behind China and India. With 845 Million users… More relevant.

    • Hesus

      …. And My Space only has 30 million users now.

    • Der

      If you think about it, those 845 million people would have to abandon their current country to join country "Facebook." Therefore, Facebook would probably be the largest country in the world. Hypothetically speaking.

      • blah

        Second maybe, would China lose any inhabitants?

  • nitro222

    #13 lol

  • Z_b

    #13 *googles "Dvorak keyboard" *

    • Katie

      I did because you said that… I am now very aware of my typing

    • Nick

      Then ends up on wikipedia and reads up on it and its advantages

  • Nobu

    #1 actually made my stop blinking hahah.

  • vandinz

    It is. They handed out $5000 to one person alone for finding vulnerabilities.

  • noegod

    I wanna go on record and say that I Absolutely Hate Technology! And every technological advancement is a step closer to the machines taking over!!! ……………. And yes, I know I'm a hypocrite because I chive everyday off my android app!! Even still, the rate this shit is growing is really scarry!

    • crackhead

      Please silence your self Noegod….or my robovac will mess you up.


      • noegod

        crack head, that isn't your robovac! Wake up in the middle of the night and I'm sure you'll find it's there watching you sleep!!!

  • IrishWolfhound

    Why are they spelling it Querty? It's Qwerty, as in the first 6 letters on the top row.

    • knotmee

      these fucking lowlifes that make picture captions can't spell cat. #4 is another good example.

      • Lev

        Thees wud be moar kredible if the prezentur soundid intellugient.

    • therealbuckfoston

      no shit?

  • Guse

    It is, so long as you only discover the vulnerability and don't go around trying to exploit it. They get touchy about that.

  • Takingbackcider

    #1 I like to keep eye contact with the girls in the clips,makes it more intimate…

  • PO2 Willie

    #3 isnt true. Though the designer of Gates home, Peter Bohlin, is also the designer of the mac stores. It is entirely possible that some of the builders used Macs but the original was drawn by hand with renovations made later (perhaps on a mac).

    That being said i wonder if this one is similar to the facts page put out last month where all of the facts were false.

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=197402405 Zach Sharpe

      The fact that you know this is sad. *Forever Alone*

    • Riley Freeman

      Bill Gates's
      Even the correction on the fact is a grammar fail

      • Grammar Cop

        Not really. The possessive form of a name ending in s (e.g. Gates) can have either an apostrophe and an s (Gates's) or simply an apostrophe (Gates'). Either way is acceptable as long as you keep internal consistency.

        • burr


    • mojomojo444

      Is this not just a literal fact? i.e. it means that the words underneath the statement which say Bill Gates' House were designed using a mac?

      • thisonedoes

        I think this is what they actually meant in the first place

  • LucretiusCarus

    #13 It's pretty well known that the QWERTY keyboard is inefficient; it was designed to be so.

    • jorge

      Exactly … because the typing machine's type bars use to crash and stuck eachother if you type too fast.

  • joe

    Come on Chive. Do just the littliest amount of research before spewing nonsense.

    I was Skeptical of several of these and found out they were true. Chive should check into stuff before passing it along. Facebook thing isn't ture #19. #17 is a huge over estimate (more like 15 billion by 2015). #18 is off. 1 in about 6 marriages last year started from online but considering 50% of people never get divorced it seems very unlikely the 1 in 8 number is correct. Someone above already noted the Bill Gates thing is right. 10 Minutes effort.

    • thom

      Good job. I hate when false emails, or factoids get dispersed. It takes 2 seconds to check snopes on most things.

    • TheJoeGreene

      What the fuck? Are you retarded or just stupid?

    • mbomb

      Everything on the internet is true.

  • Loadedcarp

    Some of this info looks way out of date.

  • KeepinCalm

    Google pays up to one million…for finding and reporting vulnerabilities in Chrome and other apps.

  • NonBrit


    False. Though don't mention it to a Dvorak keyboard devotee.

  • Sean

    Well this was a lot more slick than last time they gave all fake surprise facts

    • davo

      the horrible spelling and grammar fucks it all up though 🙁


    #2 If anyone remembers the old BBS days, they would remember the Fido-Net email address. A Qazillion characters long.

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