• sodapants

    #1 The Backdoor Flattop

  • Monte Chiver

    #3 Guy at ariport…"Do you like Flock of Seaguls?"
    Robbie…"No. But I can see you do"

  • Monte Chiver

    #1 At least it takes all the notice off his chin apron.

  • BigHeadEd

    Serious amounts of fap cream to stand up a 'do like that. Stiller would be proud.

  • crazydog


  • blue_bronco


  • bwkisley

    #26 that dude has to hold her up so she doesn't fall over lol

  • Livin' Legend

    #10 Nice cornrowhawk, homie!

  • ukulelemike

    #1 Wow, Jabba's looking good since he got those implants.

  • inspector32

    pretty sure #28 is beating off

  • Kanoo

    #5 = AL FALFA 🙂

  • sithney

    #21 hot liberty is hot

  • Bob

    #1 Head too small for fat neck, seriously, that is disgusting. The haircut looks shit too.

  • LooWho?

    Somebody get me a racket so I can LOB the SH^T out of #17 and kill #18

  • Bobby

    #5 biggest douche of em all

  • Trav1121

    And the Moron of the Day award goes to… OMG! We have a 31-way tie! 😦

  • Vinny

    #16 P.O.S. Child rapist. Deserves to be in prison having the favor returned!

  • bradlygrey

    #31 – Gives a whole new meaning to "Dickhead"

  • greenewillie

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  • crazydog


  • TiaP

    #1 has more problems than just a bad haircut. Like cholesterol and dia-bee-tus for example.

  • Epic_Failure1

    None of these people have jobs. you can't go to work like this… Well at least not a professional job

  • BigSoren

    #19 "I Ruv Rockabirry!!"

  • Capz

    #4 from the movie Number four…

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