Daily Afternoon Randomness (36 Photos)

  • whyme1973

    #5 Yeah…that isn't good.
    #35 Damn! What an ass on that one. Yay hump day.

    • Rob

      #5 Imagine what they did to the welds on the intake manifold.

      • Muadieb

        Almost looks like it was hit by some thermite…

  • nick

    36 just makes me sad

  • etcrr

    #1 It is amazing to see the power and torque rippling through tires

  • nate_g_2003

    #1 is awesome, #5 I wanna see the rest of the motor and car! #20 #35 are quite nice!

  • lost in time

    #9 i lived in that area, mojave desert for a long time. watched assholes like these punks come up from l.a. with shotguns, assault rifles, whatever, killing everything that moved, trashing out the desert with their crap. metro pieces of shit

    • Orcslayer

      … and wish an axle would break in the middle of nowhere. i know how you feel, mate

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