If you live here I think you’re required to hate your life (15 Photos)

  • not you

    They sure let this place go to shit

    • thom

      I thought this was another post about Detroit.

    • You wanted to say it

      Thats why they call em nig***s.

      • Adam

        I also find it interesting the amount of shit the city turned into after the major government change.

      • thatTXguy

        Right, because this is Africa and everyone in Africa is black…
        You do know there are white people in South Africa, right?

  • 80'S Baby

    w… t….f…

    • dwide schrude

      Im gonna be honest when i came into this thread i thought it was gonna be about detroit

  • Jay


  • Guest


  • Kitra

    How about a release of KCCO shirts in time for 4/20? Maybe a follow up "So…you got stoned" gallery?

    • BostonChiver.

      I can't remember the last time someone I knew called it getting "stoned"….

      • Csquaredapparel

        baked like a cake.

        • thrillho

          high as a giraffe ass

          • Skermitt

            I say stoned all the time, as well as baked and high.

            • CC Josh

              do you still remember typing this?

              • UGTP

                Do you remember being a douche?

      • D-Wiz

        i hyphenate. ie. stone-ed or bake-ed (even better if you are bake-ed and naked at the same time =D)

        • Biff T

          You mean make-ed?

  • Unfkngblvbl

    I bet Biff Tannen owned the place.

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Made me lulz

    • Joe

      Well PLayed Sir.

    • Ass Grease

      Good laugh from that. Thank you.

    • Caleb

      Biff, ah fuck that's good stuff right there.

    • thatTXguy

      I see what you did there.

  • hark1985

    and people always complain where they live here in the states is ghetto

    • MB10

      You've obviously never been to Detroit.

      • Bighate

        I thought this post was about Detroit before I clicked on it.

  • weenfan


  • Ken

    What a shame

  • Chris S


    Isn't that where Luke falls in The Empire Strikes back?

    • digit0l

      LOL. I was thinking the same thing. I would love to have a paintball tournament here…

      • http://twitter.com/oplock @oplock

        Epic milsim arena

    • http://thechive.com LukeTheTerrible

      Yeah, I did, and it was Terrible.

    • dammit

      This is SPARTA!!!!!!

  • OtherRob

    It's a pity when the people and the government let some scum destroy an area like that.

    • GUY

      you mean like detroit… I'm sure our govt didn't mean to do it either! Hale to the fascist in chief (that's fash-ist for anyone trying to read feneticaly) I think the govt should be incharge of everything look how well they do! Lol! Wait maybe they didn't get a chance to give all the gang members enough wellfare. Yup that's probably it

      • izell

        Superb spelling and diction…kudos. I'd wager it was done on purpose to depict someone with the opinions you express as a simpleton.

    • MylesofStyles

      The problem is that the government IS the scum you speak of.

  • NOLA

    #2 is that snow on the ground? does it snow in south africa?

    • Dave


    • JAN

      No that is frost of the night

    • tkc

      It could be snow but snow is rare there. Like once a decade sort of thing.

      • Nammer

        In downtown Joburg? I think the last time it snowed there was when humans decided it was a good idea to come down from the trees.

    • Saffa

      Hehe, no it doesn't snow. Only in mountain ranges, far from where this building is. That's merely white sand.

    • Whorebait

      Im betting its sand. Take a look from google earth

    • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=675566478 Dennis Partridge

      hardly ever snows, most likely dust or sand

    • pete

      My brother went to SA on a music tour claiming that he wouldn't need a coat because, hey, it's africa! Touched down in Johannesburg (where this building is), and whaddya know, it was snowing! So yeah, up on high ground like Jo'burg they do get light snow

      • Nammer

        Pics or it didn't happen

      • David

        It will snow in Johannesburg once in every 10 years or so – 1961, 1964 and 1981 – I was there – Hillbrow is now a city slum and gangland – I hope they get round to revamping Hillbrow again to its former glory like they doing to Braamfontein Johannesburg is very cold in winter – minimum would be a couple of degrees below zero World Cup soccer was excellent in South Africa

    • NeelsvanPK

      I live in South Africa, and that is NOT sand! Haha… It gets really cold in Johannesburg in winter times, and yes it may be snow. Otherwise it is just frost from the previous night.

      There is, however, lots of old mine dumps around the city, and that is probably what you see from Google Earth.

      I have never been in Hillbrow. Driven past there a hundred times, but never visited it myself. Sh*t is going down there… Really sad actually.

    • GilbertSmith

      i got lost in Hillbrow a few times!! but the surrounding areas are being revamped and modernized. like braamfontein…man you must see the studios and lofts going up there…amazing. architects are been given massive tax grants for developing in central johannesburg which is nice of SARS to do.

      and yes…it does snow in jo-burg…just not every winter and when it does…normally only one night the entire winter…and it does get insanely cold 😉

      • Ettienne

        It snowed here 3 years ago. I remember… I was on the bike. Kept Calm, rode on.

    • https://www.facebook.com/sebastian.eklund Sebastian Eklund

      Do get some crazy hail storms though!

  • Skip

    Depends on what the rent is

  • mark

    I'm old and dont like your music

    • chicago

      its not music you're hearing, it's just the collection of voices in your head again.
      have a good day …tip toeing away…

  • Chicago Sean

    JoBurg is an extremely dangerous city. It makes Detroit look like Club Med.

    • Jesse

      Never man this is my home city it's not as bad as it seems only certain parts and from what I can tell is that in the states there are a lot of gangs and stuff

      • pete

        Regardless of the city, it depends where you go!

    • GilbertSmith

      I agree with Jesse…Jo-Burg is a very cool city!! Have you ever been in Jo-Burg Sean?

      • Chicago Sean

        No. I just post things blindly without reason.

    • slam

      you dont know shit!

    • Fbomb

      I live in Joburg, and it's not that dangerous. The media touts it as badly as they can, sorry, Joburg is awesome. I've not been murdered even once.

      • Ettienne

        I think we're just used to it…still, Joburg is a lekker place! Viva Mzanzi!

  • UncleDave

    The whole area is a shit-hole, people refused to pay rent. They couldn't be evicted. Move people moved in. Nobody paid for upkeep.

    Next thing it's a ghetto.

  • mises

    What is the point of this strange post? Unless it's to show us how our cities will look soon.

    • Jawbone

      You're right. We should ignore shit that happens in the world around us. It'll never happen where we live, right?

      Fucking idiot.

  • toni796

    great post apocalyptic video game scenery is what i see

  • Pookie

    I must say it's awesome to know that there are other South African chivers 😀

    But I agree, Ponte tower from a far is quite the site until you get closer and look what's inside… I remember my mum telling me that quite a few years ago someone jumped to his death in the middle :/

    • NeelsvanPK

      I never actually knew it was hollow in the middle. Weird as all of us South Africans always drive past this big Johannesburg landmark, but never realize what sh*thole it actually is…

      Meanwhile, governments and municipalities waste BILLIONS and BILLIONS of taxpayer money on their own luxuries.

  • Saffa

    I'm a South African and I used to live not too far from there. Since "Democracy" came after Apartheid, This is a normal site to South Africans. It's heart breaking.

    • NeelsvanPK

      Apartheid was not an institution to favour the white people.
      The black people's numbers were just so high from the start, and kept on growing exponentially that the previous regime government could not cope in providing for everyone at once. But instead of just being patient, the black societies decided to burn down the schools and clinics that where built for them.

      And guess what!!!!! They have been rioting in the same fashion for the last 18 YEARS under their own government. There is still no infrastructure. The schools are still burned down. And all they can do is blame it on Apartheid.

      I saw a documentary the other day of Americans protesting for the release of Nelson Mandela, and democracy in South Africa. They believed so firmly in their cause, but none of them moved here to live under the new governing, and to see the country decay.

      Glad I got that off my chest. It is the truth, by the way.

      • IrishWolfhound

        Nobody in the west gave a shit about the blacks in South Africa. They wanted the blacks to get into power because they were largely uneducated and so they would be able to get the blacks to sell them South Africa's mineral resources for a fraction of the cost. People are suffering all over the continent but the west only feign's concern if oil or diamonds or copper is found.

  • JAN

    Welcome to South Africa that is how all of our CBD's look like here

    • franky

      Thats crap. CT rocks buddy.. get your facts straight ace

  • Trav

    How much is rent? I might move in if mine keeps going up. Damn crooks.

  • Cameron

    Looks like my student accommodations..

  • http://www.facebook.com/JasonElise1983 Jason Rogers

    what's with the Lysol ads making noise and not being able to stop it? Makes viewing a website like this not worth it.

    • mr obvious

      Quit using internet exploder.

    • http://thechive.com LukeTheTerrible

      Adblock plus, Yes! I don't troll without it. The tipping point for me was the cartoon fat lady ad, it just made me sick.

  • jonboy

    So it became a slum at the same time apartheid ended. Coincidence?

    • jonboy

      We got a racist here… jonboy is a skinhead. Kill him and his family

      • LOL

        We got a realist here… /fix'd

        • elbruces

          Here's your race card. *deals*

          • Nammer

            This race card doesn't fix shit! Can I blame apartheid now? Or should I steal some taxpayers' money first?

        • ubdilly


    • Mojo

      Driving the cogs of ignorance one stupid comment at a time… Darwin was wrong

      • thatshitsfunny^^^^^

        Sounds like a lot of whining and bitching and not a whole lot of doing shit about it.

        • SA4life

          Pretty sad that people blame apartheid for something like this … Racism isn't gonna help anything … Just so you know that during apartheid not everything was in good cOndition…

          • http://iamawesome.com/ NeelsvanPK

            Dit was vir 'n feit in'n beter toestand as wat dit nou is! Jy behoort dit te weet.

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