• Hendo

    Do u pay moving expenses??

    • Martin_McFly

      Seeing how one of the requirements is you live within 30 Miles of Venice Beach (No other applicants will be considered)… I'm guessing that's a no.

      • ubdilly

        I live in South Africa, is that too far? or how bout i head up an SA chive!!!! Winner

  • Swizz Mac

    Can I get paid in weed?

    • Jester


    • Bob

      You can just get paid in money and then buy weed…

  • TX Country Boy

    I'll do it.

    • TX Country Boy

      Then again, nobody in LA would like my kind.

      • Swizz Mac

        No, because you probably date your cousins

        • Hoagmeister

          Hell, his mom and dad are probably cousins.

          • TX Country Boy

            ^ Which reveals the exact reason I hate LA (no offense to you other LA people). I enjoy visiting with nice folks. Nice folks exist where I call home. By the way, I didn't see ustedes dos payasos makin' fun of the country girl when she made the premiere girl of the week. Guess her ma & pa were kissin' cousins too.

            • Hoagmeister

              It okay…my mom's also my sister. She always held that against Dad. ROFL!!! KCCO dude.

              • TX Country Boy

                Haha. Good call. Damn, it seems every time I post the most irrelevant shit somebody has to hit me w/ the family marriage bullshit. But whatever. Proud of my state. ^ this guy knows how to kid. KCCO amigo.

  • b-town

    Can YOU move to the South?

    • TomatoTipper

      I hope not, I like the chives photos. I wouldn't want to scroll the DAR and keep seeing pics of confederate painted cocks.

  • snooch

    maybe you guys should hire a new marketing manager who will get rid of the banner ads

  • http://www.facebook.com/firemaster101112 Coleman Lee Hodges

    The links not working for me can you email me any info?

  • Tom

    maybe all the awesome merch wont be sold out all the time now!?

    • yeah

      No shit! How can bands go tour 100 cities, with 20,000 fans per city, and NEVER run out of shirts yet The Chive can't keep 'em in stock for more than 2 minutes? TIme to look for a new supplier Chive!

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=33703678 Scott Hathaway

    The link isnt working. Project Manager at a very Big and Busy Advertising Agency in NY will move move out there. Please provide info to apply!

  • electric boogalo

    You couldn't pay me enough to live in LA. It's got too many Canadians.

    • FukTard

      You spelled Mexicans wrong..

      • Needlegun13

        *slow clap….*

      • Livin' Legend

        It's code!

  • just(in) hale

    Does this mean I can get a fucking shirt some day?
    The banner adds are bullshit too.

  • Hoagmeister

    Wow!!! You finally realized how many millions you were losing every time your tee shirt orders sold out in ten minutes flat. Now, if you can get somebody who isn't afraid to order in CONTAINER lot sizes, and has the energy to package and mail them all in under a week, you're gonna have enough cash to buy all the cocaine and hookers in Venice Beach–every Fucken night of the week. And I expect to be able to order a dozen BFM, KCCO, and the Chive Tees in a leisurely manner, instead of a hog stampede. ROFL.

    • thelion18

      supply and demand my friend….Low supply High demand…High supply low demand.

      • Hoagmeister

        For sure…classic case of market elasticity as per Economics 101; but there is also a factor called….KCCO. The Chive has one of the largest fan bases in the world. Have you ever worn your KCCO shirt out in public? It's a gas…not just the people stopping their cars in the street and honking, but all the secretive side-glances you get going about your business. So, if the bros and gals in the office can sell out in ten minutes, think how much more they can sell if it sold out in thirty minutes. They'd clean out the warehouse within two days just based on the readers who miss the notices. And hey, everybody in the office in Venice could always use more coke and hookers. ROFL!

        • Livin' Legend

          I think we'd all feel calmer about the low supply if they would do something as simple as place a limit on how many can be ordered. I'd feel better about not getting a t-shirt if I knew 100 people got 1 shirt instead of 5 people getting 20.

          • Hoagmeister

            That didn't cross my mind, and it makes sense. Easy enough to click the counter from 1 to 20 and then collect $50 bucks from your friends. God damn…..effen tee-shirt scalpers!!!! Ah well, that's a free market society for ya.

    • um_yeah

      Strategic marketing…. All of u sheeple are drooling over these shirts, keeps the margin high!

      • Hoagmeister

        And you pay how much for an eighth of BC Bud?

        • Jen


          • Hoagmeister

            Send me a picture of your underboob, yer hump, or yer gap; and I'll never ever ever ever say ROFL again.

  • clevelandchiver

    An awesome decision, Chive! I'm sure you guys didn't expect the response you've gotten in the past couple of years. I applaud you for taking that step to make your "Chivers" happy when it comes to merchandising your wares. As always, you are all aware of your fans and doing your best to make people happy.


    • Paul from the gump


  • tuppylover

    guessin these ladies need some real kok thats why im in demandy legs …u must have weiners

  • nicki617

    open office in NYC please 🙂

  • frank


    • frank

      u could call it ChiveWorldWide

      • thedude325


  • KEV

    well i used to be a good candidate, hard worker n all but now i just scroll the chive

  • lackofabetter

    Can I fuck around on the internet all day?

  • SoCal Chiver

    Wow, college graduate required? Too bad my years of product management experience, without a degree, at a multi-million dollar company won't be enough for you guys. Good luck with the greenhorn you hire. Hope it works out and you can find someone with a degree AND EXPERIENCE (which should be the highest requirement).

    • MehChive


    • Waahhhhhh

      Wahhhh, I'm uneducated. Wahhhhh rules.

      • Tear

        Education does not mean getting a degree. I spent four years in three colleges and decided that it wasn't for me and that I'd rather earn money and gain experience (education) in a single trade. This has put me in a position with no end and my experience is worth much more money than the $40,000 my parents could've spend on further education, which they didn't. Some of wealthiest and most inspiring, hard-working people that made this country didn't spend four years hungover writing papers about something they'll forget two weeks later.

    • Coop

      haha i saw that too…and they are like "dont lieeee we check this stuff" haha making 40-50K in LA as a college graduate you should be able to live in a box outside their offices. What a joke…Id take experience over a culinary degree or a "communications" degree here.

  • Willis2420

    Yes, up production on the shirts!!!! I've been trying to get a few for a while now.

    Dallas, TX Chiver

    • yeah

      Good thing you put your name after your post…we never would have guessed it by looking at your fucking user name!

  • http://www.facebook.com/WillUSN Will Brunner

    If I wasn't in the Navy…I'd be all about this. I'm down in San Diego.

  • Robb

    I'll take the job just to solve the mystery of where the hell my 2 BFMs, ordered approx. 4 MONTHS AGO, are.

    • Robb

      The Chive = The Shiz
      The Chivery = The Suck

  • People asking...

    …why etcrr is somewhat targeted on this site. ^^^^This comment represents the trolls thesis.

    • Jen

      i seriously think he might be retarded, seriously…..

  • Brian

    I will move from TX if I can take over the suckiry, I mean Chivery. Need to hire a competent shipping manager and marketing person…dang they need help!!! I have never seen a more anti-profit t-shirt department in my life. Please show them some love…soon People are die'n out here. example; Robb Form a FedEx Chiver!

  • blue_bronco

    I guess Junior Seau got sick of the iphone banner ads.


    • Capt. Bo Jengles

      To soon?!

  • Paul from the gump

    Should be pretty easy job.

    Step 1: Order 10 shirts
    Step 2: Sell in five seconds
    Step 3: Wait 6 months
    Go back to step 1 and repeat

    • Supply More Shirts!


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