Hot girl asks guys on the street to touch her boobs (Video)

Man, Europeans get all the fun.

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  • avidd

    Is it a trap? Fuck it!

    • Fr33Th1nk3r

      hehe it's always a trap

      • Spencer

        But she is realy hot

    • http://twitter.com/bikerdatingsite @bikerdatingsite

      It's a trap that the hot girl want to attract more focus and want to be charming for man. Just Fuck it without any way.

    • natalie

      It would be shit if it was

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=11605891 Dakota Moore

    dude at 0:55 was totally playing pocket pool

  • http://www.facebook.com/mattmiller262 Matt Miller

    why dont that happen around my area, women around here get pissy if you just check em out :/

  • Matt Millers ex-gf

    Matt Miller is a PIG

  • RossDaBoss

    I would of motorboated the shit out of her. No need to ask twice either.

  • Matt Millers ex-gf

    RossDaBoss is a HOG

  • pimpampet

    Again a Belgian producution, keep it up chive!

    • pimpampet

      btw, its from a programme called "man liberation front"

      M!LF :p

    • Underbaker

      Maybe I need to move to Belgium?

  • manny

    Can't see nothing!

  • Jorge

    find her.

  • Case

    I would touch those without hesitation

  • http://www.facebook.com/young.jude2 young jude

    hahaha. Thats kissable. I mean her boobs. Our ladies here are jusy pissy

  • http://Naked@yaooho.com Yes

    I sow gril boobs and touch. I everyday, i touch my graldfriend boobs

  • Scotsman

    Haha! What a great song!

  • Sam

    It sounds like weird Dutch. Belgian Dutch?

    • Sam

      Oh, now I get all the comments… never mind me. Question answered.

  • adirna

    whats the name of the girl and the show?

  • TheDude

    Veronique Leysen (Belgian)

  • Anonymous


  • Deepak

    Kurukshetra hariyana INDIA

  • https://www.facebook.com/james.down.165 Street Jr William

    2.16, Is that Johnny Knoxville?

    • Snwbdr9543

      I think it's the host, but def looks like Knoxville

  • Anonymous

    Ass fuk

  • http://2003200120032001f Souhayeb


  • http://Www.kwame@yahoo.com Anonymous

    I’m a boy of 20 years end i wish 2 join

  • http://fuckmob riena


  • Bart

    Ooh I love my country :p

  • jason

    love that show!, it's called M!LF . they're trying to teach man how to be man again :p .
    Beste Belgium show ever!

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